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Plot Twist
  • Maxon : I'm sorry America, but you took too long to choose whether or not to love me.
  • America : Maxon, I...
  • Maxon : I've found my significant other.
  • America : w-who is it?
  • Aspen : *jumps in* HEYYYY BROTHAAAA
  • America : you're getting married to ASPEN?
  • Maxon : we're being united in holy matrihomie!
  • Aspen : BRO
  • America : I'm done with everything

The crown, dream cast.

Poppy Drayton as Eadlyn Schreave, Evan Peters as Henri, Grant Gustin as Eikko/Erik, Brenton Thwaites as Kile Woodwork, Gregg Sulkin as Marid Illea.

Of course - since book 1 -, William Moseley as Maxon Schreave, and Rachel Hurd-Wood as America Schreave. 

* I think that Poppy is such an awful actress (sorry) but she is physically perfect for Eadlyn.


The Selection Series Characters (8/?): Kriss Ambers

“I’m braver than you think, America. You have no idea the things I’ve sacrificed over the years. And if I make a mistake, I own up to it.”

Dreamcast: Maia Mitchell


Can we just appreciate Tashi Makh as Eadlyn? This girl is flawless, despite her blue eyes (because Eadlyn’s should be brown but don’t worry😂). She was perfect in The Heir book trailer, really. Go and follow her on instagram (@tashimakh) and twitter (@tashi_makh)! 😉💞

it's fucking 2016 and i came up with classpects for the overwatch cast

genji: heir of heart

mccree: rogue of light

pharah: mage of time

reaper: lord of doom

soldier 76: knight of mind

tracer: maid of time

bastion: page of mind

hanzo: thief of life

junkrat: bard of rage

mei: thief of breath

torbjörn: page of void

widowmaker: heir of mind

d.va: rogue of space

reinhardt: knight of hope

roadhog: prince of hope

winston: heir of rage

zarya: thief of space

ana: sylph of doom

lúcio: bard of breath

mercy: muse of life

symmetra: rogue of void

zenyatta: bard of life

these all have some basis in their abilities, histories, or motivations, but tbh many of them were hard to place and could be a lot of things. i’ll explain or defend any of them if you ask.

ToG cast as Disney Characters Pt. 1

1. Celaena: 

Personality = Megara (Hercules)  She’s snarky, cynical, independent, quick witted, world weary, and she knows how to deal with boys. 

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Looks (and personality too) - Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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2. Aedion:

Personality - Simba (The Lion King). So, this one was quite difficult, but Simba actually fits the profile (partly anyways). He is brave, loyal to his family/friends, courageous, and in later movies very protective of his family. 

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Personality - Aladdin. He portrays the side of Aedion that is humorous, good at surviving, and dreams of a better future and new possibilities. 

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Looks - John Smith (Pocahontas). Long blonde hair, ruggedly handsome. And he’s got some personality traits in common with Aedion. 

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Looks - Thor (does he count as Disney?) Is an explanation even needed….?

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3. Rowan 

looks - eagle (pocahontas)

Personality - Owl (Sleeping Beauty)

but in all seriousness…

Personality - Li Shang (Mulan) He is a warrior who is brave, and a skilled/powerful leader, with a soft side. Li Shang also has a problem with social skills at times. His idea of flirting is saying to Mulan “You fight good.”

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Aelin and Rowan

Sorry that this post is so long, this was really fun to do. Please let me know if you want me to make a part 2 :)

(also please keep in mind that none of the characters, gifs or images belong to me)