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"Ramen Dates" Part 2

“Wow, look at you.”

Eun sang set down her spoon and washed down her dinner with a swig of water. “What are you looking at?” The bite went out of her voice as she sat back, allowing a semi food coma to blanket her.

Young Do sat across from her in that prim manner of his, as though admiring a morning dawn, chin resting on palm. “You sure eat well.”

She gave a soft “hmph,” at whatever implication he was making. “Of course I have to eat well. I need to refuel since my mom didn’t let me have anything good to eat while I was sick.”

“What are you talking about? I made you such good porridge that time.”

Porridge could get boring after a while, even the ones made by the infamous Choi Young Do.

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"Ramen Dates" Part 1

Part 1

Eun Sang almost surrendered herself to believing her fever had caught up with her. Yet, she was cognizant enough to understand that the scene playing out in front of her was not a mirage, not a figment of her imagination.

“Mother, is this too big? Should I make them smaller?”

Choi Young Do was in her home, consulting with her mother on how to dice carrots. Choi Young Do was in her kitchen, wearing a yellow apron, and carefully working a knife through vegetables.

Young Do glanced over at her, caught her watching him. She looked away, pretended to massage her temple. She grimaced, not needing to see him to know he was smirking right now.

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yoongi; behind it all

❝yoongi was the one behind it all, but you were the one behind his smile
►4701 words // scenario, school!au, the heirs’!influence
♡i’ve also been watching the drama cheese in the trap and have been obsessed with it so there are implications from the drama here and there. also, there are plot holes and certain parts are sketchy because i wrote this out for fun, not so much focusing on anything but i hope it’s still enjoyable!

Yoongi thought he had it all played out, in his mind, that is.

If he was being honest, it was his father’s ruling to have it all planned out for him but either way, he’s the one actually finalising it so Yoongi would like to think he’s the one making his own plans and anyway. It would all be perfect and smooth sailing… if it wasn’t for you.

Ah, the remarkable Y/N that gave not even a rat’s, cat’s or dog’s ass about anything that revolves around the school committee. Even donating the littlest bit could be something as so difficult to make you drink poison. At this rate, Yoongi thinks actually making you drink poison would be easier.

But it’s not everything like he seems, is what he chooses to believe.

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Writers and Artists I Follow

I tend to follow two types of blogs, shipping and art. Those who ship also post a great deal of non-ship, so you could just block FiKi, Bagginshield and the others if you choose.

Pretty much everyone here is a writer so look for links to their AO3 on their blog. And Enjoy!

http://lakritzwolf.tumblr.com/ Lakritzwolf on AO3 - Almighty Johnsons, FiKi, Hobbit -  “Unintended Consequences” Anders Johnson + surprise offspring = one of the best novels I’ve ever read. 
http://mytrexhasfleas.tumblr.com/  Poldark + Treasure Island = DarkHawk and some truly awesome stories
http://textsfromthehobbit.tumblr.com/  Hobbit humor
http://thunderandviolin.tumblr.com/  Heirs of Durin - FiKi Au blog - very NSFW at times
http://gofuckyourselfdeanogorman.tumblr.com/  Deano
http://anathema-cat.tumblr.com/ Hobbit, writing, FiKi
http://vaguetauperamblings.tumblr.com/  Hobbit FiKi
http://deanogorman-daily.tumblr.com/  guess who
http://ladygarnett7.tumblr.com/  Hobbit, Deano
http://a-pen-in-the-paw.tumblr.com/  Writing blog - Shipping Mitchell/Anders mostly
http://saucywenchwritingblog.tumblr.com/ - posts some FiKi and a lot of hunky guys
http://bilboo.tumblr.com/ One of the best of the Bagginshield writers — on AO3 as Perkynurples
http://mabelalexa.tumblr.com/  Gorgeous edits of everyone, lots of Armitage/Thorin
http://turnertastic.tumblr.com/  Aidan/Kili/Mitchell and others
http://tweak-girl-stuff.tumblr.com/  Lots of Hobbit and gorgeous art
http://northerntrash.tumblr.com/  Another magnificent Bagginshield writer. Same name on AO3
http://finduilas88.tumblr.com/ Hobbit and Fili
http://shinigami714.tumblr.com/ Art mostly Hobbit related and stories
http://dancingintherain-allnight.tumblr.com/  Hobbit
http://in-the-love-of-durin.tumblr.com/  Lots of Durins
http://blu-b.tumblr.com/ Hobbit, gorgeous writer
http://ofahattersmind.tumblr.com/  very gentle blog, no shipping, writes lovely stories on AO3
http://thealmightyaidean.tumblr.com/  Hobbit, Aidan, Deano, Being Human
http://kivrinengle.tumblr.com/ The BEST writer, just published pro If you haven’t read Sons of Durin on AO3 up are really missing out.
http://plz-dont-call-me-val.tumblr.com/  Hobbit and more
http://padblack.tumblr.com/  Hobbit, writing
http://archer-and-lionprince.tumblr.com/ Hobbit  Fili, Kili
http://faerytale-wings.tumblr.com/  Hobbit, stunning artist
http://ceallaig1.tumblr.com/ Hobbit and other stuff
http://littlelightlittlefire.tumblr.com/  with her amazing Firefly/Hobbit crossover “Take My Land

http://linane-art.tumblr.com/ - Hobbit related art - usually FiKi and OMG she’s glorious!
http://evankart.tumblr.com/  The most stunning art ever, a lot is Hobbit
http://marisdrawings.tumblr.com/  Hobbit FiKi art
http://vitiscouso.tumblr.com/ Hobbit, FiKi, Poldark
http://petite-madame.tumblr.com/  - the most gorgeous Supernatural art I’ve ever seen
http://ilojleenart.tumblr.com/  gorgeous pencil art
http://euclase.tumblr.com/  Amazing fanart
http://tweak-girl-stuff.tumblr.com/  You HAVE to see her art!! 

I deeply apologize to anyone I left out I’ll be glad to add you. This is isn’t a rec fic post by the way. My probem is I want to rec ALL of everything I read. I gotta get to making one though. I really do.