Floriana Lima is beautiful
Chyler Leigh is beautiful
Melissa Benoist is beautiful
Katie McGrath is beautiful
Jenna Dewan is beautiful
Calista flockhart is beautiful
Sharon Leal is beautiful
Helen Slater is beautiful

And Jeremy Jordan,Mehcad Brooks,Chris Wood,David Harewood,Peter Facinelli,Dean Cain are too

​I don’t care if you have a problem with the character but please no more insults they are just portraying the character,there’s absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that.(Yes I know some of them don’t have insults directed to them but still,appreciate them,all of them)

Looks like a fun Les Mis warm up! (x)

Helen Jordan lives in Coast City with Materna Minx since Hal’s resurrection. Hal sees her everyday, but it’s agreed that as long as he’s an active Green Lantern that it isn’t safe for her to live in his apartment. A part of him is toying with retiring so that he can raise her properly.


“Soooooo, on a scale of one to ten, how bad of an idea do you think it would be for Damian and Helen to decide they’re now best friends,” Barry asks, voice too casual for it to be idle speculation.

“What?” Hal asks flatly, staring at the blond speedster.

“Yeah, it seems during the recent events, Helen and Damian met and bonded. Something about Helen having super powers and Damian’s general…Damianness apparently appealing to her,” Barry says with a shrug. “They’ve now decided their best friends.”

“Oh god.”

“Also, since when has Helen had super powers?”