A summoners request

It was again one of the rare occasions where Jerme headed back to his apartment. The only reasons he return to his apartment was either to store relics he has found in it, or to change the weapon he currently has equipped. The assassin found the door of his apartment slightly opened, cautinously he inspected every room of it, to check if something has been removed. Notrhing was missing, but instead something was added: A letter addressed to him.

It said the following:

Dear Jerme,

The Superior Summoners informed me of a recent event that involved special types of gems. I would like to hear more about it, since a very important discovery could be made regarding these gems, and explain you some things about them. Could you please go and see me in my appartment? Its number is S-B34.

Uril T. Hekto, Summoner and Gemology Expert for the Institute of War.

PS : You can also bring the champion Amumu with you, his presence may be very useful

The morph took the letter and stored it in one of the severy pockets of his assassin garnment, replaced his current weapon, his trusty Wo Dao, with his Light Brand. Newly equipped he was on his way to the residences of the champions in order to ask Amumu to join this conversation. This letter should allow the mummy to enter the residences of the summoners.

Jerme reached the entrance of Amumus home and knocked at the door hoping the champion would be at home.


Hahahahaha nie no nie wierzę… znowu? Znowu mam przez to przechodzić? Znowu mam mieć całe noce nie przespane, hekto litry łez wyplakanych w poduszkę, bo znowu przyjaciel mnie olewa? Nie no kurwa powtórka z rozrywki?