heldina wikkakk

Art Post

I may have posted this one here. I am not sure if that was here or DA, but whatever. Its awesome, for my art anyway. Essie underwater looking in shock as Di floats downward stiff and holding her own head by the hair. She is dead. I figure, there was bound to be at least one doomed timeline in which Aedred actually killed Di, straight-up ragekills her and then probably feels bad about it for a while because he was a capricious bastard, and then Mintak has to go back in time and kind of… Fix things by talking him out of it somehow. Essie was actually an afterthought and doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the drawing, mostly I wanted to draw a headless sea-troll and didn’t want to draw a version of Eridan that wasn’t Eridan Harris from Buffystuck. Which is still a thing being worked on, however it is on the backburner for the moment.
I guess I should add that these are characters from the RP but you probably get that by now?
Like I said, I just wanted to draw a headless sea-troll. Heldina I know how to draw. She looks too tall in this drawing, but I don’t even care. It looks decent for having been drawn by me. XD