Helen of Troy has some of the most heartbreaking moments in the Iliad,

  • Priam telling her ‘It is not you I blame, I blame the gods’ which is something she probably hasn’t heard before. Everybody seems to blame her. 
  • ‘ “but there are two marshals of the people I cannot see, Castor the horse breaker and the boxer Polydeuces, my own brothers, born with me to the same mother. Either they did not join the others from lovely Lakedaimon, or they did come here in the sea faring ship, but now do not want to enter the fighting, for fear of the shame and curses that are heaped upon me.” // So she spoke, but the life giving earth already held them under, their in Lakedaimon, their dear native land.’ She doesn’t even entertain the possibility that they might already be dead and thats why she cannot see them, she instantly sees herself as worthless to them, her own twin brothers, so worthless that they would not come for her or fight for her when all of Greece has. 
  • the very last couple of pages when Helen laments at Hectors death ‘There is no-one else now in the broad land of Troy to be kind to me and a friend.’ She is left completely alone. The only person who ever extended the hand of friendship to her is dead, and she is left with her kidnapper and a city of people who loathe her for bringing war upon them and she has no choice in what she does or where she goes. 

I am Athena, silver eyed and daring,
My battle already won.
Dancing in my enemies’ blood
And I don’t need you

I don’t need you, but–
I am Aphrodite, who kindles love’s fire
And I can set any man ablaze
 But for you I burn.

I am Artemis, whose former lover shines in the sky
Out of her way
 I don’t have time for you
But you’re glowing in the dark

I am Helen of Troy, the catalyst 
I bring armies to heel with a turn of my head
With a touch I launch a thousand ships
But you bring me to my knees

I am Persephone, with roses curling off the edge of my hand
And I require no flowers from you
But a look from you melts dewdrops
On my tongue
And I know that I don’t need you
But I am yours

—  “But I want you.”
The fact that Sara didn’t hit on Helen of Troy is so great

The writers could have easily squeezed a few moments out of Sara being gobsmacked by Helen’s beauty and flirting with her. They could have easily had her be a horndog like the boys but she didn’t and this and this is just so amazing to me because it fits exactly with Sara’ character. Sara Lance is all about protecting woman and respecting them. She could easily see that Helen was absolutely sick of being treated like an object. Absolutely sick of people leering at her and treating her like a prize. So Sara kept it in her pants and behaved absolutely professionally. Even her wink was just playful banter and there was nothing sexual in it that would make Helen feel uncomofrtable

And honestly? This is amazing to me. To see that the writers of Legends would actually continue to respect and honor who Sara Lance is as a character instead of selling her out for a few fun moments. I love this show!