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Despite the respect Branagh felt for his thespian colleagues, the filmmaker admits he was tempted to play on his cast a trick which, according to legend, the late Robert Altman had played on his cast during the shoot for Gosford Park. That 2001 drama was another period piece with a star-studded lineup whose membership included Maggie Smith, Ryan Phillipe, Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, and Charles Dance.

“I don’t know if you know this story, but several friends have told me about this,” says Branagh, who starred in Altman’s 1998 film, The Gingerbread Man. “They all did their first scene together for the first time in a room. They called ‘Cut!’ Altman quickly opened the door, stuck his head in, and said, ‘Everybody was brilliant, except one of you. We’re gonna go again!’ I was desperate to use that line, but I was too scared.

- Kenneth Branagh on filming Murder on the Orient Express [x]

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Guest Listings 8/4-8/8:   Monday, August 4: Guests include Helen Mirren, James Cameron and musical guest Spoon.   Tuesday, August 5: Guests include Clive Owen, Nina Dobrev and musical guest The Head & The Heart.
  Wednesday, August 6:  Guests include Megan Fox, Nick Cannon and musical guest Wiz Khalifa.  Thursday, August 7: Will Arnett, T.I. T.I with The Roots. Friday, August 8: Jeff Bridges, Ali Larter, Andy Woodhull.