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Scenario, where Loki and Thor are children and Odin saves a young girl from another species where her planet was destroyed. She was to be next in line for the throne but Odin never referenced that to her. Loki likes her as they grow up, then they find a dragon egg and the girl returns it to her home realm and realises what’s happened and that she was the heir. Odin comes in, casts a spell to make her forget everything and sleep until awakened. Loki is furious. Avengers happens and she’s one of them.

Plot Twist
  • Maxon : I'm sorry America, but you took too long to choose whether or not to love me.
  • America : Maxon, I...
  • Maxon : I've found my significant other.
  • America : w-who is it?
  • Aspen : *jumps in* HEYYYY BROTHAAAA
  • America : you're getting married to ASPEN?
  • Maxon : we're being united in holy matrihomie!
  • Aspen : BRO
  • America : I'm done with everything


Hux and his family and the group of guards got off their horses when they saw the Northerners were in the meeting spot at the border between their lands. He was going to be given away to these barbarians like an expensive vase to keep the peace between their lands. Just because he was an Omega didn’t mean he was weak, he should have been ruling his kingdom. But recently his little brother, an Alpha had been born, and his father had been all too happy to have a real heir and cast him aside.

His father took his shoulder and forced him forward so he and Hux were in the front of their group, and he folded his arms and scowled.

AOS Mirrorverse prompt

How Bones left Georgia and lost his eye:

Leonard McCoy was exiled, essentially. Though publically and officially he just left. Just like his wife ‘just left.’ Off record and only inside the tight circle of both families, Joceyn Darnell cheated, multiple times, in their own home while Len and Joanna were away. Leonard McCoy murdered her in their own home. But that’s the kicker of being part of two big families in the south. A story of infidelity or murder gone public would ruin both, bring shame and social damage. Keep it all within the family, under the table, and behind closed doors - that is how they work. So both families come to an agreement- Mccoys best bred heir is casted out and never to return, given no resources, his credentials up for question, his life there over. In this exchange the McCoys are granted custody of Joanna. After all, family is most important and Jocelyn Darnell had casted that aside.

At Starfleet, Leonard is there to regain what he lost, his credentials and allowance, and to prove he’s worthy of the McCoy name, to prove his own worth. And that’s why he’s gets on with Jim Kirk so well. Jim wants to prove himself, but it’s more that he’s better than what those credit him with, he’s better than his Kirk name and it’s all from his own hands. They understand each other, their shortcomings and flaws, what theyre each capable of and their potential. And it’s dubious and rocky at first, but they grow on each other. While there may be some sexual benefits between them too, they don’t monopolize on each other, aren’t committed solely. Jim doesn’t want to be tied down. Len already learned his lesson on that. But this doesn’t mean they’re not secretly extremely possessive and jealous, because they most definitely are, and everyone knows not to cross too far with either of them.

Except those that kidnap Leonard. These guys, perhaps acting on their own volition or some higher ups, believe McCoy to be Jim’s weak spot, something to use as leverage against him. What they don’t understand is that although Jim Kirk is terrifying and he holds a great value in Len, McCoy is awful in his own right. That’s why when Jim arrives at the location they’re holding Bones, he’s not there to save him. Jim’s there to watch. Because he knows Bones, knows that he refuses to be weak, to be used against Jim, to be anything but strong for himself and those he deems worthy of his loyalty. So when the situation gets ugly and the stupid man leading the group takes out Leonard’s eye, before Jim can step in, Bones is grabbing the phaser gun on the guy while he’s close and shooting him. Then, he cauterizes his own bleeding socket before helping Jim dispense of the others.

Afterwards, at the hospital, Jim refuses to leave Bones side, doesn’t trust anyone else with his Bones life. He denies the doctor’s fully healing the cosmetic damage or putting in a fake eye. And when Len is awake again he just ensures the area will heal and goes about enhancing his one eye to make up for depth perception because he still intends to be the best goddamn surgeon out there, the best CMO for Jim. Leonard doesn’t cover up his scar or hide it. He stares people in the face and doesn’t why away, doesnt flinch even when others do. He’s not ashamed of it because it shows he survived and they didn’t, that he isn’t scared or ashamed of what he’ll endure for Jim. And for him, Jim adores the display. He loves the constant reminder of what Bones would do for him, what he has done. Jim has never attached himself to someone so thoroughly before.

And this is when those previously hidden feelings come out. They admit they are protective and possessive of each other, that they’d endure torture before anyone could use one against the other, and that they’d slaughter anyone that would even try. Jim and Bones don’t coddle or keep each other safe or excuse the others bullshit, but they stand by each other and help the other succeed and watch each other’s backs and that’s as close to love as they’ll get. And it’s terrifying for them, this growing near codependcy, but it’s thrilling and fulfilling, and since they’re planning on climbing to the top, its absolutely worth it.


The Selection Series Characters (8/?): Kriss Ambers

“I’m braver than you think, America. You have no idea the things I’ve sacrificed over the years. And if I make a mistake, I own up to it.”

Dreamcast: Maia Mitchell

“In that hour I looked on Aragorn and thought how great and terrible a Lord he might have become in the strength of his will, had he taken the Ring to himself. Not for naught does Mordor fear him. But nobler is his spirit than the understanding of Sauron; for is he not of the children of Lúthien? Never shall that line fail, though the years may lengthen beyond count.”