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“You know Sasuke… our roles.. could have been reversed.”

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Manon and the Thirteen AU

If Manon and the Thirteen were real people in our world …
- They’d be biker chics
- They have Harley’s that they would name, each tailored to for each of the women
- For Manon, her bike would be named Abraxos and it’s a bit smaller than the others and a bit more worn down. She found it at a motorcycle show and decided it was hers
- They wear black leather everything, except for Manon who wears a red leather jacket to distinguish herself.
- She took it off of the back of her first rival Chrochan kill
- The name of their club would be The Blackbeaks, but her sect would be The Thirteen
- Other rival clubs would be the Bluebloods and the Yellowlegs
- The club is trying to get back their territory from the Chrochans, another rival club
- The Thirteen is the most famous, infamous and deadly biker group out there

Elfcup and Dwarfstrid  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

So, I read quite a lot of fics and I wanted to share some of my favourites that I’ve found throughout my time here. Knowing me I’ve probably forgotten loads so I may drop in and add titles if I find anything that I want to add but if not you can find other things under my fic rec tag here. 

♥ mark my favourites

Kim Seokjin

What 2 do@floralseokjin | smut, fluff, angst  ♥

A kiss on the lips; @kimtrain    | smut, Vampire AU ♥

Perfect; @btssmutgalore  | smut, fluff, angst

Head chef, little chef; @an-exotic-writer | fluff

Charm me; @jungblue | smut, hogwarts AU ♥

 Blue blooded; @hobibliophile | smut, royalty AU

The way you look; @jiminniemouse | smut ♥

Min Yoongi

Does this make sense?; @floralseokjin | series, smut, fluff, angst ♥

Buzz 1.0; @floralseokjin | smut

Mr. Min; @ellieljade | series, smut, angst ♥

A brush of silk; @kimtrain | smut, fluff, Vampire AU♥

King of wishful thinking; @btssmutgalore | smut, fluff (?) ♥

When stars cross; @jungkxook | smut, Christmas AU ♥

⇢  So good to me; @an-exotic-writer | smut

⇢  Crave; @jiminniemouse | smut

The cat’s cradle; @kimtrain | fluff, Shifter AU ♥

⇢ In an instant; @hobibliophile | smut, fluff

Afflatus; @kainks | smut

The devil skates on thin ice; @gukvory | fluff, angst, Ice hockey AU ♥

 The first and last of us; @lushguk | fluff, angst, implied sex ♥

Jung Hoseok

Only mine; @ellieljade | angst, smut ♥

⇢  Taste; @jiminniemouse | smut

⇢ Wicked games; @jungkxook |smut

Ambrosia; @hobibliophile | smut, fluff, angst, Angel AU ♥

Speckled coat; @kimtrain | fluff, Shifter AU ♥

Forbidden; @btssmutgalore | smut ♥

A shot of whiskey; @kimtrain | smut, fluff, Vampire AU

Intentions; @an-exotic-writer | smut, fluff ♥

Not this one, no; @an-exotic-writer | fluff ♥

Say no to this; @hobibliophile | smut

Transference; @jeonjagiya | smut ♥ 

Yes, Oppa/ Please, Oppa; @monstaccato | smut ♥ 

Kim Namjoon

Distance is a bitch, but we’ve got skype; @an-exotic-writer | fluff

Calming touch; @jiminniemouse | fluff

Five months; @ellieljade | smut ♥

And you; @floralseokjin | smut, angst ♥

A favour; @btssmutgalore | smut ♥

Don’t care about presents; @hobibliophile | smut, fluff, Christmas Au ♥

Peaches and cream; @kimtrain ​ | smut, Vampire AU ♥

Ships in the night; @jungblue | fluff, smut, angst

From dusk till dawn; @kimtrain | fluff, Shifter AU ♥

⇢   Long time coming; @an-exotic-writer |fluff, smut

Park Jimin

The blue notebooks; @inktae | fluff, angst, Time traveller AU♥

Laundry mishaps; @hobibliophile |smut, RA AU

Lower; @jiminniemouse | smut, fuckboy AU

Locked in love; @jiminniemouse | smut, fluff, angst, Christmas AU

Sin City; @btssmutgalore  | smut, angst, Stripper AU ♥

Claimed; @ellieljade | smut ♥

Hard to say; @floralseokjin | smut, fluff, friends AU ♥

A bite of the apple; @kimtrain | smut, Vampire AU ♥

Control; @jungblue | smut ♥

Secret desires; @kainks | smut 

⇢  Finally; @an-exotic-writer | smut ♥

It’s too sweet; @floralseokjin | smut

Selcouth; @lushguk | fluffffffffff  ♥

Kim Taehyung

Not what it looks like; @hobibliophile | fluff, collage AU

Slip through the seams; @deerguk | fluff, angst, smut, traveller AU ♥ ♥

Zaddy; @btssmutgalore | smut, angst, (hopefully) fluff ♥

Backseat serenade; @jungkxook | smut

Move like you want; @floralseokjin | smut, fluff ♥

Apologies; @ellieljade | smut ♥

⇢  Nude; @btssmutgalore | smut

The wings of a devil; @kimtrain | smut, Vampire AU ♥

⇢  The t-shirt thief; @jungblue | smut, fluff

Under the cloak; @jungblue | smut, fluff, hogwarts AU ♥

⇢  Right here; @an-exotic-writer | fluff

Steal you away; @btssmutgalore | angst, fluff ♥ 

⇢  Foxie Movie; @kimtrain | fluff, Shifter AU

Jeon Jungkook

