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philkas au in which lukas takes care of a sick philip (aka 10000% fluff)

Lukas has just parked his bike in the lot, and is pulling his bag over his shoulder when he gets the text.

Philip: not coming. sick.

Lukas: are you contagious?

Philip: probably.

Lukas: ill be there in 10 minutes

Philip: what?

Philip: Lukas?

Philip: I don’t want to get you sick

Lukas leans his bike against Gabe and Helen’s house, and heads to the porch, knocking on the door. A moment later, Philip opens up, frowning.

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An Unexpected Reunion (CTM Fanficiton)

So I had this idea in my head of what it might be like to see Trixie visiting Shelagh in the hospital for a while now. I even wanted to put it in my speculation fic for 6x04, but I ran out of time and I just couldn’t put this idea into words, until now. I hope you all enjoy!! 

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Random House: Summer Before The War, cover art. UNPUBLISHED

Late last year, I began work on the cover art for The Summer Before the War, Helen Simonson’s follow up to the best selling Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. It was a long process with a lot of changes and additions (to be expected with such an important book), but in the end I was really pleased with what we made. Everything seemed set to go, but as the chips can fall, at the last minute the publisher took a left turn and scraped my cover.

Aggghhhh! Bummer! It has happened before and it will happen again, all part of the business. Here’s to the next one.

step one: start vaguely headcanonning helen of sparta/troy as not attracted to men

step two: get really, really invested in helen not being attracted to men

step three: be sad forever because she never wanted any of this, any of them, and paris was just the next man who wanted to have her, before him is was menelaus and before him were all the damned danaan kings and before them was theseus and she has never been free from men and she’s never loved any of them, the only men she loved were her brothers- castor and pollux, and then later hector, but all men want her and so all men will have her, because there’s no place in this world for a woman who doesn’t want men, especially one as beautiful as her and she curses her face more than any long suffering soldier does because it’s condemned her to be stolen and taken for as long as she’s young and lovely and it makes all the women she’d want to be sisters to (or closer than sisters) hate her in jealousy or for their dead husbands and sons and- she didn’t want this. she didn’t want this war, she didn’t want the suitors, she didn’t want her divine blood and fair cheeks, but that’s what she got and she’ll never be free or safe or in love for as long as she lives because that’s the game the gods want to play


THE COMET SEEKERS - Helen Sedgwick

Róisín and François first meet in the snowy white expanse of Antarctica. Their shared desire to explore the world has brought them here, but to do so both have left family and loved ones behind.

As we loop back through their lives, glimpsing each of them only when a comet is visible in the skies above, we see how their paths cross as they come closer and closer to this moment. Theirs are stories filled with love and hope and heartbreak, that show how strangers can be connected and ghosts can be real, and the world can be as lonely or as beautiful as the comets themselves.

The Bayeux Tapestry plays a significant part in the story so we felt embroidery was the perfect medium for our jacket design. We commissioned Chloe Giordano to create the artwork, and asked her to depict François and his mother beneath a sky full of celestial activity. The comets on the jacket are inspired by old astronomical diagrams, including Halley’s Comet which appears throughout the story.

Chloe kindly took photos of the embroidery throughout the process. You can see more of her beautiful work here

The Comet Seekers is published by Harvill Secker in August 2016

Lyanna Stark of Winterfell || Helen of Troy

O, thou art fairer than the evening air
Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars;
Brighter art thou than flaming Jupiter
When he appear’d to hapless Semele;
More lovely than the monarch of the sky
In wanton Arethusa’s azur’d arms;
And none but thou shalt be my paramour!

- The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships, Christopher Marlowe


The noble house of Black.

This is everyone mentioned in the books and on Pottermore:

Walburga Black & Orion Black- sons, Sirius Black & Regulus Black

Druella Black (née Rosier) & Cygnus Black III- daughters, Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black), Andromeda Tonks (née Black) & Narcissa Malfoy (née Black)

Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) & Rodolphus Lestrange- no children

Andromeda Tonks (née Black) & Ted Tonks- daughter, Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks)

Narcissa Malfoy (née Black) & Lucius Malfoy- son, Draco Malfoy

*NOTE* Helena Bonham Carter’s on here twice b/c in the early DH movie drafts, she was cast as Andromeda Tonks, Bellatrix’s other sister who looks exactly like her. I kid you not. The scene with Andromeda was never even filmed.