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River Song for the character thing?

  • First impression

See, Time of Angels was like, the second episode of DW I properly watched bc I was being shown the Weeping Angels, so with my bad memory I’m assuming it was confusion, but “she seems cool”. 

  • Impression now

I think she’s genuinely my favourite character in the DW universe other than the Doctor. She’s my morally questionable but good at heart wife and I adore her more than words could ever say. 

I think a lot of people don’t appreciate just how much of a standout character she is when you look at female characters in general. 

For a start, she’s an outlier in the ageist/sexist tradition of casting any woman over 40 as a bitch/villain or a mother (River could have been played by a 25 year old with zero difference to the story, but it wouldn’t have been the same, we all know that, they cast Alex and she’s perfect). She’s mature and badass and owns her sexuality. 

And then you have the fact that you just… can’t put her in a box. 

She’s allowed to take charge and flirt and lie and cry and make mistakes and grow, and she’s cruel and kind and cold and warm and playful and lethal and determined loves fiercely and would murder certain kinds of people without a second thought, and she’s able to be all of those things at once and have it still make sense. 

She’s stripped of her agency from birth and spends her life taking it back and creating herself, living on her terms and being no less than the woman she wants to be. 

Also, she’s a great example of a bi/pan character being in a committed relationship and being no less committed for being bi/pan. (Like, alright, anyone with sense knows that it’s an open marriage and that River is obviously very poly, something the show itself does lowkey acknowledge, but really it’s just about as plausible to consider that the marriage IS monogamous as it is to consider that it isn’t, so she’s kind of simultaneously poly representation and committed bi/pan representation,in a way, especially since being poly doesn’t make her less committed anyway, since her devotion to the Doctor is never in doubt.) 

  • Favorite moment

Oh god, there’s far too many. I think her speech from Husbands of River Song will always win, though, the “[loving the Doctor] is like loving the stars themselves, you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back”. 

In addition to just being beautiful in the moment and the reveal that came after, it also sheds a whole new light on her character that had only been hinted at before, the realisation that all this time, she’s never believed he loves her back. That she has, in words of a later episode, without hope, without witness, without reward, loved him all that time, because that’s her truth. 

Her moment of realising it’s him, realising that god, maybe he does love her back, is just so incredible. 

  • Idea for a story

Anything about Darillium is always fun, or things that involve her flirting with ladies. I’m working on a thing with her and the Doom Coalition audios companion Helen, because they’re really beautiful and gay together and I have a lot of feelings. 

  • Unpopular opinion

I mean I know a lot of people have dumb opinions about River but I’m pretty sure most of what I’ve already said goes against those, so… yeah. Haters can hate but they’re missing out on one of the best female characters to ever exist in Doctor Who ever so… their loss, really. 

  • Favorite relationship

Her and the Doctor, obviously. What a fucking power couple did you see how quickly they jumped into action in THoRS once she knew who he was? 

I’ll never be over them, frankly, because they’re heartbreaking from the beginning but also fun and silly and adorable and passionate and devoted and I just…. they cover almost all the bases you could possibly want, they’re hot and cute and silly all at once. 

(Runners up are River and her parents, and River/Helen(/Liv) in Doom Coalition bc g a y c u t i e s

  • Favorite headcanon

Her numerous wives, including Benny, Clara, Helen, Liv, and Quill. (I’d say Missy but like, they’d just murder each other probably imo, lmao)

She 100% helped Helen Sinclair come to terms with being a lesbian and is very soft with her 1960′s wife okay that’s very important to me. 

this got super long but I love River Song so so so so much like fcuk there will never be enough words she’s so important

throw helen into a river, please


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Could you be any more of an awful, white knighting feminist? You like to support horrificly sexist characters written by men (take River, who's a slave to the Doctor, or Helen who does nothing outside of screaming she's a feminist) and then claim to be a feminist, instead of actually doing something. You just sit on Tumblr and pretend to be such a powerful feminist, while ignoring the oodles of privlege falling out of your ears. People like you are what got Trump elected.

The bitterness and sheer level of obscure determination in this suggests to me that my presentation of my personal and political beliefs is not the primary concern here, but I’ll treat you as seriously as I can.

And I can’t help further wonder at the choice to send this anonymously. If it’s for fear that my, admittedly very large, number of followers will come after you or something, well, I can’t help but say sorry, that is not something I would ever support. But, I think it far more likely you’re sending this anonymously to be cruel and hide your face. That is, sadly, the way things tend to work online. I’d like to be wrong about that suspicion.

