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I guess since I just made a post about it, Hela!Danny?

Daniel’s eyes glowed bright as the newcomers entered his layer, uninvited. They were clad in bright costumes, walking around like they owned the place.

All except the eldest Odinson. Thor. The brother of the child that brought him back to life. And all to fulfill his goal of getting Hel on his side. Hel had kicked Loki out of his chamber without a second thought. Despite the man having brought him back to life when he was a normal human, he knew the massacres Loki had caused. Not just of Asgard, but of Midgard and Jotenheim as well. He would never let the silver tongue of Thor’s younger brother persuade him. Hel showed Loki mercy, and that is the only repayment he will ever get for giving him life in his mother’s womb.

If Loki comes back, Hel will not show the same mercy twice.

Thor, though, he heard had grown up, in more than just a physical way. He had matured when he had been banished to Midgard. Hel almost missed it, and occasionally visited as Daniel, but who had time for that when you were King of the Underworld.

He didn’t stand as the approached his throne, green fire and smoke swirling around them as the Fright Knight stood guard at the foot of his throne, hand on his sword just in case.

“Lord Hel,” Thor said respectfully, putting his right fist over his heart as he knelt. The others followed suit, but there was hesitation with the red one. He needed persuasion from the one in blue, and the woman with short red curls hiding her face.

“Stand,” Hel said as he gracefully stood up, his staff reaching just above his head. He slowly walked down the steps to the newcomers, trying to make his hips stay in place instead of sway from side to side with the attitude and power that no longer felt right.

“Why have you come?’ He demanded, looking them over.

“Why, Lady of the Underworld-” The red one was never able to finish as the Odinson lashed out at his comrade, covering his mouth and snarling at him, muttering about the disrespect he’s shown.

“I am no lady anything,” Hel replied stoically as he took Thor off of his red friend. “It is Sir Hel, to you, metal one. And I did not give you permission to speak.” He turned back to Thor. “Now, I repeat my question. Why have you come?”

“My Lord, we were sabotaged by Loki and his minions. They threw us in here to keep us out of their way. They are invading Midgard as we speak. I beg of you, please let us return to the mortal plane.”

“And why should I do that? You know how it works down here, Odinson. You will not leave until you prove you can do something for me. It’s either that or I make you all fight to the death.”

“What would please you, Lord Hel?” The blue one asked. He walked towards the tall, respectful man. A soldier, judging by his stance and the faint smell of gun powder. Stale but still there. He slowly reached his hand up and took off his mask, revealing a shock of blonde hair with bright blue eyes.

“Nothing you could give me, Steven. But perhaps the Thunderer.”

“Anything you wish, my Lord,” Thor replied immediately.

“I want your idiotic brother in my chamber. In return for your escape he will be sentenced to fight down here for the rest of his miserable life. He will not die, but he will not be free. And you would have to worry about him no more. He has cause great tragedies, and he mus pay for that. Half the souls lingering about down here left the mortal plane to early. He has to face the consequences. If Odin can find a better punishment, he can retrieve your brother from me himself. In the meantime, go. Bring me the Odinson, and you will be truly free.”

“Thank you, Lord Hel,” Thor bowed respectfully as he laced a hand on his hammer, fingering the strap at the end.

“Do not thank me, Thor,” Hel said, opening up a portal with a glowing hand. It was dark, and contrasted brightly with his white hair. “Just go.”

And with that, they were gone, an uneasy pulling feeling inside of them as they left.

weird shit i still don’t get

loki around me is extremely gleeful of christmas decorations and music and such. it fills him with so much joy. he wants all the glittery garbage and fake snow covered plastic plants. he loves this time all the way through november first to when january really starts rolling 


just me???? 

Sometimes I like to imagine that Victor is the one who’s singing ‘History Maker’ and it honestly makes me feel so pure and at ease with the world..

Mad Max fic: Green

There were so many Norse myth references in Mad Max: Fury Road that this crossover was pretty much inevitable. I couldn’t help myself.

Technically, everyone in this fic is dead, but it’s G-rated aside from that.


Nux wakes to a wild heady wet smell and a vague feeling of strangeness. It takes him a moment to realize that what he’s feeling is the absence of pain. He can’t remember a time when he didn’t hurt.

He reaches up to feel Larry and Barry, and they aren’t there.

He sits up then, eyes snapping open, and scrambles to his feet. He’s barefoot, and there’s something soft beneath his toes, soft and wet. He looks down, and sees that it’s green.

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Stiles and Sheriff Stilinski |  Teen Wolf

Y/N: “Ummm… is he going to be okay?

Sheriff “Probably, anyway, thank you for coming out to hel-

Y/N: *Suddenly Pops up* “Hi, I’m Stiles and it seems you and me will be working very closely on th-”

*Sheriff Grabs Stiles by his collar and hauls him away for a talk, leaving you incredibly confused.*

Angela: Queen of Hel #2 is out by Stephanie Hans, Kim Jacinto, and Marguerite Bennett, and you can get it on Comixology/ur local comic shop!!

Support the story of two queer women of various gender identities traveling through the underworld in a messed-up, passionate, worthy-of-a-Florence + The Machine-song romance thats like if Orpheus got turned up to 11. Marvel’s sole queer-led series as well!

Zombie apocalypse au - closed starter for cosmicwave


The world had gone to hell, now mostly zombie..the undead.. walked the earth, there was still some human survivors but not many since most of the world’s major cities and towns had fallen to the virus that had quickly spreaded.

Sam, who was an infected, limped slowly though a town. Somehow he was able to keep a part of himself from getting infected and from becoming a complete zombie. He looked around, his flesh had tears in them but he hadn’t noticed since because of this virus he couldn’t feel pain.

He groaned like a normal zombie would but managed to groan out ‘h…hel…help…. m…me"