Illusion of a choice; @hobibliophile | fluff, smut, angst, Heir AU

Do you feel it, sugar?; @gukvory | smut ♥

Zipper; @jiminniemouse | smut

Painting the meadow’s void; @jungblue | fluff, soulmate AU ♥

Playing with fire; @floralseokjin | smut ♥

Monster; @btssmutgalore | smut, angst ♥

Written on the sky; @inktae | fluff, angst, End of the world AU ♥

The best before the rest; @an-exotic-writer | smut

Tell me your secrets; @kimtrain | fluff, Shifter AU ♥

Multiple Member

Business; @btssmutgalore | smut, Taehyung & Jungkook

Sweet inedible things; @asexpectedofthestork | fluff, Bakers AU, Jimin & Jin ♥

Kingdom ties; @gukvory | angst, smut, Royalty AU, Jungkook & Taehyung ♥

It’s a threeway; @an-exotic-writer | smut, Poly AU, Jimin & Taehyung ♥

Boastful drunks; @ellieljade | smut, Jimin & Jungkook  ♥ 

⇢( F•R•I•E•N•D•S Series ) EP 1. ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴀʟᴋ ɪɴ ᴏɴ ᴠᴍɪɴ; @monstaccato | smut, Jimin, Taehyung ♥

A million roses; @bluekyun | smut, angst, Jungkook & Yoongi  ♥ ♥

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Royal Family AU

Thace and Keith are the main guards to the family but because they are Galra they had to prove themselves that they were not traitors to Princess Allura. Thace mainly because him once working under Galra for years even though he was a traitor to them. Keith grew up in the castle after Allura’s father found and adopted him when his father was found dead and his mother nowhere in sight. Keith grew up always around Lance and was taught to protect him. they played and fought growing up but they were always close naturally. After being a certified guardsman, he guarded Lance constantly. Prince Lance requested only Keith as his personal guard since they were around the same age and he’s a fucking hot . Keith wasn’t complaining Lance was troublesome but they liked each other so THAT caused plenty of trouble in itself because sometimes neither of them could be found. Hunk, the Family’s chef, always said that what is always known is that they are together so Allura should calm down a little. Who could blame her though? She was the older sister and had to help prepare herself as well as her little brother for the responsibilities of  royalty. She knew the two would be making out in the closets or doing other things they both knew damn well they shouldn’t.

(plz someone message me what Pidge and Shiro should be in the royal family! I want to write a fanfic of this but i want everyone included! if you think other characters to be involved let me know who and their roles I want to expand on this!)

Im drawing this so you WILL see more ;)

Echelon - [BTS] Jungkook Heir!Au

Originally posted by sosjimin

[A/N] It’s lonely at the top and at the bottom.

If you were to describe your father, you would say the word ‘attentive’. He had his own version of morals in life in which you find inspiring. And that’s probably one of the reasons why you’ve stayed single this long. Words like, 'responsibilities’, 'good-natured’ and 'righteousness’ always come up when he happens to talk about marriage, particularly, on the mens’ side.

You decided that you won’t settle for less. Your father is always concerned about his family’s’ well-being, always make sure that everything is there, although you don’t have a lot, but you always have something and it was the kind of life that you cherished the most. You’ve just started working in a new area, in a new town, a suburban upper class city where everyone dresses up like Instagram models and food costs more than what you make in a week. But complaints aside, the new workplace was stressing you out so much that you return home every weekend, even if Sundays were your only day off.

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ok but a tomarry au in which harry is 21 whos in a casual relationship with a 16 year old tom. harrys ambition of getting into Hogwarts School of Music caused him to break up with tom, in which tom took out his frustration by killing myrtle. that same year, he was named as the sole successor of Mosmordre, one of the most successful multinational corporation in the world.

fast forward, harry is 26 and is conducting in hogwarts. Draco offered him a job to bring his studio band to play in a private social gathering, asking him to play jazz in order to please his honorable guest. Harry complied, playing his composition he once dedicated to Tom without much thought.

Tom was surprised to hear the familiar piece in the gathering. He found Harry, his first obsession in front of him, still obsessing over bars and tempos.

This time, Tom is determined to have him, along with the six other things that rightfully belong to the vaults of Slytherin’s family.

