aaaaa Hal’s time as the Spectre should have won for cutest family dynamics in comics, I think for each issue a tooth of mine rotted from sheer adorableness. The writing and artistic concepts were brilliant, and it had a surprisingly positive sense of life-philosophy for a comic book. I just, damn, that was a good run. 

They fell asleep watching cartoons. On VHS, of course. You gotta play it oldschool. 

Anyone who follows my personal blog knows that I have a lot of feelings about Hal Jordan. While Tumblr continues to cry about Lian Harper being retconned, I’ll just sit here crying about Helen Jordan getting retconned. This girl was the best thing that happened to Hal since he joined the Corps, and her psychic abilities were promising to turn her into an interesting hero of her own. I’ll forever side-eye Geoff Johns for throwing their (incredibly cute) dynamics out the window and for brushing aside all the work and development DeMatteis and other writers put into Hal’s personality while simultaneously retconning important aspects of the character.