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okay but the real question is

what did Rhys want to ask the Suriel so desperately that he tried and failed twice to catch one? 

maybe something pertaining to Feyre and/or mates, assuming that he tried to catch them recently and not in the past before Feyre was even born…

BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE him trying so hard to catch the Suriel because he desperately wanted to know who the girl in his dreams/visions was that brought him a sliver of happiness in a time of despair? 

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today was lovely my heart feels light and happy🌿⭐️


Hey everyone! So my computer is finally kicking the bucket, and because of that I’m going to be deeper in the financial hole than usual. Screen is on the fritz, processing power is whack, photoshop howls in pain while trying to open files and then blackscreens and dies, can’t do digital art without it crashing, etc.

SO I am opening up commissions for watercolors paintings!

It would be $50 for a painting like these:

and $90 for a painting with a background, like this:

I’m going to be opening five commission slots for the time being

SO if watercolor paintings float your boat, AND you want to continue seeing this, and other kinds of art from me (like all the digital stuff I do) consider commissioning me or referring me to a friend! 

Shoot me a message here, or email me at kyla@kylafrank.com!

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Out of curiosity did you ever play the game Ib? That Mob picture with the shadow coming out of the mirror reminds me of a part in the game, so forgive me if I'm wrong. Also your doodles are cute and I like them :3

oh my god when you mentioned “ib” im-

(yes i played it i love it!! and yes also it does kinda similar to that lmao i didnt realise that ^^’)