Fast Firsts and Sloppy Seconds Part 2

This is long overdue!! For @miladyaelin, who stayed up really fuckin’ late with me and really helped drag my ass through this chapter and is a literal angel - thank you!! For @highlady-casandra who was my reason for posting part one, and who I just love so so much! <3 For everyone who wanted it, and waited for it, thank you so much - @rowanismybae, @fictionalcharactersaremyreality, @feysandrowlien21, @throneofstars, @snaps7, @heirofthebookstore, @fortunatelycleverpaper, @sarahjmassbooks and so many more, thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Part 3 will for sure be out by next Tuesday <3 So so sorry this took me so long, hope the wait was worth it!!! Without further ado, happy reading!

Warning: it gets kinda smutty… ;)

Part 1    Part 3

“Oh come on, you can’t be that bad!”

Manon barked out a laugh at the thought as she tossed back another shot of whiskey. “The only thing I can’t be is that drunk. No matter how much whiskey you keep handing me, you’re not gonna convince me to dance.”

It had been ten minutes of this. Ten minutes of her glowing golden eyes and flirtatious laugh and her gorgeous, bare legs pressed against his, with her hand trailing patterns on his arm and his desperate growing need to hold her against him and watch her lose herself in his arms.

His blue eyes shined as he watched her, and tossed back his own shot of whiskey. The alcohol burned his throat, cutting through the fog she’d created in his mind.

She leaned into him then. His heart stopped as her hand landed on his leg, and then slowly crept up his inner thigh, closer and closer to the growing bulge in his pants. Her breath was hot as she pressed into him, her lips nearing his ear, and her long white braid gently tickling his arm. “I don’t think you could handle me, princeling,” she purred, her fingers barely grazing him – just enough to cause a choking gasp to burst out of his lungs. His hands clenched around the arms of the chair, digging his nails into his palms as his fingers wrapped tighter around the wood, and his knuckles turned the color of her hair.

Fucking hell.

Fucking. Hell.

He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t survive it.

Manon suddenly pulled away coolly, a small smirk on her lips as she crossed her legs and leaned back in Aelin’s chair that she had pulled up next to him. According to the carefully built mask she was wearing, she was entirely unaffected. Even after 4 shots of whiskey, she was still very much on her game.

The same, however, could not be said for the boy. She was very much aware of the fact that he was well on his way into her bed, and couldn’t help but smile to herself at the thought. At the possibility of actually claiming the impressive bulge under his pants. And as if he could see that in her eyes, in the curve of her lips, in every beat of her heart, he shot up, stammering once again.

“I – uh – I have to – um – I have to go find Aelin.” He swallowed hard and dashed straight to the bar.

He spotted her right away, and immediately knew she would be pissed. He’d seen that look before. Her laugh rang over the sounds of the lively reel the band was playing. It was low and husky as she leaned over the bar, running a finger down the huge bicep of the bartender who looked like he was about ready to shit himself. Dude’s jaw looked like it was on the verge of snapping in half with how tightly it was clenched. His dark green eyes looked like they were trying to look anywhere but the blonde beauty. Dorian felt for the guy. He looked like the picture of aggression with his short white hair and tattoos streaming from his face down his neck and arm – on top of that, he had to be 200 pounds of solid muscle, and Dorian would bet he could bench at least that much, too. His thunderous green eyes were torn between falling directly into Aelin’s trap, and glaring at everyone other man in the bar who was falling with him. Damn, Aelin sure knew how to pick ‘em.

Then again, she had picked Dorian, as well. Even though they hadn’t lasted long.

Dorian and Aelin hooked up at a party the spring of their Freshman year of college. He’d spent the entire fall semester relentlessly hitting on her, but it wasn’t until he’d finally gave up that she gave in. The night of that party, she spent the entire night dancing in his arms and laughing just the way she was now. At the end of the night, he followed her to her dorm, and they made out for a while, before realizing that they were probably better off as friends.

It wasn’t too long after that when she and Chaol finally realized their feelings for each other. Dorian had known all along, but he wasn’t exactly going to say anything when he still wanted a shot. Of course, the couple had nothing in common, but that was okay. They had ended up loving each other anyways.

Until it was too much.

Until Nehemia.

Until Sam.

Dorian shook his head, stepping away from memories that were less than pleasant. Right now, he needed to talk to his best friend. And get more alcohol. Not necessarily in that order. He stepped up next to her at the bar and placed his hand on her back, immediately feeling her spine stiffen under his touch. Her gaze immediately snapped to him, cutting off the sounds of her laughter. “Dorian,” she bit out, glaring at him, “Can I help you?”

The bartender seemed to visibly relax the second those piercing blue-gold eyes moved away from him, though he didn’t seem to be able to take his eyes off of her. Dorian offered him a small smile, shaking his head at the reluctant need he saw there. He’d been there.

