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Disrupting expectations:@NataalMedia’s Editorial Director Helen Jennings (@hellojennings) speaks with Ekow Eshun (@ekoweshun), whose new curatorial exhibition Made You Look: Dandyism And Black Masculinity explores the power of wearing it well. “Black dandies aren’t about this conservative concept of men in suits looking a bit smart… It’s a statement of identity against contrary circumstances.” Pictured: Young Man In Plaid, NYC, 1991 by Jeffrey Henson-Scales (@jeffreyhensonscales) - Courtesy of the artist

Full interview: bit.ly/2attjsD  

Made You Look: Dandyism And Black Masculinity is at the Photographers’ Gallery (@thephotographersgallery), London, until 25 September 2016

anonymous asked:

about your pretty post regarding colifer, it is possible for best friends to fall in love.. we've seen it happening in the real world and maybe your just saying that bc you're in love with your bff and he doesn't give a shit about you. colin may not be in love with jen bc of helen but jen is def in love with colin, so COLIFER IS STILL A THING

assuming that you’re are talking about this post, i want to thank you for taking the time to read it btw… usually, when it’s anti-cs for example., i don’t even look at them so…

I never said it was impossible for bffs to fall in love. in fact, as you said, we’ve seen it happening in the real world. true.

I just said that it’s also possible to be bffs and not fall in love

This guy and I can be best friends and not fall in love. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t give a shit about me or that I cry over the fact that I’m soooooo in love with him and he’s not.

Do we have chemistry and all that stuff? yes.

Would we consider dating each other? No way, trust me, it would be like dating my brother.

And that is also what happens with jen and colin????

they have tons of chemistry but they are not in love. i mean, if they didn’t make such a beautiful meant-to-be true love couple, captain swan wouldn’t be what it is today.

and colin is so obviously in love with helen and his son, he’s so happy with his family. he is not secretly in love with jen. it SUPER DISRESPECTFUL TO COLIN AND HELEN’S MARRIAGE

and the same goes for jen.. she may be single but she is not in love with colin. she is friends with helen, she goes to their house and visits their son.. you can’t think that she is in love with him just because she laughs at his jokes or touches his shoulder or because they simply look good together.

that is not how relationships work.

and again,

colifer is not a ship.