Hieroday 2013

I’ve been off away and in LA although when I moved up here I’ve never been able to catch Hieroday until today. Free all ages event on the blocks of Downtown Oakland. For the day my name was Steven. 

Tons of clothing booths and of course food. Swoop!

Three stages and everyone was lost as hell, not knowing which stage was what. We pretty much spent a lot of time at the 3rd eye vision stage

Catching Rey Resurrecction & the Bangerz I feel like it was Last Call all over again

Heres a small clip from their set: http://youtu.be/4quQeC-r26U

People taggin the crap out of this up and there was a mini area where people could skate.

Back to the stage we go to check out Lucky Iam.

Surprise, surprise the rest of the Living Legends come out

Here’s a clip of their set: http://youtu.be/4xTZeBFGfk4

Next up we had Free the Robots!

More roaming in the heat..

Seeing a drone with a gopro pretty sick!

A woman well equipt with her Thor Hammer.

Back to catch Dan the Automator for the 3rd time this summer


Lastly headed to the heavily packed main stage for Heiro but of course things were a little behind since its you know.. HIP HOP! People getting anxtious unable to see so people took my idea and started to climb a truck that was parked on the street

On the way out we saw a chick who mad a swisher costume

Walked the streets of Jack London Square to grub before heading back