Hell, he was there right now – with that waitress, and her red lips that he would have done anything to taste – he tightly closed his eyes, desperate to remove the image. Aelin narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms in front of her already prevalent chest. “Well?” She raised an eyebrow in expectation, pretending not to notice the fact that Rowan’s eyes had not left her.

Well, if she’s already annoyed … “Can I get a shot of tequila?” Dorian finally opened his eyes, stealing the bartender’s gaze. Rowan nodded and quickly walked away, his fists clenched as he desperately tried to pull himself together.

Meanwhile, if looks could kill, Dorian knew he would be dead. “Spit it out, Havilliard,” she snapped. Her whisper was harsh as she continued. “Not only do you drag your ass over here and distract me from the hot bartender, you also intentionally get rid of him while at the very least he was still staring at me. What’s your issue?”

Dorian cleared his throat and grabbed her Guiness, chugging a quarter of it down before he could finally speak. “I need you to dance with me,” he ground out, staring at the wooden floor. He didn’t need to look at her to know she was probably caught somewhere between laughing at his insanity and strangling him with her bare hands. He forced himself to continue. “The witch is all but dragging me in with her charms, and I’m crashing dick first. And you’ve basically got the barkeep by the balls. Dance with me. Give me at least some semblance of an upper hand. Plus, if you think the guy who’s just about ready to rip off the heads of everyone else staring at you in that tiny tank top isn’t going to be crazy with jealousy, you’re dead wrong.”

Aelin had calmed down at all of this, a small smile growing on her lips. At the thought of Rowan seething with jealousy. Of course this was when he came back with the Tequila, poor guy. Faced with the delicate beauty of one of Aelin’s genuine smiles, Dorian could swear he watched the air leave the bigger man’s lungs.

Dorian tossed back the shot, wincing as it once again burned down his throat. He placed the glass back down next to Aelin’s beer and ran a hand through his messy dark hair as she continued to watch him, also paying close attention to Rowan out of the corner of her eye. His eyes were glued to every single curve of her body, completely in tune to every breath, every movement she made. He didn’t dare look away. Perfect. She couldn’t help but notice the tension in his shoulders from the minute Dorian arrived, and the aggravated glares he kept tossing at the other men in the pub. Dorian was right. Watching her dance would drive him insane. Maybe enough to dance with her.

Her eyes flashed as they met Dorian’s again, the smile on her lips stretching further. “What’re we waiting for,” she purred, stretching out a hand for him to take. She stood up and took a few steps towards him, before turning back. “I’ll be back in a bit,” she tossed over her shoulder at Rowan, not even sparing him a second glance before placing her hand in Dorian’s, her hips swaying as she walked straight to the crowded dance floor.

Every single part of Rowan’s body stood at attention as he tried to pretend he wasn’t watching Aelin dance with the boy who he kept reminding himself wasn’t her boyfriend. Although you could never tell from the way they were dancing. His hands never left her body as she moved against him, a tantalizing smile on her lips. Her eyes were closed as she moved to the music. No – he corrected himself – the music moved through her. She was the music. Every beat, every lull, every note moved through her body – it was her master, and she couldn’t help but follow along.

And for him, she was a drug, and Rowan constantly needed a fix. His eyes narrowed as he watched the boy’s hands slide lower and lower down her back, pulling her closer against him. Every other man in the room wished his hands were there instead.

Across the room, it was clear his sister was just as upset. Manon was glaring daggers at the back of the girl’s head, distractedly making her way around the pub as she only half paid attention to people’s orders.

He shook his head, trying to get the seductress out of his mind, but it was to no avail. He glared at the glass in his hands, tightening his grip as he dried it more aggressively. On one hand, he was eternally aggravated at the lack of a dishwasher in the small, often busy pub. But on the other, at least it was therapeutic.

His eyes slowly slid back up to the dancefloor of their own accord – but he forced them over to his sister instead. Manon angrily shoved a piece of her long white hair behind her ear that had slipped out of her braid. It was strange for him, seeing her again after all of those years. After their mother had … After their mother, she had left to stay with their grandmother. The Matron of their family.

When their aunt Maeve tried for a hostile takeover of their family pub – her sister’s pub – their mom’s pub – Manon was nowhere to be found. Rowan fought on his own, giving his all to make sure the pub would stay in his name, the way she would have wanted it. One by one, his cousins joined him. And now, they ran it on their own – A cadre of 20-something-year-olds trying their best to keep the pub afloat. They made it work though, more or less. And then a few weeks ago, Manon had arrived.

They’d more or less ignored each other since she’d showed up. He gave her the job, she came in every day and did it, and that was that.

It’s not that he blamed her for leaving him when he needed her. But he didn’t exactly forgive her for it, either.  So they just sort of existed. Moving around each other. She’d had her own demons, that much was clear. Their grandmother had never been … kind, to say the least. And Rowan wasn’t blind. He’d seen the stiff movements when she’d first arrived, the bruises she’d tried her best to cover up. But she wasn’t going to tell him about them. And he wasn’t in a place where he was going to ask.

