Manti Te'o for the Heisman

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Manti Ta'o #5 Notre Dame 

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things that make me want to curse loudly and throw things at ALL OF THE JOURNALISTS:

1. The argument that Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman because “he is the best player in college football."  Whether that is true or not (and it is debatable, in my opinion), the fact remains that the Heisman isn’t supposed to be given out on the sole basis of having the best season; the Heisman Trust Mission Statement clearly states that "The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence WITH INTEGRITY."  All other things being equal, you can’t deny that Te'o has more integrity than Manziel.

2. Those who dismiss Manziel’s arrest over the summer as something wholly insignificant in regard to the award, saying things like, "it was one little misdemeanor!” or “so what if a college student wants to go out and drink with his friends?  I bet YOU had a fake ID too!"  I’m sorry, but getting ARRESTED is, in fact, A BIG DEAL.  Presenting the cops with TWO fake IDs is a BIG DEAL.  Whether or not the majority of college students own fake IDs is irrelevant; the majority of college students are not up for a prestigious award that is SUPPOSED to be based on INTEGRITY.  Doing things that are illegal is NOT an example of a life based on integrity.

Rant over.  GO IRISH.