Actresses for Esme Squalor

1.) Helena will always be my Esme really. She. Is. Esme. Squalor.

2.) Eva Green tho??? WHY NOT?

3.) Margot Robbie. I didnt want to connect Esme with Harley but they are almost the same and i like the idea of Esme being (a little) younger than olaf

4.) Lady Gaga bc she’s real life Esme Squalor?

5.) Rachel Mcyes

6.) Lena Headey i dont know why but i like her bitch face. 

And they should give a chance for a new comer actress ofc. But these ladies always reminded of esme. And why almost everyone wants a woc to play Esme? I dont like when poc are playing villains. Idk. What u think?

The gist of Sweeney Todd
  • Mrs Lovett: Mrs Mooney puts her neighbour's cats into her pies
  • Mrs Lovett: wouldn't do in my shop
  • Mrs Lovett: just the thought of it's enough to make you sick
  • Also Mrs Lovett: we could put people in the pies though that's fine