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Lee Min-ho and Choi Jin-hyeok are going to overcome their history.

Lee Min-ho and Choi Jin-hyeok play the role of Kim Tan, who tries step forward into the world for his woman but is stopped by the reality of it and Kim Tan’s step-brother and owner of Jeguk Group, Kim Won.

Kim Tan has expressed his endless affection for his brother Won and has always been begging his brother to understand him. He’d been wandering around his brother even though he hurt him, telling him not to come back from the States. Won seems to be blunt and cold towards his brother but at times, such as when he talked with Tan in the hotel room where he was hiding out in, his eyes showed hurtfulness and care when he looked at his brother.

The eighteenth episode of the drama showed Won putting out a hand while hiding his emotions to Tan, who was broken down and crying. Tan was sitting in the middle of the room, covered in blood and crying sorrowfully. He asked his brother, “When do I go back to the States? I feel like dying. Please send me. Save me”. Won found Cha Eun-sang (Park Sin-hye) and suggested that she should return to Tan where she belonged, for the sake of his brother. He passed on a note, which Eun-Sang wrote before she left to Tan, then said, “I wondered if I should give it to you or not. But if this is the reason you would want to live, then live”. He acted liked the Cupid for the two lovebirds and proved that this was an act of wanting to make things right with the brother who he’d ignored for 18 years.

Lee Min-ho played the role of an heir who has to endure the weight of the crown and Choi Jin-hyeok displayed force in the way he delivered the emotion of his lines as one who seems cold on the outside but is actually warm inside.

With two more episodes to go, the nineteenth episode of “The Heirs” will be aired on the 11th at 10PM.

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