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The 5th House and Style/Design

Aries in the 5th House: Give them dynamic and fierce designs, is attracted to reds, bright lighting, leather couches, and likes a room to be lively.

Taurus in the 5th house: All about comfort and class. Expect decorative pillows, silk sheets, or maybe a snuggie. Loves candles, mood lighting, and elegant touch ups.

Gemini in the 5th House: Fun and colorful designs, might want a bookcase or two in their home, and is all about technology.  Likes quirky objects in their home and is attracted to unique jewelry.

Cancer in the 5th House: All about comfort! Give them a home that has plenty of pillows, quilted blankets, and heirlooms around the house. Their home has plenty of photos of family and friends, is attracted to water, likes dim lighting, and is a night owl. The kitchen and bedroom are the most important rooms to them. The smell of food cooking is their favorite.

Leo in the 5th House: Bold decorations, furniture and amenities perfect for entertaining, plenty of wine, creative style, and an inviting atmosphere.

Virgo in the 5th House: Minimalist, highly functional in design and furniture, and likes a touch of nature in their home.  Might have a gym and is all about putting health first.

Libra in the 5th House: Great aesthetics, candles, curtains, crystals, decorative pillows, a light touch and accent, home is perfect for hosting.

Scorpio in the 5th House: Attracted to darker colors and keeps loved ones and hobbies close to their heart and home. Photographs and posters dominate, likes mood lighting, and don’t forget the lingerie.

Sagittarius in the 5th House: Attracted to wide open spaces, likes to keep things simple yet unique, and their home might be a bit of a mess.  Evidence of hobbies around their home and designs are vibrant in color.

Capricorn in the 5th House: All about quality of furniture, paint, etc. Likes to keep a rug or high-end painting. Attracted to fireplaces and leather, all about earthy or classy designs.

Aquarius in the 5th House: Plenty of vintage, boho styles, or futuristic designs. All about technology and the unconventional. Imagine lava lamps or experimental furniture.

Pisces in the 5th House: Decorates their home with their own artwork, can be disorganized and unpractical. Imagine a pile of clothes on the floor, designs are flowy, and they are attracted to water.

Holiday Aesthetics for the Signs
  • Capricorn: Fuzzy socks next to the fireplace, warm coffee or hot cocoa, records playing.
  • Aquarius: Fabulous stories at dinner, late night documentaries when the family is asleep, and beautiful old holiday films.
  • Pisces: Shopping sprees and Starbucks runs with old friends when you’re back in town. Fine fabrics.
  • Aries: Enjoying the awkward uncle’s diatribes, and casual holiday parties and get-togethers.
  • Taurus: Large and fabulous food spread, people watching, ski vacations, sentimental evenings with a loved one, late night donut runs.
  • Gemini: Holiday parties with cocktails, big fluffy sweaters with funny designs, making the whole table laugh, wearing big fluffy hats and gold-tones.
  • Cancer: Sentimental gifts, scented candles, warm rooms when the outside is freezing, cozy heirloom blankets.
  • Leo: Cinnamon scented everything, boots with leggings, Christmas time in the city, cute themed cocktails, vacations/travel.
  • Virgo: Crafting gifts for friends and family, large and gregarious lunches, brunches, and dinners; slow-jams, brownie-in-a-cup, poinsettias.
  • Libra: Bonfires, wintry fashion, scarves, carriages in the park, old historical buildings, cult classics, inside jokes.
  • Scorpio: Beautiful city skylines at night, car rides where one is half asleep and just a little chilly, dusk in the woods, old and naked trees, crunchy snow.
  • Sagittarius: Big parties with many friends, large and fantastic gifts, antics on Black Friday, snowball fights, big-time pranks, gold jewelry in cute boxes.

Something is Wrong

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Rated: T ; approx. 2k

(Basically is just sick Coliver. Hope you enjoy!)

Something is wrong with Oliver.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the texts Connor sends him during class, Connor brushes it off with a confident shrug. Even though Oliver always texts him back. Even if it’s just a quick “Can’t text now.” He’s probably in the middle of a meeting or on a call or something.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to any of the emails Connor sends him while walking across campus to grab a sandwich, Connor figures it isn’t anything to worry about. Even though Oliver always emails him back. Even if it’s as simple as “We’ll talk tonight.” He gets a ton of email everyday so what if one message (or six) got lost in the shuffle.

When Oliver doesn’t respond to the Facebook messages Connor sends him in the middle of his second class of the day, Connor rationalizes it’s no big deal. Even though Oliver always messages him back. Even it’s as meaningless as “Why do you send me messages here? You know I hate Facebook.” He’s just being a good employee. Not checking in while still at work. Being responsible.

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