If I come across as pretending to be a “powerful feminist,” clearly I’m doing something wrong. I don’t think feminism is ever about trying to look powerful, and while I do love a good show off from time to time, that’s more when I do a backflip than when I say something about feminism. Feminism, to me, isn’t something I support and believe in to look good. I just do it because, dammit, I want to treat people well, the most hurt and most at risk in particular. That, to me, means a lot. I want to help people, and feminism is one way of supporting people and understanding the various intersecting social forces that hold people back.

I think that’s a rather good thing, but I’m never going to pretend to be an expert. I’ve taken a few courses and it’s something I take very seriously, but I’ll never be able to rattle off names of theorists and write defining essays for critical thought. What I am, above all else, is a person obsessed with media. Feminism is just how I engage with it. And when I find media that I personally feel is empowering, I break down why, and, generally, I get feedback from people saying they appreciate it and find it empowering, too, and like that I put their feelings into words. I don’t want to tell people how to feel, but I will tell people how I feel. And I feel strengthened by those stories, as do many people I personally care a lot for.

I know I’m privileged. I’m also marginalized in overlapping ways, but if we wanna look at a net gain, as though privilege is something you can just add up points to, I’m probably more privileged than not, yeah. I’m well aware of that and strive to not ever shutting down people. Indeed, I hope my tone here is only as dismissive as is fair, and not some condescending mansplaining bullshit. Overall, I try to be open to reasoned criticism. That, to me, is the way privileged people can best be feminists, by listening to the pain and critique of those more vulnerable.

Thing is, I’m not sure your critique holds much weight. I mean, people like me got Trump elected…what? I have always been very outspoken about my political feelings, which are anything but supportive of him. It’s even caused a few fractures in my personal life because of how emphatic I am that he’s cruel and dangerous and a clear representative of the regressive alt-right backlash we are currently facing as a society. I did vote, and I can promise you it was not for him or anyone in his party (nor third party, Gary Johnson was honestly just as bad).

As for your criticisms of Helen and River, I find them reductive and frankly kinda sexist. I’ll absolotely advocate more women write for Doctor Who, hell I was ranting a bit about the lack of diversity in the expanded universe earlier today in my group chat, and I think the shortcomings of diversity in the Doctor Who televised series staff speak for themselves, though I gladly rally behind any women or people of color working on the show. River isn’t just a prisoner, and certainly not one of the Doctor. Sure, she lives in a prison, but she basically treats it as her full service hotel, and has been shown breaking in and out at will, sometimes to go off with the Doctor, sometimes just for her own adventures. She faces a lot of oppressive forces, but to me, what makes her shine is that she always transcends it as a radical, queer, glorious force for her own agency. And Helen, sure, Helen’s a quieter character, less engaged with action. But for me, what’s so important about her is how much her choices matter. She is very well-meaning and very human. For example, letting loose Caleera was all on her, a choice which had tremendously damaging reprecussions, but also was a moment of solidarity between oppressed women that saved the day in the end, which, in my opinion, is a pretty feminist arc to have. That supporting other hurting, marginalized victims of prejudiced institutions is always the right thing to do, and that solidarity can heal and save the day. Helen is strong not just because she’s a feminist, but because she is given the agency to make potentially catastrophic choices (and sometimes they are, Absent Friends exists) based on what she believes and not be treated as weak or a bitch or any other reductive category, just as a very strong and heroic and sympathetic and good.

That’s what I get out of their stories, and it’s what other people have told me they also get out of them, to their betterment. You can get something else out of it, but please don’t tell people who find progressive strength and joy from stories that they’re awful people. Not just for me, but, to get, like you say, “white knighting,” for the many women who are able to keep fighting their fights as a result of such characters. Feminism and queer activism aren’t, in my experience, about the lashing out, though we absolutely do need to fight back against oppressive forces. They’re about a solidarity among the suffering and finding a collective strength to fight that fight together and far, far stronger, and about helping others to listen and support such a cause (part of why I personally admire Steven Moffat so much is that he has listened to such criticisms and made changes for the better). Like, for example, Donald Trump. I will always be on your side to fight that fight. But I don’t think attacking me in my inbox is fighting that fight, or any particularly relevant fight, in any way whatsoever.

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what is your absolute favorite ship?

whyyyyyy would you do this

I guess I would choose Doctor/River if I absolutely had to pick one but that’s super unfair because I love enjoying a wide variety of different dynamics so things like Best Enemies and Helen/Liv and River/Helen/Liv are also basically on the same tier as them

although, I just finished Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and my god, Phryne/Jack is now really high up there too. best slow burn m/f ship I’ve seen in years, my heart was physically aching when I was watching it.