Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole? Saved New York. Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We’re standing 300 feet below it. 
That up there, that’s… that’s the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?

God I need more women being friends in the MCU

Give me Claire Temple and Jessica Jones meeting up to have a drink and shoot the shit without having to worry about any blood or evil pricks, hanging out more and more until it becomes a weekly occasion 

Pepper Potts and Maria Hill with the busiest schedules you can possibly imagine, but still squeezing in coffee dates on every weekend they can make it work

Hope Van Dyne being thrilled to meet Natasha Romanoff, because she finally has a sparring partner who’s actually a challenge

Daisy Johnson and Wanda Maximoff bonding over everything, over missing parents and learning to use your powers and accidentally becoming superheroes. Wanda (and Pietro) is dubbed an honorary Inhuman

Jemma Simmons tripping over herself with excitement when she meets Helen Cho, who’s absolutely flattered and charmed to find someone so interested in her work outside of patching up Avengers

Bobbi Morse sending snapchats her old academy buddies in the middle of a firefight. Sharon Carter replies with - holy shit, is that Captain America? 

Playdates for Cassie Lang and Lila Barton the future Young Avengers

I don’t know if anyone’s had ever addressed this or not, but Helen Cho and her people printer, why isn’t this talked about more??

Like I come back to the people printer a shit ton when I’m sitting around doing nothing. I’m no scientist or biologist or any type of doctor, I’m just an art school drop out trying to wrap my little brain around that people printer thing.

Like Bruce specifically says “She (Cho) is creating tissue!”, and after Clint jokes that he is going to be made of plastic Cho reassures him that he is “Going to be made of you (Clint).” So in my little unprofessional mind this says that Cho has figured out a way to rapidly clone and replicate cells and join them with the preexisting cells with no problems and little recovery time. Recovery time after a skin graft is about two to three weeks depending and the area must be kept safe from any sort of trauma (hit, scratch, stretch), yet we clearly see Clint up and moving and even fighting in like two days.


Oh and then she pretty much creates a sentient being, which is kinda a fluke and something she couldn’t really do again, because like Vibranium cost the big bucks and there is only one Mind Stone…. So i would assume only one Vision. But she STILL created artificial life, so the question still remains, what else can she do with that thing?

So like if it is indeed cloning cells, she could probably print organs. Like there would probably be little fear of the body actually rejecting the organ because, hey guess what?! It’s the persons actual organ. And is the printer precise enough to say actually print a replacement limb? Like could it clone the bone and tissue and each little vein and part of the nervous system so that it would actually be compatible with the persons already existing nervous system? Would fine motor skills still be present? Or what about touch as a sensation? Could it get precise enough to print an eye? Like pupil, cornea, rods, and cones that actually work? And can send that info to the brain in tandem with the other eye? Or what about organs that didn’t work properly in the first place? Can it mend or replace those?

Could this thing also be applied to cosmetic surgery, both voluntary and involuntary? Like in the case of burn victims and skin grafting, could it also clone and recreate the ruined and missing tissue? Or say if someone wanted breast enlargement, could it print more cells for a bigger bust? Or remove tissue and prevent scars? Or what about gender reassignment surgery? Could it be used for something as benign as tattoo removal? Or scar removal? Can it reconstruct a face?

Like I need to know the extent of Helen Cho’s people printer, and if half of this shit is even remotely possible that woman needs like 10000x more recognition and like her own movie or show. Because I would watch a medical drama where Cho fixes damn near everything with her trusty people printer!

Imagine you and Loki are Avengers, and during a mission, while trying to protect him, you accidentally cause him to get seriously injured. You feel extremely guilty and are afraid to face him, but when you come visit him after Helen patches him up, he isn’t angry at all. In fact, he appreciates being looked after and put first for once in his life, and understands that, despite the outcome, you had his best interests at heart.

Ships (Smut)

The girls discover fan fiction about them and it somehow reveals secrets within the team.

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“Y/N shut up, it’s not funny!” Wanda said trying not to laugh herself.

Wanda, Natasha and I were in the kitchen cooking while reading fan fictions we recently found about us on my laptop.

