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Why does everybody hate Mary?

she’s lied to john from the start? she’s manipulative? she shows no remorse for the things she’s done, specifically when she’s called out on them? she’s literally a murderer? she’s demonstrated abusive characteristics? she toys with people’s weak spots and teases them when they’re down? she isn’t supportive or understanding or apologetic when she should be?

she literally shot and killed the main titular character (Sherlock) whilst knowing what the “death” of Sherlock did to John (her husband) in the past? ?? idk really I mean with all that, what’s not to like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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you're only grumpy about mary bc you want to justify johnlock as much as you can

You do realize that they could’ve shut Johnlock down with Mary and John right. Like. You DO realize this? But instead, they’ve only all but confirmed it. They could’ve made Mary a character the audience bonded to. They could’ve made her and john loving and affectionate. They could’ve shown their wedding. Their vows. An actual proposal? They could’ve not had her kill sherlock ???

ALL I’M LITERALLY HERE SAYING PAL IS SHE IS A MURDERER and people act like I personally burned down all their crops.

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(In reply to you hating Mary) Sherlock can be manipulative too though? As in, he pretended to be in love with someone and showed no regard for how he could have hurt her. And in response to Mary lying to John, she did it to everyone, not just to John and her reasoning was good - she wanted to protect those that she loves. I genuinely think she cares about Sherlock and is remorseful that she shot him but in the moment she panicked and did what she did because she was scared of losing John's love

Mary only cares about protecting herself. Mary lied to John and when they confronted her she never apologized and said herself that she had done things that would make her husband not love her anymore ??? Mary didn’t change her identity to protect John, she did it to protect herself. She’s running away from the crimes she’s committed and evading lawful consequences. She’s literally a fugitive murderer ??

Before she shot Sherlock, Sherlock walked in there and literally said “let me help you” and Mary was calm and collected (and really seemed annoyed) and told him she would kill him, and she did. There was no panicking. If she was remorseful why did she never apologize? Why did she look disappointed when John said Sherlock pulled through? Why did she go to the hospital and threaten Sherlock still while he was delirious?

As for Sherlock and Janine, I stand by what I said that in the end of things, Sherlock does everything he does for the betterment of others. Sherlock got close to Janine so he could eventually stop Magnussen, a man who uses his position of power and privilege to toy with and harm others to get what he wants. And in the end, Janine got money for spreading tabloids about Sherlock and even visited Sherlock in the hospital. She wasn’t upset, and she “knows what kind of man he is” in truth so she wasn’t all that surprised. Sherlock didn’t lie to Janine just to benefit himself or behave maliciously. I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult to see these differences.

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this is just to say im very proud of u for probs charming the fuck out of Prestigious Healthcare Thing. go kick ass in washington homie we all rooting for u


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Can you please stop being so condescending about your Mary hate? The point people are making is that everyone on this show has killed someone, so morality isn't a good card to pull about these characters. People are allowed to like Mary, and they are not stupid for doing so. You come across as incredibly rude and condescending whenever discussing her.

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Honestly, everything you hate about Mary applies to Sherlock as well but whatevs... I mean, I like her, I still believe Johnlock is endgame and I don't care whether you like her or not because it's your personal choice. I just don't get your argumentation... Other than that I really like your blog!! Please don't take the fact I don't understand you as mean, it is not meant as such! have a lovely day!! xx

Sherlock is not a murderer, Sherlock doesn’t behave maliciously and toy with people’s weaknesses when they’re down, Sherlock didn’t kill Mary, Sherlock may not realize right away when he’s done something wrong but he does apologize and make an effort to understand, Sherlock has never said that he “would never ‘let’ [John leave].” Sherlock never lied to John about his entire identity. Sherlock has never lied about anything serious unless it was to benefit others (aka ensure their safety).

Sherlock isn’t perfect but he is not like Mary. I appreciate that you were essentially respectful in your ask but I’m really tired of people trying to paint Sherlock as some evil asshole. All he does literally resorts back to the betterment of others. He literally solves crimes for a living and doesn’t ask for payment. He cares more about his friends than he does about himself and has demonstrated (more than once) that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for others. Literally he’s not perfect (neither is John) but he’s ???? Doing his best to do good for others???

I got inspired by the absolutely adorable fic @stlgeekgirl wrote here. Basically their science volcano project ends up exploding and Helga cracks up about it. I’m a sucker for Arnold admiring Helga’s genuine laughter and trying to keep from laughing himself because it’s so contagious. It is super cute and you guys should go read it and her other writings because they’re all amazing.