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Witchy Tip #2

This tip is so important that I’ve tagged it as both Witchy Tip and Spellcraft 101.


I used to think I was just a shitty witch cuz all my spells took so long - making me question whether what I considered “results” were manifestations of spellwork or coincidence. This was until just very recently. I did a spell on the 30th, and it manifested as early as the 2nd. To add to that, this spell was a one-shot working, which I don’t believe in (I believe in repeating spellwork until they manifest, and that once is almost never enough). This is tremendous progress from taking MONTHS before seeing a spell come to reality.

This, of course, made me question what in the spell was so special and so right that I went from Bonnie Bennett to Fiona Goode. Simple: I grounded my spell.


  1. Finish your whole spell. Raise energy, finish chanting, boil this, cut that, sacrifice this, eat this baby, etc.
  2. Have a complete grasp of the spell in the astral. Your spell at the moment is like a really dense cloud of energy and power. Have a full mental grasp of that entire abstract “cloud”. It may or may not look like an actual cloud - it’s just an analogy.
  3. Pull and drag it down into the physical plane. I clenched my fist - grasping the spell - and pulled downward towards myself. Feel that you are dragging the whole spell into manifestation into your reality.
  4. Feel that you are living in your spell. You’ve already dragged it down from the astral and into reality. Congratulations. Congratulate yourself. Feel the reality you live in as being the spell you’ve envisioned and cast.


For Step 1: You have to finish a spell before grounding it because what you’ll be grounding is the spell you’ve finished. I think this should be simple enough.

For Step 2: Mentally grasping the spell is like throwing a net. You have to be specific with what you’re dragging into manifestation. You also wanna make sure that you’ve covered everything that you want to manifest.

For Step 3: Like I’ve mentioned earlier, spells are really just dense clouds that linger on the astral when they’ve been cast. They’ll find their way into manifesting eventually somehow, but you can be the agent of that manifestation. By pulling astral matter into physical existence, you’ve effectively manifested your own magick. The whole point of magick is to bring your thoughts to manifest into the physical world. Dragging them into the physical with your power and skill through this method does that.

For Step 4: There’s two ways of looking at this. By dragging a spell into the physical, you would, of course, feel as though you’re living in it. You’re living within the manifested reality that you’ve worked magickally to come to be. Step 4 is almost a knee-jerk reaction to Step 3; you would feel a spell if you pull it into the physical.

The Law of Attraction also talks about putting yourself in the disposition of receiving that which you want. This doesn’t only go for the positive, but also for the negative. If you believe that you will fail, you will think as though you’ve failed, act as though you’ve failed, and effectively become a failure. By mentally living “inside your spell”, so to speak. So, by living your spell, you bring it into manifestation by syncing your mundane actions with your magickal work.

“No wonder you can’t do it; you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.“ -Pai Mei

I wish to praise Hekate through this post.

hekate · goddess of magic and witchcraft

Hekate was the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. She was the only child of the Titanes Perses and Asteria from whom she received her power over heaven, earth, and sea. Hekate assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone, guiding her through the night with flaming torches. After the mother-daughter reunion became she Persephone’s minister and companion in Haides. Hekate was usually depicted in Greek vase painting as a woman holding twin torches. Sometimes she was dressed in a knee-length maiden’s skirt and hunting boots, much like Artemis. In statuary Hekate was often depicted in triple form as a goddess of crossroads.

How to dress store bought candles.

For those of you that don’t make your own candles you can still do something a little special for the store bought ones.

I get my 7 day candles from the 99cent store. Before using them for any spell work you need to make sure that you clean and cleanse them. I like to make a solution of salt, water and lemon essential oil spray it on a cloth and clean the glass and the top of the candle. This part is extremely important. You don’t want some 99 cent store workers energy on the candle not forgetting all the 100′s of people that might have picked it up and put it back :-p 

The candles that I made today are to be used on my altar for Hekate. This candle is pretty basic. If I was doing a spell candle I would write names, actions or something like that on the glass.

Remember, while you are dressing your candle concentrate on your intention for the candle. Thinking about what you’re gonna cook for dinner while making it will tarnish the affect.

What you need

  • Candles
  • Oils (I’m using homemade Hekate oil)
  • Screw or stick (For the holes)
  • Herbs
  • Cotton swab

Step one

Clean your candles and tools

Step Two

Take the screw or stick and pierce holes into the top of the candle. I use a pretty big screw so that I can go all the way down to the bottom of the candle.