“Yes it is! Oh Vision, you’re the light of my life!” I say dramatically, quoting from the fanfic we found online.

“Um, what?” Pietro asks, coming into the kitchen with the rest of the guys.

All of them looking at me like I’m weird and Vision looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Why do you guys always show up at the worst times?” I mumbled, wishing that my fro could miraculously hide my embarassment.

“We were reading some of the stories that civilians have written about us. Apparently they believe that we are all in relationships with each other.” Natasha explains, turning the computer around.

Pietro smirks as he looks at the screen.

“Looks like they think you and I are together Y/N.“He says giving me that smirk he knows I can’t stand.

Although I wasn’t that into the guy, I can’t deny the fact that he’s incredibly attractive. But the fact that he’s a womanizer turns me off. I almost hooked up with him once until I saw him kiss Darcy and then try to make his way to me when we went out one night.  

“Yeah, they also seem to think that I have a three way relationship with Bucky and Sam.” I say casually with a shrug, earning a look from both soldiers.

“Wait, why both of us?” Bucky asks, cocking a brow.

“Well since Cap’s been pussy whipped by Sharon, the three of us have been hanging out more often and I guess others noticed it too.“I answer with a laugh at Steve.

“I am not pussy whipped.” Steve mumbles.

“Yes you are man. But at least you’re getting some. The whole having to constantly save the world thing has put a damper on my love life.” Sam sighs and I look at him with a smirk.

“Honey, it’s no secret that you and Nat have been getting it on. I mean everyone knows by now.” I call him out.

“Yeah for real. Last time you guys were at it, I couldn’t sleep and had to bunk on the couch.” Bucky complained.

“The couch or Y/N’s room?” Tony quips.

“What are you talking about?” I ask trying to keep a straight face.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve heard you moan ‘Bucky, faster baby’ and heard you scream–.“

"That’s enough Tony.” Bucky and I say in unison.

“Wait a minute- you won’t sleep with me but you sleep with Mother Russia over there?” Pietro exclaims.

“Um, yeah?” I sort of ask and laugh as he gets zapped by Wanda.

I begin to think of the night in question. I couldn’t sleep because I had so much pent up energy.

“I knew I drank too much coffee.” I mutter to myself.

I made my way to the kitchen to grab a bag of chips and then walked into the living room expecting it to be empty.

“Ow!” A voice hissed as I sat on something hard.

“Fuck! What was that?” I ask feeling around until I felt something cold and metallic.

“Bucky?” I ask unsure before getting up and turning on the light.

And there he was shirtless and in flannel pajama pants. He sat up and looked me up and down while running his hand through his hair. Thinking that no one would be up, I just wore an old oversized t-shirt that left my thick thighs exposed.

“Yeah. Any reason why you sat on my face, doll. I mean you could have just asked.” He teased, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Any reason why you’re sleeping on the couch?” I quip trying to ignore my embarrassment.

“Sam and Nat are going at it again and I couldn’t get to sleep.” He sighs.

“Why’s that? Got turned on?” I teased with a smirk but it falls as I hear him sigh again.

“Well yeah. No girl wants to sleep with the Winter Soldier. Especially with the arm.” He shrugs and looks down at his metal hand.

“Well that’s their loss Buck. They’re the one missing out on a dope ass former soviet with a badass metal arm. Besides that arm could be put to good use in the bedroom.” I say before I can stop myself, staring at the metal arm.

“Really? How would you put this arm to use doll?” He cocks a brow and bites that plump rosy lip of his.


“Well, why don’t we go to my room and I’ll show you.” I say sultrily.

I’m surprised as he picks me up and kisses me as he walks us to my room. I moan as his lips move to neck and nip it. We finally get to my room and he lays me on the bed.

“Now doll. I’m waiting…” he says propped up above me.

“Well first I’d have you rip this shirt off me with it.” I say and bite my lip.

I shiver slightly at the sudden cold.

“No bra or panties Y/N? And tattoos? Never took you for a naughty girl.” He smirks, but it transforms to a look of surprise when I wrap my legs around his waist and flip us over to where I’m on top.

