My grandma-

I’m in the living room playing on the xbox-

My grandma is in the kitchen (there’s a room is between the living room and kitchen) and she’s watching her show, at the end of the episode it plays a song I guess..?

heleena by MCR started playing- out of nowhere.

I jumped two feet in the air and off my couch, sliding into the kitchen like a dude on a surf board..

Long story short. I think my family thinks I’m crazy.

I hadn’t seen Leena for about 5 months (they live a few hundred miles away) and the first day I was visiting, we all went to the park.  she told me she could swing higher than me and I tried challenging her on the little kids’ swings, thinking I would humor her.  she said “those are for babies"  and proceeded to swing out into oblivion on the bigger swings while I stared, camera in hand, totally dumbfounded.