Shades and Shadows Hansom Cabs are lined up in New York to take new followers on a magical midnight journey from the land of Edgar Allan Poe to England.  

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   Cab Stand at Night, Madison, Square, New York, 1891 by Frederick Childe Hassam, American, 1859-1935.

  Hassam was taken by the clothes of the cab drivers that looked to him like they had worn them so long they were an outer shell and by the light reflected by the old gas lamps and the newer electric ones. 


Detrás del nombre: Helena.

El nombre Helena pertenece al género femenino y su origen resulta ser latino, proviniendo a su vez del griego Helen. Su significado en dicha lengua es: “brillante”. Las variantes existentes para este nombre son:  Elena, Helene, Heleen, Elin, Elina, Eliina, Heleena, Jelena, Ellen, Helen, Hellen, entre otros.