helen howard

one case of sexism that stands out the most to me is that one of the three stooges’ shorts “hoi polloi” was thought of and written by helen howard (moe’s wife) but she was told she could either get screen credit or money (she chose money) and it’s just ridiculous that they had to give her a choice like that because they didn’t want her to profit from her work in one way or another

Don’t underestimate the understudies. If you go to the play and you are lucky enough to see Tom Mackley, James Le Lacheur, James Howard, Helen Aluko, Morag Cross, Lowri James, or one of the many others, be glad, be excited, because they are so, so good in their roles and deserve as much recognition as the main actors.


His mom’s name is Beronica (Becky) and i don’t have a name for the aunt

and yes they’re twins, Since randy had a negligent father his mom and aunt raised him together.

His mom is a layer (McFist’s lawyer) so she spends a lot of time at work.
His aunt is journalist she’s able to spend some time with randy.

Becky is “Helen” bestie (howards mom) that’s why randy and howard know each other from a really young age


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