heirloom veggies

I’m feeling wistful remembering summer afternoons, cutting fresh flowers from the garden and placing them throughout the house… This has got me excited again about our 2015 garden. The golden-yellow flowers are an heirloom variety I don’t know by name; They bloomed for over two weeks as cut flowers. I saved the seeds for sowing again this year. And of course, I’ll sow more Lemon Queens, with their dark centers and deep attraction to honeybees…

Our first ‘Rosa Bianca’ heirloom eggplant. A true beauty so perfect it looks like it fell out of a catalog and not our garden. I can not wait to make it into my dinner.

This is what all the hard work is about. When I venture out into the garden after a long day of greeting card making, a harvest like this makes my day worth it. No matter how good or bad my day was, I can visibly see the success of this garden and I realize I can do something amazing. I don’t always feel that way. I really mostly feel awkward and defensive. But this stupid little garden is slowly becoming my life’s passion and it makes me feel important. I can feed myself and my family, not with a paycheck, but with my hands, my heart and my hard work. Dirt under my nails and the smell of soil under my nose. A true hard day’s work that can not be paralleled with a day spent in an office building or retail center.

Maybe my Mom was onto something when she would threaten me as a child with sending me “back to Poland to pick potatoes”. I don’t ever remember rejecting the idea. Maybe she should have. I think I would have been right at home.