Today’s final YokoAri con was BEYONDDDD AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!
Sooooooo muchhhhhhhh amazing Jump moments!!! I’m soooo glad I decided to go!!!

💔💔💔BAD NEWS💔💔💔:

-Yamachan is definitely NOT doing well. He took a break the entire MC (was not on stage), and they dragged the MC out quite a bit (thank you Hikaru for always keeping the ball rolling and the mood hiiiighhhh!!).
- Fans were crying… (T_T)

- Yamachan came back for Fantastic Time and more fans cried.
- YAMADA RYOSUKE IS THE TRUEST IDOL!!! At the closing remark after
Dear., he APOLOGIZED for talking a rest coz he said it was too painful, he APOLOGIZED for worrying everyone, he pretended and told everyone HE IS OK NOW (Yamachannnnn you’re not ok!!! 😭😭😭)

- he did that twice!!! APOLOGIZED at the very end again!!!!! And LIKE A TRUE IDOL, assured us he is okay and he will be in top form for the Nagoya cons. 

Yamadaaaaa you really don’t have to be soooo perfect all the time!!! We love you as you are!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

❤️❤️❤️THE FUN PART❤️❤️❤️


MC today was filleddddd with tonssssss of members talk!!!!!!! They were telling back stories about each other, reminiscing the past, etc, etc!!

–> Keito revealed that he, YabuHika and Daichan were staying over at Daichan’s place (I think)… So…. Keito and Daichan shared a bed (wot!!)… ANDDDDDD YABUHIKA SHARED A FUTON!!! A SMALL ONE!!

So when Keito woke up he saw the both of them sleeping and he said to Daichan “look!! YabuHika sleeping in a futon together!!”.. I think Daichan said his reaction was “what about ME???” lol
–> Hikaru said they were doing some picture taking (for a photo book I think!), and members were taking candid pictures, so he and Yabu slept on perpendicular couches and took pics of each other!!!!

💥💥💥💥 Playing fireworks!💥💥💥💥
–> Chinen and Daiki went to play fireworks together!! It was very
dark so they used a cellphone to see!!
–> Then Inoo said he went to hanabi with Takaki and they held
It’s just a lie!!!!
Hahaha Inoo revealed that Takaki said he felt jealous of Chinen and Daichan so he asked Inoo to make up a story about the both of them!!!!
–> Yabu couldn’t remember who went to his house for Hanabi but then Daichan said it was him~

🌟🌟🌟🌟Names: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
–> MC talk also included what they call each other and how they got
to calling each other.
–> there was a Yuto part coz he wanted to know why he’s called Yutti!!!! 😂😂
–> Chinen calls Yuya, Yuya. But Chinen said he started calling him Yuya because they went for dinner with a group of other Johnny’s (I think) and everyone called him Yuya so he started calling him Yuya too. Then Yuya said he wants everyone to call him Yuya.
–> (sorry I’m an Inoo fan so I only remembered mostly his part!!
😅😅), 💙💙💙 So Daichan asked Inoo what everyone calls him? And duhhh
of course it’s Inochan. Then it got to asking what Yuya called Inoo and Yuya said “Inookun”… Then Inoo said “from today you can call me by my first name”. Everyone laughed and was like “NO ONE CALLS YOU KEI!!!!!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂

😚😚😚😚 Romantic Roles😚😚😚😚
–> they also talked about Yuto’s new series next year and Inoo’s Peach Girl. Inoo remarked that he can’t believe seeing Yuto in romantic roles (and I think they brought up a love scene so Pink & Grey??) because he’s known Yuto since small… soooo… Inoo said he probably won’t see the series coz it’s too embarrassing!! lolollll ohhh Inochan!!
–> then they talked about Inochan too having a romantic role in Peach Girl.. and they were like “that’s a love story too! there’s a lot of lovely love stuff..” and Inoo was like “if you watch it, you will be shocked”, and then they were like “then it’s the same, I don’t wanna watch it either!” lololol
–> Inoo then explained that the show is set in a school and until now he’s not been popular, member was like “in real life ne!”, but in the movie in his class, he’s the popular one… a member was like “for the first time in life!”… and Inoo was like “yeah, first time in my life I’m popular… it’s in a movie”. LOLOL..

