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@scriptscribbles asgjshf y'all lure me in with promises of gay and then don’t even have the organisation to back it up? do I have to do everything myself?

Okay. Okay. These ships might be canoes but I want all hands on deck, y'all. The following proposals are up for negotiation and discussion, and/or agreement:

  • Chenclair - Helen/Liv 
  • Helver - Helen/River
  • Heliver - Helen/Liv/River

I don’t yet have anything solid for Liv/River but I guess our options are like, Chensong, Songka, or maybe Songtech?

If the 5-10 people on board these ships could offer their opinions now, that would be great. Come on guys, we can get these canoes going! 

throw helen into a river, please

starry-nightengale  asked:

Btw, I was thinking about The Silver Chair today, and I was wondering... where do you suppose Marshwiggles came from? They weren't mentioned as being created along with the other Narnians at the beginning of time, and MN was written *after* SC. :/ (Do you think perhaps those sons of King Frank and Queen Helen marrying river spirits might have resulted in some vaguely-amphibious humanoid hybrids or something...?)

When I started reading your question, I was starting to think the same! But then are marshwiggles mention before SC? So maybe some humans after or during Caspian’s reign went off with some river spirits. Though, it would be cool to think that marshwiggles were around when the Pevensie’s reigned.


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MN Fic: ‘Happenstance’

Summary:  Bored out of his mind and somewhat uncomfortable at a party thrown specifically for him, Near decides to call a random number from his phone to kill time. He’s pleasantly surprised by the resulting conversation.

Word Count: 2k+

Notes: Did you guys really think I wouldn’t write a Near birthday fic? Really? I mean, come on. You guys should’ve seen this coming. Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you guys enjoy reading it, too.

“Nate, sweetie! Come here!” The faux sweet voice makes Near cringe. He’s currently  standing in the corner, isolated from everyone else. Maybe he can pretend he didn’t hear that.

“Nate!” The voice is closer now, punctuated by the sound of heels clicking against the floor.

Nevermind then. Near looks up and  sees a woman approach him. She has a wide, entirely fake smile plastered on to her face to match the tone of her voice. Near tries not to scowl as he greets her. “Yes, Helen?”

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