She met his eyes then, raising a single eyebrow, an entirely fed up look on her face. When his expression didn’t change, she merely rolled her eyes and walked away, her gaze returning to the dark-haired man-child, who was boyhandling the woman he wanted more than he’d let himself want anyone in years.

If he was being fair, he’d admit that they were honestly quite suited to each other. The pair moved as one, perfectly following each other’s lead in a silent communication. But he wasn’t exactly feeling fair just then. He wanted her. And it terrified him. Her smile, her body, her laugh. Her bark – which he hoped meant she had just as good of a bite. The way she lit up a room, the way she moved, the way he couldn’t look away – like she was a magnet and he was drawn to her, constantly being pulled closer.

She was a wildfire, burning everything she touched, setting him on fire in the best way. He only hoped he could get her wet enough to soothe it.

Before he knew what he was doing, he popped open a bottle of Jamie, took a swig, and made his way to the dancing pair. His dark green eyes locked with her blue-gold ones over the boy’s shoulder. Her eyes darkened as they trailed over his form, finally taking in his long legs and full 6’4” build as he walked over, a determined look on his face. She didn’t even bother saying anything as she stepped out of Dorian’s grip and reached for the man walking up behind him.

No words were said as she leaned into him, and began to dance. The only contact he dared make, however, was her hand in his. She twirled around and around, moving like she was built for it, like there was nowhere else she was supposed to be – nowhere else she wanted to be. Her head was tossed back and it almost looked like her feet moved of their own accord. Rowan could merely awkwardly sway beside her, mesmerized. He was a terrible dancer anyways, though, always had been. She met his eyes, pulling him further into her spell. And then she smiled – god, that smile.

He had no chance. None.

As his several seconds of courage began to wear off, and his mind raced, he knew he had to go. “I’m sorry,” he grumbled, embarrassed as he dipped his head closer to her ear so she could hear him. “I’m not a dancer, I’m not some pretty American boy, I just,” he turned his head, meeting her eyes again, “I just knew I had to dance with you, but –” And then he was pretty sure his heart stopped.

She leaned into him, her chest pressing against his as she stood up to her toes, wrapping an arm around the back of his neck to pull him down to her. Her hot breath sent his heart sprinting out of his chest as her lips touched his ear, and she spoke.

“Let’s not talk too much.”

She slid the hand that was holding his down her body, and placed it low on her waist, leaving his hand there. Her voice was almost a caress when she spoke again. “Grab on my waist, and follow my lead.”

Her nose trailed against the side of his face as she moved her body against him, reaching up to connect her hands behind his neck, holding him there when he tried to move away. “It’s okay – put your body on me.”

And with that, he somehow lost all control of his body. His leg moved in between hers, and a low moan built in his throat. His other hand reached around her waist, and suddenly, they simply – fit. They were perfect. She was like a missing piece of a puzzle. Their bodies molded together – every curve, every angle, all fitting together exactly as though they were handmade for one another. Slowly, the rest of the world fell away, and nothing else mattered. He moved against her perfectly, as if they’d been dancing together their entire lives. Or as if they’d been crated to.

This girl. This moment. This dance. This was everything. For the first time in months, he wasn’t thinking about finances, he wasn’t thinking about his mom, he wasn’t thinking about the girl who’d broken his heart. He was only thinking about the one in his arms, and the feeling of her body against his, and that was the only thing he wanted to think about forever.

Aelin wasn’t supposed to feel this way. She wasn’t supposed to like him. She wasn’t supposed to like anyone. He was supposed to be a quick fuck. A distraction.  A point to prove. But instead – instead he was gorgeous, and witty, and damaged. His tattoos. She’d asked him what they meant, and he’d blown them off as some song lyrics, but she knew better. She saw the look in his eyes, the small flinch. And for whatever reason, all she wanted was to get rid of his pain.  

The second she walked off with Dorian, she knew there was no way he wouldn’t follow. She was counting on it. But what she wasn’t counting on were the sudden and weird feelings she kind of hated. Feelings she wasn’t supposed to have. Feelings Europe was specifically about not having. Yet here he was. And here she was. And so she just pulled him closer to her, threw her head back, and let the music cradle them in its hold, pushing them closer together.

A fire raged between them as she moved against him, around him. Breathing got heavier, hearts pounded. They danced chest to chest, barely allowing room for air. Every movement drove her deeper into madness. Into a clawing need that felt like it would never go away. She didn’t know how long they’d been dancing when his hands moved down to her ass, but there was nothing she could do to stop the low moan that left her lips when it happened. Then he tightened his hold, gripping tightly and moving her against him, and she just about lost it.

His body was flush against hers, but she desperately wanted it closer. She could feel the rather impressive proof of his desire pressing against her and she was pretty sure there was nothing she wouldn’t give to feel him inside of her.

