a compilation of helena’s hats

beth beanie. perfect for when ur an assassin but also want the hipster look. 10/10

knit camping hat. protects ur ears from cold and bugs. 10/10

jesse towing hat. cute n provides sun protection but also came from a sweaty boy’s head. 9/10 

castor prisoner hat. 4 when ur being taken prisoner by the military but ur ears gotta stay warm. deductions for the military prisoner part since it too probably came from a sweaty boy soldier. 7/10

The Cowboy Hat™. a Look. all fashion can retire. 14/10

the suburban fur hat thing u found in ur сестра’s car. good for ear warmth but ugly. good for deceiving the Portuguese mob into thinking u are ur clone. 8/10 

the Hat Made Out of a Fucking Fox. v badass but probably smells. 9/10

T H E Ushanka: a fucking Look that will never again be matched. excellent for doing things in the woods. whatever those things may be. ukrainian patriotic bonus points. 20/10