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i can’t believe that we got to read about a biracial relationship between a bisexual man and a gay man, and then a biracial wlw couple with a bisexual woman and a lesbian, now a polyam relationship with a latina woman and two bi men, and a relationship between a trans woman and a bi man, and now a confirmed romance between an autistic gay boy and another bisexual boy… i’m just…feeling so…blessed rn

kit and jace building their relationship

mark and julian building their relationship

dru and ty building their relationship

jem and emma building their relationship

helen and dru building their relationship

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On the plus side, one of the fun things about writing Eldest Curses is being able to go back in time, so we’ll see Helen and Aline meet and fall in love in TEC.

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Black for hunting through the night

For death and mourning the color’s white

Gold for a bride in her wedding gown

And red to call the enchantment down

White silk when our bodies burn

Blue banners when the lost return

Flame for the birth of a Nephilim

And to wash away our sins.

Gray for the knowledge best untold

Bone for those who don’t grow old

Saffron lights the victory march

Green to mend our broken hearts

Silver for the demon towers

And bronze to summon wicked powers

—  Shadowhunter children’s rhyme; City of Heavenly Fire

I think Helen knew. I think that she knew everything. She knew about the Baba Yaga lurking under the surface of her gentle, careful, attentive husband.

He loved her so much. She was his whole world. And with her, he could be himself. Relaxed. Finally in peace. If she didn’t know he would not have that peace. Their love was pure. It was not tainted by the lies of the past.

He believes he´s damned. Life without her is his damnation.

*thinks about Mark Blackthorn*

*Helen Blackthorn*

*Julian Blackthorn*

*All the Blackthorns* 


tsc: flower cards 

inspiration from the art by @cassandrajp

  • h e l e n i u m ⠀;h e l e n

t e a r s

  • v i o l e t s ⠀; c l a r y

l o y a l t y

  • s c a r l e t ⠀z i n n i a ⠀;a l i n e

c o n s t a n c y

  • p u r p l e ⠀c o l u m b i n e ⠀; ⠀i z z y

r e s o l v e d ⠀t o ⠀w i n

  • h o l l y h o c k ⠀; ⠀l i l y

a m b i t i o n

  • g l a d i o l u s ⠀; ⠀m a i a

s t r e n g t h ⠀o f ⠀c h a r a c t e r

  • l o t u s ⠀; ⠀m a r y s e

e s t r a n g e d ⠀l o v e

  • m u l l e i n ⠀; ⠀c a t a r i n a

h e a l i n g

  • l o c u s t ⠀t r e e ⠀; ⠀a m a t i s

l o v e ⠀b e y o n d ⠀t h e ⠀g r a v e

  • d a y l i l y ⠀; ⠀j o c e l y n

m o t h e r ’ s ⠀l o v e