Their eyes were locked. The blazing heat simultaneously felt like it was impossibly too much, but also like they could never have enough. She was setting his world on fire, melting the delicately constructed ice, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

At some point, he moved his hands back up her body. She’d almost offered a protest, before they moved to the sensitive spot at the small of her back. One hand climbed up her shirt – fingers spreading, feeling as much of her as he could, committing it to memory – the heat, the softness, what it was doing to every single one of his senses. The other hand moved across her lower back, its fingers lightly dipping into the waistband of her jeans, wanting to go further, but knowing he couldn’t – not there. His thumb stayed above gently stroking the soft skin at her hips.

His eyes never left hers throughout the entire movement. He watched as they rolled back in pleasure. He felt her low moan vibrate against his chest, the heat of her breathy gasps against his neck as she tilted her head back and grinded against him, causing a moan to slip past his lips as well. She was pure sensuality. The picture of sin, looking up at him with every lascivious thought she was having playing across her face. Her bottom lip rolled into her mouth as she lightly licked it, before pulling it between her teeth, and moving her hips in just the right way. A low growl built in his throat as he strained for her.

More. Always needing more.

His eyes were glued to those lips. That tongue. Those teeth. And then he couldn’t see anything.

Their mouths were suddenly moving together, their tongues dancing, lips fitting together perfectly, just like their bodies had. It was as if they’d been sculpted as one, as if they were designed as part of a whole, and then separated, sent off in the world, only to find each other again. To complete each other in a way that should have been impossible. Her hands had moved into his hair, pulling the strands between her fingers, holding him to her, as if she was dying, and his lips were the only thing that could save her.

She tasted like heaven and was hot as hell and if he knew nothing else, he knew that he had to have her – all of her. His breath was ragged, choppy, his heart pounding as she pulled his lip between her teeth, and he groaned again. Whether it was from the painful strain in his pants, or from the impossible need he was feeling, he wasn’t sure. “Bed,” he growled, forcing himself to pull away, and secretly enjoying both the disappointment in her eyes at the loss of contact, and the pure excitement at the word.

“Now,” she choked out, clutching the hand he’d offered, and desperately trying to regain some semblance of control.

While they were dancing, Aelin had been absolutely incapable of doing anything other than drown in Rowan, but by some miracle she had noticed Dorian leading a very smug Manon off to who knew where.

Not that they’d checked into any sort of inn when they arrived. No, because that would have been the smart thing to do. So whether Rowan knew it or not, she had been 100% prepared to insist he take her to bed one way or another.

Neither of them said a word as he pulled her behind the bar, all but sprinting to the stairs, desperate to feel her against him – all barriers gone. Fenrys watched wordlessly as they sped through the kitchen, a smirk on his face as he raised an eyebrow at their joined hands, and the noticeable bulge in Rowan’s pants. “Guess I’m closing up, then,” he called after them. No response.

Other thoughts slowly crept into Rowan’s mind as they climbed the old staircase, of carrying another girl to his room up those same steps. He turned back, meeting her bright eyes, and once again he couldn’t think about anything else. His heart almost stopped at the hazy smile on her delicate face. As if her mask had come off. As if she was finally ready to admit that she wanted this too. He walked faster, and they basically jogged to the end of the hallway of the second floor.

The whole pub had just enough rooms for all of them. It was supposed to be the inn portion, but with the 6 of them poor and just out of university, or having skipped it altogether, and spending all of their time working there, it just made more sense for Rowan and his cousins to take up the second floor. He wasn’t sure where Manon was staying – hadn’t exactly bothered to ask – and it wasn’t like he really had any room for her there.

Rowan didn’t even bother to flick on the light as they burst into the small room. He wasted no time pressing her against the door, and pulling her into another heated kiss. They pulled away only to tear off clothes, hands desperately reached for the other – pulling, yearning, needing, with seemingly no intention of letting go. Aelin couldn’t help the gasp that left her lips as he saw him standing before her in all of his glory. Tan skin peppered with scars of all shapes and sizes covered perfectly sculpted muscles – legs that looked like they were carved from solid rock, his impressive length that she knew was going to fill her in an absolutely delicious way, row after row of well-defined abs, strong arms that she was desperate to have wrapped around her. And then then they were – but not for long.

Rowan easily picked her up, then lightly tossed her onto the bed as if she weighed nothing, not wasting any time. There was a primal need in him to see her there, splayed across his bed, on the same sheets he’d slept on last night, surrounded by his scent. Part of him was ashamed at every carnal thought roaring through his head – at the ocean of need crashing into him over the sight of her there.

Long blonde hair stretched behind her as she climbed up on her elbows. His eyes darkened with desire as they raked over her lithe, toned body. “Perfect,” he whispered, reaching out a hand to run his fingers up an impossibly smooth thigh. “Absolutely perfect.” She’d spent the day powering through all kinds of hell, and it just wasn’t fair. No person should look this completely flawless. Yet there she was. An angel.

He leaned over her slightly, forcing himself to take his time if it killed him. There was something in his eyes that woke the deepest part of her – the part she let no one else see. And it terrified her.

