hel hound

So, where’s Jemma? 

I’m guessing Helheim also known as the Realm of Death. Eek.

“It is a dark and hostile world, a resting place for normal dead people. It may be reached by the road Hvergelmir “the Hell way”, through a cave called Gnipahellir.” –Marvel comics wiki

Hmm…could that be the cave from next week’s episode?

What’s Jemma running from?

“The monstrous hel-hound Garm guards the entrance to Hel, the realm of the dead. It lives in Gnipa-cave.” –Marvel comics wiki

What can smell blood better than a hound?

One other tidbit which I have no clue if it will come into play: The bridge is guarded by Modgunn, who asks everyone crossing the bridge why they would wish to enter Hel’s domain.