• (In the car, passing by the neighborhood lake)
  • ESTJ: Because of the toxic runoff from the fretilizer they use, you shouldn't eat the fish from that lake.
  • ENTP: But what if there were fish in the sky?
  • ESTJ: *is super confused* What?
  • ENTP: We could grow fish in the sky, and then go up in a helicopter and catch them with a giant net!!!!
  • ESTJ: But fish wouldn't survive in the sky, and there's still pollution in the air.
  • ENTP: *is sucked into the world of ideas* BUT IT'S FISH IN THE SKY!!!!!!<p/>
  • aliya's thought process during a floor routine
  • before: awww ffs should have thought about what i'm gona do before now
  • a few minutes before: actually nah it's fine i usually just wing it anyway. right, lets stand on my toes who cares if i break them
  • just before: oh here we fkn go cba but i kinda can
  • during: oops went out of bounds oh well doesn't matter the judges love me anyway
  • falls out of a spin: lol i always do this
  • falls out of another spin: oh cool did you see that move i made up there, wonder if i covered up the mistake
  • falls out another spin: actually i think i made that look quite good
  • continues: wave my arms a little that'll do the job, christ is this not over yet i literally have no idea what i'm doing
  • does another pass: how many passes have i done? oh was that my helecopter legs one?? cool, doesn't matter i never get deducted for that anyway. might as well add another arm wave
  • crowd cheering: yusss crowd love me woohooooo can't wait to get home and see all the cats that aren't actually my cats
  • continues: oh wait lost my train of thought what am i supposed to be doing
  • does final pass: thank fuck, now i'm just gona curl up here on the ground
  • finishes: oh mate cannae even be dealing with this, but i was pretty good
  • finished: rollin my eyes bc it sometimes works for afan

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm not from USA, and I'd like to know what's Ferguson about, what's happening. Thank you.

Okay so Michael Brown, 17/18 African American was shot down my Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, August 9th, 2014.

He was supposedly shot down 8-10 times (the 2nd autopsy (the Brown family’s own)) showed at least 6 bullet wounds. 2 of the shots were fired in the head. 4 on his left side. A gun shot wound to the top of the head and the exit wound at the neck suggests that Michael Brown was at a low position (He is over 6 feet tall and had to be on his knees or something to get that positioning and angle.) After the first shot was fired, Michael and his friend Dorian ran, then after being shot, Michael ended up on his knees, hands up, shouting, “I don’t have a gun; don’t shoot!”

Dorian Johnson’s account of what happened. Another eyewitness account

Darren Wilson is now on paid leave and “in assylum” in another state.

The next day, people began peacefully protesting, but things went awry when the Ferguson Police Department wouldn’t have it.

So far, the Ferguson Police Department has brought out tanks, K9 units, SWAT, the National Guard, tear gas, smoke grenades, rubber and wooden bullets, LRAD (a siren that can cause permanent hearing loss), riot gear, military-grade armor, and more. Some say that the police are more heavily armed than soldiers in Iraq. 1 2 3 Mind you, all this money could be spent on something to actually AID Ferguson, instead of “defending” it.

The police have also gone to great lengths to cover up the truth. After Michael Brown was gunned down, they refused to file the incident report of Michael Brown’s death. They have falsified the incident report of Michael Brown’s alleged robbery. They have made Michael Brown out to be a criminal by saying he robbed the liquor store he was coming from, and by saying he was violent when approached by Darren Wilson. Darren Wilson didn’t even know Michael Brown was a suspect for the robbery when he gunned him down. They have changed the story many times including, saying Michael Brown stole candy from the liquor store to stealing cigars. 

Ferguson police have absurdly arrested so many, including a man who was arrested for bleeding on an officer. They have arrested a 90 year old Holocaust survivor and a pregnant woman. They have arrested many reporters, including attacking a reporter for reporting. The people arrested are sometimes only arrested for a couple minutes, then released without any charges. They have declared it a no fly zone, making it so no news channels can report via helecopter. The Ferguson Police Department has blatantly ignored, been racist, rude, and denied information on the release of reporter Antonio French. They have made it so only news filtered by themselves is the news that gets out. For example, saying that rioters have looted the McDonalds, when they were really getting milk to clear their burning eyes from the tear gas fired upon them. They are saying people are looting the stores of Ferguson. They also say molotovs are being thrown at police. Speaking of McDonalds, they cleared out a McDonalds and arrested the people inside. All the while, they are allowing the KKK to protest. They even have a donation fund for Darren Wilson.

And by the way, tear gas is banned in international warfare, but is being used constantly on the people of Ferguson. Missouri’s own state senator was tear gassed.

A curfew was put into place, but was violated by the police themselves by firing into the crowds of people 3 hours prior to the curfew. Children and families have been tear gassed because of this.

School has been shut down for more than a week, and thus has made it so children do not have lunches.

Capt. Ron Johnson “tried“ to help the situation by calling the police to remove their masks, and cease their violent tactics, but ended up still using tear gas and arresting many reporters.

I suggest watching these as eye witness accounts from someone in Ferguson. xxxxx

Obama given his “condolences”, but that was BS.

Here’s how you can help: 1 2

There’s a lot more, but I think you can get the gist of it here.