Rowan placed a knee between her legs and stretched over her, lowering a soft kiss on her chest, right above her breasts. A shiver ran down her spine at the blessed contact. One hand pressed into the mattress above her head, holding his weight. The other hand climbed up her legs like a vine, fingertips trailing up her body, grazing past her thigh, caressing her wide hips, and not paying nearly enough attention to her breasts, before settling into her hair.

He moved with such gentleness, such care, that she was almost sure her heart was going to burst. Soft kisses fell across her face, showering her with an almost easy affection. She hadn’t signed up for this. This softness, these feelings, these emotions. She didn’t want them. The more you cared about someone, the easier it was for them to hurt you and she couldn’t – wouldn’t – be hurt again, not if she had anything to – all thought was cut off as his lips finally met hers. She let her body fall back against the mattress, wrapping her arms around him. A low groan built in the back of his throat as her back arched, hard nipples moving against his solid chest, and her pelvis rubbing directly against his painfully hard dick.

Something broke inside of him at the contact – all attempts at softness flew out of him as pure need took over. The hand in her hair immediately moved down her body. A gasp burst out of her lips as two fingers entered her, and his thumb pressing directly against the bundle of nerves at the interest. The gasp turned into a breathy moan, as his fingers moved in and out of her, curving forward inside of her.

Her body wasn’t hers anymore. It was his, and she didn’t think she wanted it back. His lips moved to the spot where her neck met her shoulder. His teeth nipped, and grazed at the spot, sucking on the sensitive skin there, and she could almost swear she saw stars. In that moment, he could have asked her for anything, and she would have said yes.

That night, hours passed they explored each other’s bodies, holding, needing, thrusting.

Gasps, sighs, moans echoed through the room as skin pressed against skin, and finally, for the first time in a long time, they both almost felt like they were home.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would you happen to have any AUs for two siblings that never got along as kids/that suffered a major breakup in their relationship when they were young, but after X happens (or something), they reconcile their relationship as adults and end up being pretty close? (...In a sort-of fantasy/medieval setting, maybebutnotrequired?) Thank you so much! :D

  • Character A was born with magical abilities, and their sibling Character B wasn’t. In a very Lily and Petunia Evans manner, Character B estranges their sibling and refuses to consort with them on the grounds that they’re a freak of nature. However in adulthood, Character B is forced to swallow their pride when their child develops similar abilities, and Character A is the only person they know of that can help their child get a hold on their magic.
  • Characters A and B never got along growing up. It wasn’t that they were polar opposites, quite the contrary. It was like they were carbon copies of each other. They were always competing for the same goals. Eventually, after A lost out on a major opportunity to B, they parted ways. However, Character A found their own way up the ladder. Many years later, the two find each other partnered together on the same project, as their superior seems to think they’re similarities make them a good team. Now both their success depends on them working together. Turns out, when they work with instead of against each other, they make an incredible team.
  • Character A and Character B could never stand each other, but they both adored their other sibling, Character C. A and B eventually have such a big falling out that they don’t speak for years. That is, until something happens to Character C and they both have to work together to help them.
  • Characters A and B are twins, and heirs to a kingdom. They’re both constantly competing for which of them will run the kingdom when their guardian passes on that responsibility. When their guardian unexpectedly passes away and Character A is named ruler, Character B runs away in exile. Over the years, Character A learns that running the kingdom is actually really hard, and Character B was always the only one responsible enough for the task. They decide to search the ends of the earth for their sibling, for the good of their people.

i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one

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I love badass tony so much!! Which is part of the reason I love your mafia au! I like to think it takes the assassins a while to understand how badass tony is. Like he is a sweet cinnamon roll for the first few months? And theyre a little confused bc they've heard stories about his reputation and it's hard to reconcile the man they see with those stories? But then. Then. Tony has to take care of some Official Mafia Business and he is like a completely different person.

Say, what do you think about Tony being a sweet cinnamon roll to test his new bodyguards? Making himself appear as harmless and vulnerable as possible (he’s not, alright), to trick them into attacking him–should that be their true intention–as soon as possible?

Only it doesn’t work that way with Bucky and Tasha. They simply continue to do their job, no poisonous food, no knives in his back, no mysteriously leaked information, no attempts to gain access to his workshop. And it’s only after he’s given them approximately a hundred opportunities to kill him that they haven’t taken that Tony’s beginning to trust them. A little.

It’s a slow-going, step by step process–but Bucky and Tasha have passed the first hurdle with flying colours.

Eventually Tony has to be Tony Stark in front of them as well of course. It’s unavoidable that he be dragged into one mess or another, even though most days, he is as ordinary a college student as they come.

And yeah, the sudden change, the way Tony sometimes switches back and forth between dorky science student and heartless Stark takes some getting used to, but Bucky and Tasha are nothing if not adaptable. Besides in their business they understand the need to wear different faces, depending on the circumstances.

