helena bonham carter is a goddess

anastasia-goddess-of-drama  asked:

You know, I always thought that my tumblr would always be filled with Helena Bonham Carter and Harry Potter but instead it's filled with Supercorp and Katie McGrath and its just funny how life takes that turn.

Haha funny how things happen, yeah? Katie has a tendency to take over literally everyone’s lives! I mean how can you not stan this angel!?

Not gonna lie, I totally used this as an excuse to post gifs of her adorable face. She is too good and too pure for this world and we don’t deserve her!


In Greek mythology the Horae were the goddesses of the seasons and the natural portions of time. They were originally the personifications of nature in its different seasonal aspects, but in later times they were regarded as goddesses of order in general and natural justice.

A quite separate suite of Horae personified the twelve hours as tutelary goddesses of the times of the day. The hours run from just before sunrise to just after sunset, thus winter hours are short, summer hours are long.

Originally, the set was only 10, Auge and Arktos being added later at the beginning and end, respectively.