helen grady


30 Days of Silent Hill!

#5: Favorite Boss

Once again, that’s a tough one. I don’t really like the monsters in Silent Hill. They freak me out. XDD But, since I have to choose a favorite boss, I shall choose the Mother from Origins, the Bogeyman from Downpour and, of course, Pyramid Head. 

I chose these three because of their symbolism. Pyramid Head, everyone knows why he’s there. The Bogeyman, same idea: to show the protagonist their guilt. As for the Mother from Origins, I actually found that story interesting. While the back story of Travis seemed kind of thrown into the game, it did show the player that even when Alessa was beginning to go through her torments, the town was affecting outsiders and making them face their dark pasts.

The story of Travis and his mother is hauntingly sad, I think. She tried to kill him, for Pete’s sake! She was insane and because of that, Travis’ father killed himself. :( That’s sooo sad! 

While Origins wasn’t my favorite game, it did have its good points, and I really felt bad for Travis. Even if he was a bit of a dip. XDD

No temas,la isla esta llena de ruidos,sonidos y brisas dulces,que deleitan y no dañan,a veces mil instrumentos vibrantes zumban en mis oidos,a veces unas voces que,si hubiera despertado tras un largo sueño,harian que volviese a dormirme y,entonces,en sueños,crei que las nubes se abrian y mostraba riquezas.Preparado para que cayeran sobre mi,cuando desperte,llore por volver a soñar.
—  Silent Hill Origins