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i’m so sad because i feel that helen cho was only introduced in age of ultron to only be thrown away right after. she has so much offer to the avengers team as a geneticist who has the knowledge and tools to recreate tissue. i’m just surprised we haven’t seen her on the set of avenger 4 to help with the healing process of it all. or even in black panther when they go to south korea? this isn’t me trying to take away light on the incredible cast, but i think that would’ve been the perfect time to bring her back in. imagine her and shuri working together and having lab locations in wakanda and south korea that they can commute too. like, who doesn’t want to see two strong woc that are scientist and serving as a backbone of the avengers team in a way that hasn’t been explored yet? i don’t know if marvel is just keeping her as a mini surprise, but i hope they really consider bringing her back


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.

My aesthetic: Gideon speaking in Spanish to Sophie, Jem speaking in Chinese to Tessa, Cecily speaking in Welsh to Gabriel

Bad ending: Dirk Gently renewed, Landis kept on, cast and crew goes back to work and all act like nothing happened as abuse survivors watch and character arcs grow sloppier and sloppier.

Slightly less bad ending: Dirk Gently renewed, Landis kept on, cast and crew protest and refuse to work with him, show ultimately dies or gets recast, original cast keep their dignity and morals, Landis gets nothing or a pale imitation that no one wants to watch

Neutral ending: Dirk Gently cancelled. No job for Landis, no show for us, but closure and the freedom of knowing that now the show can only be whatever we make it and the cast will go on to do other amazing things.

Good ending: Dirk Gently renewed, Landis dropped, future of show and character arcs unclear under new leadership but we can watch with a clear conscience, cast and crew keep their jobs, awesome show continues and women on set never have to be near Landis again.

Best ending: Dirk Gently renewed, Landis dropped, other writers take over, @inkyfishes is now head showrunner and @lavellington and Lee Majdoub are brought on as character consultants slash chief fluff-writers, we get the nicest, most intriguing, gayest season yet and it doesn’t touch Landis with a ten-foot pole.

True ending: I make a bet with Netflix, and challenge Landis to hand-to-hand combat for control of the show. If I win, best ending goes ahead as planned. If I lose, one of the worst. But I do not lose. He has the physical advantage, but is shortly outnumbered. I shed my cloak on the battlefield. A dark, angry, buzzing swarm emerges. He offended the bees.


i swear i gain a fave character after every haikyuu chapter update

I was waxing poetic to my brother about how attractive I find Adam Driver even though I know he isn’t conventionally handsome and my brother just goes “Yeah I don’t blame you, Adam’s basically a more handsome Keanu Reeves and that man is a looker. Also they both look perpetually 33 by some magic” I knew my brother was in this garbage can with me all along

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I was thinking about this quote I found digging through my likes from Euripides’s Helen. The quote is as follows: Ἑλένη δ᾽ ἐκλήθην. ἃ δὲ πεπόνθαμεν κακὰ λέγοιμ᾽ ἄν, and in English: “I am called Helen. Let me tell you of the evils I have suffered.” 

It’s interesting that she uses that passive form of the verb, ἐκλήθην, or “I am called.” She is called “Helen,” stating that “Helen” is the name others use to address her, with all its negative connotations. “I am called Helen,” or perhaps alternatively “I am called whore” or “I am called witch” or “I am called destruction of many men.” Her use of the passive voice makes me think that Helen understands what it means to be Helen and what people perceive Helen to be. Her own perception of herself doesn’t come into play here, and thus the use of the passive also makes me wonder what name Helen uses to call herself. I hope she uses other names than the κύων (dog) she uses in the Iliad.

The quote also reminded me of Seneca’s Medea, in which he has the titular character declare “Medea nunc sum,” or “Now I am become Medea,” once she has decided to carry out the revenge for which she is famous. Here again Medea understands what it means to be Medea, what people perceive Medea to be, and only at that point in the play does she truly attain the status of Medea. It’s as though Medea knew all along what she would have to do to become the Medea expected of her, and that she had to take certain steps to fill up the role. 

The line has such a spookiness to it. Like the audience, the character knows the story, or at least hints of it. Indeed, as Helen tells Hektor in Book VI of Iliad: “εἵνεκ᾽ ἐμεῖο κυνὸς καὶ Ἀλεξάνδρου ἕνεκ᾽ ἄτης/οἷσιν ἐπὶ Ζεὺς θῆκε κακὸν μόρον, ὡς καὶ ὀπίσσω/ἀνθρώποισι πελώμεθ᾽ ἀοίδιμοι ἐσσομένοισι,” and in English: “Because of me being a dog and because of the infatuation of Alexandros (Paris), on us Zeus has placed the bad fate that we will be sung of by men yet to be.” Imagine hearing those words as your bard sings to you the story of Troy. Helen is not only correct, but speaking to you about you. She knows that you are listening. She knows what you expect to hear.