It doesn’t hurt that heartless Stark is not a bad man to have as a friend or lover either–not by their standard at least.

fic recs


1. Jeon Jungkook

  • future hearts | ft. jimin | punk!jikook, angst, smut, fluff
  • hidden stars | ft. yoongi | angst, smut, fluff, idol!jungkook, idol!yoongi
  • lust & errors | stepbrother!jungkook, smut, angst
  • monster | smut, university au, angst
  • bad | badboy!jungkook, smut, angst, slight fluff
  • kalopsia | photographer!jungkook, angst, smut, fluff, mentions of death
  • orange tulips | angst, fluff, light smut, soulmate au, reincarnation au
  • in motion | exhibitionism, public display of masturbations, graphic smut scene, mutual masturbations, mentions/use of sex toys
  • blue orchids | angst, slight fluff, implied sex, hanahaki au, soulmate au
  • pour up | ft. taehyung | threesome smut
  • illusion of choice | heir au, arranged marriage au, angst, fluff, smut, mentions of death
  • not so honest | smut, comedy, fluff, sub!jungkook
  • philophobia | ft. jimin | angst, fuckboy!bangtan, smut
  • purple jewels | ft. jimin | genie!jimin, fluff, slight angst, smut
  • bunny boy | fluff, smut
  • kairos | socialite au, arranged marriage au, angst, smut
  • i wont stop you | vampire au, fantasy, angst, smut

2. Kim Taehyung

3. Jung Hoseok

  • the purge | purge au, angst, gore, violence, purger!hoseok
  • kairos | socialite au, arranged marriage au, angst, smut

4. Park Jimin

5. Kim Namjoon

6. Min Yoongi

  • hidden stars | ft. jungkook | angst, smut, fluff, idol!jungkook, idol!yoongi
  • kairos | socialite au, arranged marriage au, angst, smut

7. Kim Seokjin

  • scandalous | ft. taehyung | socialite au, badboy!tae, smut, angst
  • for love and money | fluff, slice of life, arranged marriage au
  • kairos | socialite au, arranged marriage au, angst, smut


1. Mark Tuan

2. Bam Bam

northisnotup  asked:

I am still waiting for the Darkest Timeline mob verse. Where Sid is the endgame. His sister has already destroyed the big name bosses in the midwest, and now they are all waiting for Sid to knock out the remaining families and operations on the East Coast before making their move. Sid's mother is a patient woman, but she won't wait forever. His time in Pittsburgh is coming to a close...

Sidney has fallen in love with his husband for real at this point, and he’s clutching to an injured, nearly unconscious Geno, trying to use his body to shield as much of Geno as he can and begging hysterically for his family to spare his husband as he looks up at his mother and sister and their henchman from the ground. 

A Dangerous Game AU

Character A is the heir representative of a position in a magical senate…or they should have been. The real heir representative is nowhere to be found – are they dead? simply missing? – and time is running out fast. Character B is using magic to pretending to be Character A, but they have very little experience with politics and they’re sure to mess up and accidentally spill their secret. Luckily, they’ve found a temporary ally in Character C, but Character C’s help comes with a steep price….


continuation of this au where the dreemurr kids live, and asriel is crowned king and chara becomes the king’s right hand c:

i think of the goat parents getting older and get sad, but then they also get to see their kids grow up ;-; i imagine that chara would be the one who learns to fight with asgore’s trident, while asriel prefers fire magic

anonymous asked:

Mafia AU. Tony slowly but methodically hunting down the people from nat/bucks past and destroying them (as much as he can. Those he can't get to now go on The List). Maybe it starts one day when tony gets into some kind of predicament and Nat tries to comfort him by sharing a story a la "this one time in Europe I got into some trouble...." So ofc Tony finds the ppl responsible and leaves them in ruin. Every time they mention someone hurting them tony does this. He doesnt tell them what hes doing

This headcanon is a thing of beauty, thank you so much anon! I love thinking that for all that Bucky and Nat are soft for Tony, he’s the exact same. Because (except for Rhodey) nobody else gets to witness sleepy, barefooted Tony shuffling into the kitchen in the morning and curling into the closest source of warmth he can find. He’s still Tony Stark, he is his father’s heir and the more control he gains within the family the more that unrelenting core of steel becomes obvious. 

Tony isn’t a good person. He orders hits when deemed necessary, eliminates his enemies, and every favour he does someone comes at a price. That’s just who he is, who he was raised to be.

But it’s only when someone he cares about is involved that he gets vicious. And Nat and Bucky are definitely at the top of that list. Anyone he considers a threat towards them is to be ruined. Permanently and preferably yesterday. He keeps a very close eye on anyone they mention, but also on the people they’re interacting with now that they’re working for him.

JARVIS has a detailed surveillance program running 24/7 focusing on nothing but finding potential and former threats to their safety and bringing them to Tony’s attention if deemed dangerous enough.