heirs au


i was already drawing these when i got this message so here u go anon :3

chara is still very distrustful of any humans who fall into the underground, but lil frisk manages to worm their way into their heart <3

meanwhile asriel is like omg a human chara actually likes?? gotta keep this one

“But, after all this time, I think I’m getting better.”

a moment between frisk and chara in the dreemurr heirs au. chara didnt have the best life on the surface and old wounds still hurt, but theyre not alone.

i havent sketched anything with my tablet in a long time… i ran out of ink in my usual drawing pen :’)

“You know Sasuke… our roles.. could have been reversed.”


Twenty years have passed, and Queen Eadlyn’s daughter Princess Gertrude faces a much more challenging competition than any of her ancestors: The Illéa Mathletes Competition. Just like her mother before her own Selection, finding a suitor was the least of Gertrude’s worries. The only relationships she has in mind are proportional. But when one of her fellow teammates seems to be on the same coordinate plane as she is, she questions the life of statistics and national budgeting she anticipated. As the championship draws nearer and her friendship with Arnold becomes something more, she finds that with possibilities, the limit does not exist.

Bonus headcanon: Gertie looks just like America. 


“…Oh, it’s just a kitty.”

“That’s one deep purr, though……….. He’s mine.”

And that’s how Pantherlily became the Royal cat.


While Levy is one of the best and smartest fighters in the kingdom, Prince Gajeel couldn’t accept that a girl smaller than him was assigned to protect him. ~