Step Three 

Use a dropper to put one drop of oil into the hole. Then use the cotton swab to spread the oil through-out by dipping it in the hole. 

*If you don’t have a dropper you can cover the tip of the cotton swab and coat the inside that way*

*When working with oils, Less is more. The first time I ever used oil on a candle I covered the top with tons of it and it set on fire lol. So be careful!!!*

Step Four

Place small amounts of your chosen herbs over the holes and then use the cotton swab to push them inside. You can add as much of the herbs as you wish, it’s just easier to push down if you do small amounts at a time. I have in the past put small chip crystals down the holes too.

*Some witches add a layer of herbs to the top of the candle. I don’t do that with these ones because I leave them burning for a while and I don’t want the herbs to catch fire while I’m in another room*

Step Five

Once you have finished your candle it’s time to activate it. Some people write a spell or a blessing to say as they light it. Others say their intent for the candle out loud. Find the right way for you.

For this candle I say a little prayer (that I wrote) to Hekate and let her know that these candles are dedicated to her.

Thank you for reading

Brighest Blessings



Daughter of the Moon//Witchcraft Aesthetic

Inspired by the recent aesthetic trend, I thought making these would be helpful in trying to articulate my own witch/pagan identity.


Rare Roman Hekate & Nymph Altar Pillar, 2nd-3rd Century AD

An Eastern Empire marble altar with rectangular base three figures of females dressed in peplos representing triple goddess Hecate (Hekate) surrounded by four smaller figures of nymphs, three dancing and once playing aulos; inscription to one side: “In the 7th (?) year. For the continuance of Kl(a)udios. ……akos (the name of the dedicator). At the behest of Artemis …..”; provincial workmanship.

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Common Misconceptions About the Goddess Hekate

Many of these misconceptions can be very popular, but have no historical backing.

-She is a “crone goddess”
This misconception probably comes from more recent literary representations of her. In Ancient Greek religion she was always portrayed as a young maiden.

-She is a “triple goddess” or the Triple Goddess
The Triple Goddess is a purely modern creation/belief. This concept of deity was created in the mid 1900s along with Wicca. Since Hekate predates Wicca and neo-pagan movements by about 2,000 years, she couldn’t really be the Triple Goddess. She is not a Wiccan deity, so therefore, she would not be defined or characterized by a Wiccan concept of deity. While she is commonly portrayed as three women, that was only to depict her domain over the three way crossroads, unlike the Triple Goddess whose aspects each represent a different thing.

-Hekate is not a witch goddess
This is so far from true. Even if this role isn’t one of her original roles, such as the ones described by Hesiod, this aspect did become quite prevalent later in the Hellenic world. The evidence of her role as a witch goddess is very commonly portrayed in Ancient Greek literature and mythos. Kirke and Medea, arguably two of the most popular witches ever, were both priestesses, or in some cases daughters, of Hekate. Whenever witches performed their magic such as necromancy, binding spells, curses, image magic, and other spells, they called on Hekate. This relationship between witches and Hekate is not only shown in Greek literature but in Roman literature as well such as the tale of the witch Erichtho is Lucan’s Pharsalia.

-Hekate is JUST a witch goddess
Though her role as a witch goddess is probably the most popular in literature and with neo pagans and Wiccans, this is far from her only aspect. As described by Hesiod, she was a goddess of the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and a child protector. She was also known to be a goddess of the crossroads and the dead. She guards the gates to the underworld and holds dominions over the daemones (spirits) and ghosts. She also later became a goddess of the moon and is celebrated every dark moon at her Deipnon.

-Hekate is evil
This is more of a modern literary misconception. The Ancient Greeks did not believe in gods of pure good or pure evil. Each deity had aspects of both. The power to create or destroy. To bless or to curse.

Reminder: December 25th will be a New Moon!

If you want to combine Christmas night with magick and Witchcraft, this is the perfect year for you!

Remember, new moons are good for:

  • Destructive magick (NOT necessarily black magick!)
  • Change-related magick
  • Age-related magick, especially helping elderly friends and relatives
  • The goddess Hekate, the Morrígan, the Crone, and many other gods
  • Harvesting poisonous herbs for maximum strength
  • Spirit-work

– Juniper Wildwalk

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                                                       h e c a t e