In this series of portraits and double exposure self-portraits, Heitor uses glitch art and pixelation to convey emotions unknown. By interfering with the image and identity, what’s left is a void—an image of what is oppressed and corrupted. In totality this is a reflection of the collective, anonymous and unstable internet cultural identity.

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Heitor Magno de Oliveira is a 28 year old artist from Brazil. He specializes in photography manipulation, and is most known for his surreal double-exposure self portraits.

Heitor decided to dedicate his life to art around 5 years ago, but he’s always had a passion for it. When asked what inspired him to begin creating his trippy and distorted creations, Heitor said:

“[I’ve always lived] in an artistic way, [and had an interest in the] feelings and sensations behind visual art. [To] be honest, it is something that [I’ve] always enjoyed… basically, [I enjoy being] free to dream. I like to create my own effects and [I’m always seeking] new techniques and inspirations.”

His contemporary book, Frases vestidas nú corpo, is a collection of poems and photos that offers an in-depth look at the unique aspects of his style and aesthetic. He will also be having a featured exhibition at the Museum of Digital Art in Argentina this year.

Some of Heitor’s biggest influences include Quentin Tarantino, Nirvana, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, Charles Bukowiski, and David Lynch.


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