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  • Ubisoft: In 'Assassin's Creed Unity', we have an emphasis on stealth. Arno has to find elaborate unique opportunities to kill the target undetected. We have several Heist co-op missions, where being detected lessens your reward.
  • also Ubisoft, in the 'Dead Kings' DLC: Here's a freaking GUILLOTINE GUN. Go crazy kids.

so, a random survey: would you guys ever be interested in reading a multi-chap, plot-heavy t100 heist au with our fave delinquents being professional criminals hired to perform one impossible heist, along with slowburn, co-leaders bellarke? cos bOY do I have news for you!!

Wait so Taylor said that the biker gang in LWYMMD was the Streaming Co. heist squad making a get away so does that mean all these separate Taylors are actually just one Taylor having a wild night? Does this mean Squad Leader Taylor created a gang then went and robbed the Streaming Co. and then rode away on motorcycles? Does this mean the final scene in the airplane hanger is Taylor’s internal dialogue? Does this Zombie Taylor eventually grow back her skin and hair and is also the Taylor in the bathtub? Does it start with Zombie Taylor coming back to life, killing Old Taylor and then this one Taylor just has a bunch of different outfits and commits all these crimes and blows stuff up and then sits on her golden throne and bathtub of diamonds that she got from all her crimes but she eventually gets caught and arrested and put in the giant birdcage? Is this supported by the Tower of Taylors scene?

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Going off the theory that each of the Taylor's represents a song, people thing the last one, the jailbird Taylor, is the ready for it Taylor. And with the orange theme on her ig and the lyrics. What do you think?

i disagree, this song is using a thief and a robber as a metaphor in both verses, and biker taylor is the one who came out of the heist of stream and co.  also this song serves some sex and biker taylor was hot af


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