Anybody remember when I carried a nuke through a wormhole? Saved New York. Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We’re standing 300 feet below it. 
That up there, that’s… that’s the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?

what I desperately crave is more friendships between marvel women.

Natasha and Wanda have regular movie nights together (Natasha loves action comedies and Wanda likes fantasy or scifi best. They have a list with movies that fall into both genres)

Maria and Pepper hang out after business meetings and drink wine when Tony has been particularly extra. You can’t tell me that Betty Ross, Helen Cho and Jane Foster don’t meet up over science business. Darcy has tagged all pictures of them together as #yeahsciencebitch!

Sharon and Natasha go to the same gym. They spar as often as possible and keep track of their scores. Wanda also tags along sometimes to pick up some of their moves.

All the ladies have a groupchat where they can exchange workplace gossip and bitch about their dramatic male coworkers. Lady Sif and Gamora are somehow in that group, too.

look I know it’s been like 3 years since any women had a a meaningful conversation in an MCU movie but that’s no reason to skimp on the femslash there are so many possibilities

  • Helen Cho and Claire Temple go out for coffee; end up falling in love over mutual complaining about their ridiculous superheroes.
  • Pepper Potts and Hope Van Dyne meet up to negotiate cooperations between Stark Industries and Pym Tech. Aggressive negotiating turns into eye fucking turns into making out in someone’s office.
  • Sharon Carter having a ridiculous crush on Bobbi Morse ever since S.H.I.E.L.D. boot camp and wanting to tear her hair out every time Bobbi gets back with Hunter.
  • Ayo accompanies T’Challa to Avengers Tower on business; is so hot that Useless Bisexal ™ Helen Cho actually drops whatever she was holding.
  • The Avengers appear on Trish Talk and after being totally unimpressed by any of the guys Trish Walker discovers she can’t even make eye contact with Natasha Romanoff without turning bright red. What are coherent sentences?
  • Jane Foster and Lady Sif get tired of waiting for Thor to quit dicking around and notice one of them; Sif sweeps Jane off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together.
  • Jessica Jones starts jokingly flirting with Claire Temple, asking if she wants to cross another Defender off her list. To her absolute shock Claire takes her up on it. 
  • Before she infiltrated Stark Industries, Natasha Romanoff went undercover at Pym Tech. She stole their corporate secrets and Hope Van Dyne’s heart.
  • Daisy Johnson and Wanda Maximoff take a day off from being stressed out baby superheroes with crappy lives and messed up families to go see a movie together. Making out ensues.
  • Melinda May, who deserves nice things and rough sex, starts hooking up with Agent Piper, who’s a little scared but also really doesn’t want to question her luck.
  • Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis have been living together for a year and a half, but don’t realize they’re married until they absentmindedly kiss in the lab one night.
  • Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, becomes a stammering dork when faced with Mantis being completely adorable. Mantis is puzzled.

I could do these literally all day please come talk to me about MCU femslash or tell me yours I need more gay MCU ladies

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AU where WS Steve is saved by Bucky!Cap

There is a buzz in his mind. A blanket of white noise stretching to every corner of his thoughts. A constant ringing coating every object in his visual field, every word that he hears.

He can’t think.

“Captain, he’s been stabilized.”

He can’t believe—

“Did he speak?”

After all these years, decades

“No, Captain.”

He can’t breathe.

“I want to see him.”

“Of course, Captain.”

His smile is different.

After all the things that Bucky’s learned for the past few days, that’s the thing that makes him cry.

“Your name is Steven Grant Rogers. You were born on July 4, 1918 to Sarah and Joseph Rogers.”

“Nimesi on James Buchanan Barnes. Synnyit 10. maaliskuuta, 1917 George ja Winifred Barnesille. Sinulla oli sisko, Rebecca. Hän kuoli kolme vuotta sitten. Olet kohteeni.” (1)

Is that…

“Aion tappaa sinut. Sinä lipsut. Epäonnistut. Viillän kurkkusi auki. Et ole ensimmäinen kohteeni etkä jää viimeiseksi.” (2)


Bucky almost laughs. Steve’s always been good at picking up languages. Finnish is a little unexpected though.

“We used to be best friends. You are my friend. I’m not gonna hurt you, but I’m not gonna let you hurt anyone else either.”