🎓🎓🎓🎓School Uniforms🎓🎓🎓🎓
–> Anyway, that goes on into talk about school uniforms..
–> So Yabu said like when they first met, they were all very young and still in school, so they would go to Johnny’s office and also rehearsals in their uniforms because it’s about 6pm or so after school.

🎉🎉🎉🎉DOUBLE ENCORE!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

Today!!! They had double encore!!!!!!
Jump came back out after fans didn’t stop cheering for an encore..
Then they were like “oh we’re missing one person!” And they counted 8.
So they were like ok everyone, let’s call him out..

So everyone went KEITOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Then Keito appeared on the balcony AS A GIRL!!! With blond wig and makeup!!! (I think it’s the girl he’s dressed up as same as before don’t remember but he was cuteeeee as a girl!)
Then they went on to do Romeo and Juliet!!!!!!!

❤️❤️❤️🎊🎊🎊🎊FINAL CLOSING!!!🎊🎊🎊🎊❤️❤️❤️




So after Romeo and Juliet and a whole lot of screaming and
shouting and EVERYONEEEE just high high high high on JUMP. And of course all the way Jump was like thank you everyone, thank you people in front, at the back, middle and thank you to the guys, thank you stafff!!  
Then jump went back on stage for the final closing!!!
Yamada: Soooo today’s final closing is…. drum roll…
Hikaru: Inochan! Inoo Kei! Kei Inoo!
Member: Please give the closing salutations (aisatsu).
Yamada: Onegaishimasu~
Inoo: Errrr…. what should I do…
Then Inoo looks at Yamada
Inoo: First of all, Yamada.
Yamada looked at Inoo surprised and was like “what??”
*hall fall silent… Serious Inoo Kei*

Inoo: Today, this tour too, you were really busy more than anyone else… with the tour, the set, the programs, with planning, thank very much for putting so much thought into these.

Members: Don’t cry~
(Yamada looked like was about to cry, actually, or maybe he didn’t expect Inoo to say such things! (the other members probably knew…)
(insert fans crying)
Inoo: You really did a lot. Really, thank you.
Inoo: And also… The members…
Member (off guard): uso~! 
Inoo: Today was the most fun, thank you so much.
Members: *shy* *shy* we had fun too.
Inoo: And everyone, aishiteru yo.
Crowd: Kyaaaaaaaa~~~
Inoo: To the staff, sukida yo.
Member: the mood decreased. Just a bit.
HEY!SAY!JUMP: THANK YOU EVERYONE THANK YOU!! JYA, MATA NEEEE!!! Inoo’s “sukidayo” is heard once in a hundred years~
Inoo: The next is the afterlife! (”tsugi wa raise” (he used “次は来世”)
Yabu: Is that RADWIMPS?!
Member(Yuto?): It’s “tsugi wa zensei” (次は前世) (Note: the title of the actual RADWIMPS song is 前前前世)


I think Inoo is sooooo sweet and I really love that he is very very considerate of others.
I really love that he addressed Yamada the first.
I love that he addressed that because it’s not just something he and the members feel, but I’m sure he also knows that “ARIGATOU” is something that all tobikkos feel towards Yamada too!!!!!! Especially considering his condition!!!
So, at times, I feel Inoo is not just very sweet, but in his own way, he’s also incredibly professional for knowing what to say at times.

We love youuuuuu!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

(***I’m sorry I can’t remember exactly who said what in verbatim and I don’t remember all the topics they talked about today coz the MC was verrrrry long! I try to crosscheck with other reports but I apologize if I misquoted or misattributed things!!!! Gomen nasai~>_<