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I always kind of laugh when people get into the “Susan’s treatment is proof that C.S. Lewis was a misogynist” thing, because:

Polly and Digory. Peter and Susan. Edmund and Lucy. Eustace and Jill. 

Out of the eight “Friends of Narnia” who enter from our world, the male-to-female character ratio is exactly 1/1. Not one of these female characters serves as a love interest at any time. 

The Horse and His Boy, the only book set entirely in Narnia, maintains this ratio with Shasta and Aravis, who, we are told in a postscript, eventually marry. Yet even here, the story itself is concerned only with the friendship between them. Lewis focuses on Aravis’ value as a brave friend and a worthy ally rather than as a potential girlfriend–and ultimately, we realize that it’s these qualities that make her a good companion for Shasta. They are worthy of each other, equals. 

In the 1950s, there was no particularly loud cry for female representation in children’s literature. As far as pure plot goes, there’s no pressing need for all these girls. A little boy could have opened the wardrobe (and in the fragmentary initial draft, did). Given that we already know Eustace well by The Silver Chair, it would not seem strictly necessary for a patently ordinary schoolgirl to follow him on his return trip to Narnia, yet follow she does–and her role in the story is pivotal. Why does the humble cab-driver whom Aslan crowns the first King of Narnia immediately ask for his equally humble wife, who is promptly spirited over, her hands full of washing, and crowned queen by his side? Well, because nothing could be more natural than to have her there. 

None of these women are here to fill a quota. They’re here because Lewis wanted them there. 

Show me the contemporary fantasy series with this level of equality. It doesn’t exist. 

Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes in a publicity photo for the pre-Code drama A Farewell to Arms  (Frank Borzage, 1932)

“Not only the best film version of a Hemingway novel, but also one of the most thrilling visions of the power of sexual love… No other director created images like these, using light and movement like brushstrokes, integrating naturalism and a daring expressionism in the same shot. This is romantic melodrama raised to its highest degree.” - Time Out London

You know what I want a crap ton of?? Headcanons of Queen Helen and King Frank. They were literally the very first humans in Narnia and we know absolutely nothing about them. What were they like as rulers? What did they look like? What were their ages? Were they happily married? How did they meet? How long had they been married for before they were sent to Narnia? How did they adapt to Narnia? I just need so many headcanons about them because they’re such huge mysteries and Lewis isn’t around to answer questions, so might as well get the headcanon-ball rolling with these two.

victoria winslow: assassin, part-time relationship counselor.
  • Marvin [handing him the phone]: Your number.
  • Frank [answering]: Yeah.
  • Victoria [over the phone, pouring acid on a body]: MI6 has just given me a contract to kill you. Apparently, you're guilty of nuclear terrorism, murder, and you're number one on Interpol's most wanted.
  • Frank: What did you say?
  • Victoria: Well, I said yes. You know, the money's good and, anyway, if I don't do it, somebody else will. Oh, and you should know, the Americans are sending someone also.
  • Frank: Who?
  • Victoria: Han.
  • Marvin: It's bad isn't it?
  • Victoria: Is that Marvin?
  • Frank: Yes, and Sarah.
  • Victoria: Oh, send them my love.
  • Frank: They're driving me crazy. Marvin gave her a gun.
  • Victoria: Was it loaded?
  • Frank: Yes. Yes!
  • Victoria: Were you being controlling?
  • Frank: No!
  • Victoria: Well, you have to take chances in a relationship. You have to be supportive.
  • Frank: I don't need her to fit in, I just need her to be safe.
  • Victoria [pouring the rest of the acid on the body]: Just rent Dirty Dancing and tell her you love her. You know, it's important to enjoy life while you still can.

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History of Narnia: The Beginning

Called “The Dawn” in many history books, this era was characterized by innovation, wonder, and growth. After Aslan created the new world, King Frank and Queen Helen were given the daunting task of establishing a system of transport, communication, economy, and government, with citizens that were still attempting to differentiate between the sky and the sea. Although it was difficult, the new royalty took it in stride and were loved by many. Their children would go on to populate Archenland, Telmar, and nearby islands, where the Narnian legacy would live on for many years to come. Socially and culturally, the country first resembled late 19th century Britain, with fashion, speech, and architecture influenced heavily by the upper-class. Despite these many similarities, politically and economically the new nation gave more freedoms to its citizens and relied more heavily on its parliament as well as a committee that any citizen could join to air any grievances. Ultimately, this was an age of joy, not only for the citizens, but for the royalty as well.