“On aika hellyyttävää, että luulet voivasi pysäyttää minut.” (3)

(1) Your name is James Buchanan Barnes. You were born March 10, 1917 to George and Winifred Barnes. You had a sister, Rebecca. She died three years ago. You are my mission.

(2) I’m going to kill you. You will slip. You will fail. I will slit your throat open. You are not my first mission and you will not be the last.

(3) It’s cute that you think you can stop me.

“I’m not going to tell you what you already know, James.”

“Good. Don’t.”

Natasha moves to face him. The last time she looked straight at him, she told him Peggy Carter has died. “I don’t know how much longer I can stall Fury. He’s a little less hopeful of hostile threats since Loki.”

Bucky takes a moment to let that settle in, a moment to swallow his anger. “Steve isn’t Loki, Natasha. Steve isn’t some psychopathic alien. He’s Captain America. He’s the reason we’re not all dead already.”

You’re Captain America, James. The man in there, he’s the Winter Soldier. Do us all a favor and get that in your head before you end up dead.”

“He won’t kill me.”

“Dreiundsiebzig Tage, Kommandant. Es war einsam hier.” (4) Steve tilts his head with a smile. Steve’s smile. It makes his entire face soften. “Ich hab dich vermisst, Bucky.” (5)

“Du kannst wohl kaum mir die Schuld dafür geben. Als ich das letzte Mal hier war, hast du versucht, mir mit einem Stift in die Halsschlagader zu stechen.” (6)

Steve shrugs, his pretenses falling off like clothes after a rough day. “Ich habe dich gewarnt.” (7)

Bucky smiles. “Ich weiß.” (8)  

“Und trotzdem bist du hier…” (9)

“Was soll ich sagen? Ich habe dich vermisst, Steve.” (10)

(4) Seventy-three days, Captain. It’s been lonely.

(5) I’ve missed you, Bucky. 

(6) You can hardly blame me for it. When I was here the last time, you tried to stab me with a pen in the carotid artery.

(7) I warned you.

(8) I know.

(9) And yet, you are here…

(10) What can I say? I missed you, Steve

“Dr. Cho said you requested me here.” Bucky slides his hands into his pockets and waits. He’s waited for almost century. He can wait for a few minutes, years.

“I…” Steve swallows. “I’m positive that Dr. Helen Cho has alerted you of my…nightmares.”

“Yes. She told me when they started.”

“I know they wiped my memories. I kn—I’ve always known. It’s never…interfered in a mission. Before. I—I. It never bothered me. I never wished to know my past. I never—” Steve shoots his feet and paces in his cell. He stops in front of Bucky and walks towards him. The barrier stretches around him, crackling with electricity. “My dreams. They’re all of you,” he whispers. “Of…us.

“He misses you.”


Your Steve.”

“You are my Steve.”

“I’m not.”

“I wish was.”


Yesterday I found myself wondering who I’d add to the MCU if I was to make and all-female Avengers team. Then the answer came naturally. No one. The MCU has all it need already.

Pepper Potts as the Superior Rescue
Betty Ross as the Sensational Red She-Hulk
Jane Foster as Thor, Godess of Thunder
Sharon Carter as Agent 13, the Most Wanted Spy in the World
Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow, the Russian Avenger
Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch, Mistress of the Mystic Arts
Helen Cho as Mastermind Excello, Seventh Biggest Genius in the World
Hope Van Dyne as the Wondrous Wasp
Maria Hill as Director Hill, head of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The nameless Dora Milaje as Okoye

Smooth Criminal

Officer!Bucky Barnes x Drunk!Reader

Summary: Bucky’s a cop and got called to a crime scene to arrest a criminal but he realizes the criminal is the person he’s dating

Word Count:1,892

Warnings: Police!Au, Language, Drunk Shenanigans, Major Floof

A/N: Written for Manu’s writing challenge, couldn’t help but write cop!Bucky again. @jurassicbarnes thank you for the fun opportunity.

Originally posted by uncensoredsideblog

It had been a quiet night for Officer James Buchanan Barnes and his partner. So far, they had to deal with a fight between two drunk men, an exhibitionist and a few reckless drivers.

Bucky had started his shift at 10 p.m. the previous night and it was now just after 4 a.m. He kept repeating ‘only two more hours’ like a mantra and tried to imagine you all wrapped up and sound asleep in your bed. He really wanted to be with you.

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