i’ve said this once, but i’ll say it again

@orphanblack and OBwriters, for season 5, please don’t let romantic cosima/delphine overtake platonic sarah/cosima. or platonic sarah/alison. or platonic cosima/alison. or platonic sarah/helena. please don’t let these beautiful sisterly relationships you’ve built over the past 5 seasons be overtaken by a romance. because orphan black has given viewers something that is really rare in the portrayal of these relationships between the clones and i would be so hurt to see that go to waste, for the sake of a romance. cophine is beautiful in its own right, but healthy familial bonds, chosen familial bonds i should add, is something i have really rarely seen on TV. and they’ve been built so beautifully over the past 4 seasons. don’t forget about them at the end of the series.

Orphan Height Differences Black

Height      6’ 1" (1,85 m) Kristian Bruun     (Donnie)
Height      6’      (1,83 m) Patrick J Adams (Jesse)
Height      6’      (1,83 m) Michiel Huisman (Cal)
Height      5’ 7"  (1,70 m) Évelyne Brochu  (Delphine)
Height      5’ 11½" (1,82 m) Dylan Bruce     (Paul)
Height       5’ 4" (1,63 m) Tatiana Maslany (Sarah, Cosima, Helena, Alison, etc)

With this now I know why in the fanfics and in the show all the clones have to put tiptoe when they kiss their couples, even with Cosima and Delphine the height difference is notorious.

And I say this considering that I am even more smol that all them together.