“Most people don’t.” I shudder while he runs his hands over my usually hidden tattoos along my side, waist and ribcage.

I bend down to kiss his neck and grind my hips into his. My lips form a small grin as I hear him moan ‘Y/N’.

I ran my tongue up his neck while I grab his metal arm and move his cold hand to my clit.

“Mmm.” I moan as he begins rub small circles before inserting a cool finger.

“You like that doll?” He asks concerned, scared that he’d hurt me.

“Keep going.” I moan out, against his neck and bite his ear.  

I then run my hands down his bare chest and slid one hand under his pants to pump his growing erection a few times before yanking off the pants.

I smirk at his surprise and kiss down his chest before taking him into my mouth.

“Y/N.” He sighs, gripping my thick,curly hair.

“You know that offer to sit on my face is still on the table.” He moans out, looking me in the eye with a smirk.

I take position over his face and move to 69 position.

“Mmm Bucky.” I moan out as his lips attach to my lower ones and I grind into his face.

I lick up the vein in his dick suck on the tip, eliciting a moan from him.

“As great as this feels baby, I want you inside me.” I say after a few moments of this position.

“You don’t waste time do you?” Bucky asks.

“No, I don’t.” I say as I position myself onto his dick and we sigh in unison.

“Damn doll, you’re so tight.” He moans, moving his hands up my thighs and onto my waist.

He begins the thrust upward as he grips my waist tighter, probably leaving bruises.

“Spank me baby.” I moan out, taking him by surprise.

“I never *spank* thought *spank* you’d have a spanking kink. But I like it.” He spanks me again and thrusts up a bit faster.

“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you, Y/N?” Bucky groans as I begin to ride him and he spanks me again.

“Only for you baby.” I hiss as he spanks me again but it quickly turns into a moan.

“Bucky, faster baby.” I demand, too lost in the moment to care about how loud I was being.

He flips us over, putting him on top and moved one of my legs over his shoulder to get a better angle.

He begins to pound into me relentlessly.  

I grab his flesh hand and bring it to my neck so that he lightly choked me.

“Fuck, doll.” He says between groans, choking me a bit tighter.

“Agh.” I claw into his back, feeling close to my orgasm.

“Let it go, doll.” Bucky demands, feeling close himself.

“Fuck baby.” I groan, eyes rolling back in pleasure as I get my release.

He calls out my name after his fills me with his warmth.

“Y/N, you’ll be the end of me. I never would have thought that you were a kinky one.” Bucky says with a smirk and I give him a weak punch. Before rushing to the restroom to wash up.

“Most people don’t and if you tell a soul, I’ll kill you Barnes.” I say as he pulls me close to him and rubbing my side.

“Deal. As long as this becomes a regular thing.” He proposes.

“Sounds good to me.” I sigh.

“Cho and Tony?! How did that happen?” Clint cocks a brow bringing me out of my dirty thoughts.

I notice Bucky studying me and I send him a sly wink.

“Late night in the lab.” Tony shrugs.

“So we’re all just sleeping with each other?” Sam laughs.

“Well everyone but Pietro.” I tease the white haired Sokovian, ruffling his hair and he mumbles under his breath.

I look up and bite my lip as I see Bucky giving me that same look as the other night–the lip biting. He then cocks one dark brow as though asking if I was ready for round 2. Subtly I nod and make my way out of the common area and to my room to be joined by Bucky moments later who quickly undresses.

"Eager are we?”


Yesterday I found myself wondering who I’d add to the MCU if I was to make and all-female Avengers team. Then the answer came naturally. No one. The MCU has all it need already.

Pepper Potts as the Superior Rescue
Betty Ross as the Sensational Red She-Hulk
Jane Foster as Thor, Godess of Thunder
Sharon Carter as Agent 13, the Most Wanted Spy in the World
Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, the Russian Avenger
Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch, Mistress of the Mystic Arts
Helen Cho as Mastermind Excello, Seventh Biggest Genius in the World
Hope Van Dyne as the Wondrous Wasp
Maria Hill as Director Hill, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The nameless Dora Milaje as Okoye