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Helena Markos

from Suspiria (1977)

portrayed by Unknown, The actress is unknown but supposedly was a 90 year old ex-prostitute that Dario Argento found on the streets of Rome. 

Helena Markos is the leaders witch who is shown as the ultimate evil in the film.  She has powers including those of invisibility, illusion casting, and telekinesis to aid in spreading her wrath. Helena is unseen for most of the film as she is said by the members of the school to be on a trip.  The members of the school that are not witches believe she is just the school directress and what is being said must be true.  Her shadow is first seen when the school is covered in maggots and everyone has to sleep on the first floor.  Her shadow is seen behind a curtain and Sarah tells Suzy she is the directress, so the school is lying about her trip.  She is not seen again till Suzy enters her bedroom at the end of he film when she finds the witch hideout.  Helena is invisible and brings Sarah back to life to kill Suzy.  Helena is then stabbed in the neck by Suzy with a part of the peacock decoration in her to kill her.  When Helena is killed all the witches along with the school is destroyed.  Helena Markos caused the death of a few characters throughout the film and probably many more.  Her life is meant to just bring horror to others for no reason other than she enjoys it.  She is a pure evil horror icon.