waterloo | helen & ned


Ned didn’t known exactly what went wrong for him. He remembered prefacing the encounter with a, “Ooh, Venomous Tentacula“, and musing aloud that though it had yet to sprout to full growth as indicated by the its smaller size and diameter in its mouth–its bite was still yet fatal. 

Jump forward to a couple of seconds afterwards, and Ned found himself in a tricky circumstance. The ‘Ooh’, had been replaced with an ‘ARGGH!’. And the wide-eyed wonder, was replaced with hair-splitting fear as the plant appendages curled around his wrist, pulling him into its faceless mouth. He was stretched over to the table behind him. A finger reached out, and barely stroked the end of the garden shears on the other side. 

It fell to the dirt. Ned leaned back, and pulled his shoulder forward, making another grab at the big pair of metal scissors that’ll keep him from being fatally bitten for a second time.

Nostalgia | Sammie & Helen

Sammie wiped the sweat from his brow, a grin spread across his face. He had her just where he wanted her: The end of his wand pointed directly at her throat. One more spell and it’d all be over. He had opened his mouth, the beginnings of “expelliarmus” on his tongue, and that’s when it all went to shit. Because that’s when she started crying.

Immediately, his smile was replaced with a concerned expression. “Helen,” He began softly, dropping his wand to his side. “I’m so sorry, holy shit, I didn’t mean to take it this far.” He took a step back, giving her some room to breath. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?”