Coucou tout le monde ! Juste un petit billet pour vous dire que je ne vais plus parler uniquement de ma jumelle et moi. L’inspiration commence à manquer et ma sœur est d’accord pour que je m’éloigne un peu du sujet, “du moment que ça reste drôle” ! Donc je n’arrête pas, je diversifie mon contenu !

Hi everyone! a quick post to tell you I’m not focussing only on twinhood anymore. The subject’s running dry and my sister agreed on me changing thing a little, “as long as it’s still funny”! So I’m not stopping my blog, I’m just diversifying itys content!

High praise from Vince Gilligan on Bryan Cranston’s memoir, A Life in Parts.

“Boy, you think you know a guy! I worked six solid years with Bryan Cranston and figured there weren’t any secrets left between us. All those hours I spent watching him wander the desert in his underpants? That alone should make me an expert on the man.

But now, along comes A Life In Parts – and suddenly I’m reading about a whole other Bryan, one who performs weddings in airplanes and camps out at mortuaries. This Bryan bathes in the blood of chickens and stuffs mackerels in air vents. He even accosts poor Alfred Hitchcock.

Yes, it’s all in here. Better still, there’s an exceedingly honest discussion of his craft, which will be a godsend to struggling thespians everywhere. Think your job waiting tables sucks? One of the world’s greatest actors had it worse (what with being under suspicion for murder and all).

I loved this book. It’s just the right mixture of funny, sad and heartfelt. If I’d known Bryan could tell stories this well, I would have had him writing episodes of Breaking Bad.”

Singing Winners!

You listened to the warbling and whistling of all our entries…the winners are…

1st Place - Adabird


2nd Place - Moogan

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3rd Place (4 WAY TIE!) - Curry, River & Heisenberg, Milo, and Mudkip

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