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Hi guys! I decided to make a list of my fics recommendation since I really want to share with you guys the extraordinary, magnificent and brilliant works of all the writer that I have found in this site. Their fics are so good and even words could not describe it! Do give them a lots of love cause they really deserve it! 🌸🌸🌸


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Below are the writes that I really adore and loves all of their writing💖💗 They are absolutely awesome!👍Once you check out their blog, you can’t check out from it, like forever😈

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All the fics on the list are the fics that I have for the past two months and actually there’s a lot of talented writer out there but I only managed to recall the one in this list. Apart from writing, reading also becomes my possession so if anyone of you guys that want to recommend to me your favorite fics, just send through my ask cause I’m more than welcome to receive it 🤗😉

Heir of Mind

The Heir of Mind. One who inherits thoughts, logic, and mind.

The prodigy.

Heir- inherit their aspect and are naturally protected by it. They passively manipulate their aspect.

Mind- major concepts of logic, reason, intellect, and the mind. Minor themes of thoughts, perceptions, and choices.


Perception shape

The Heir of Mind passively shapes and guides Mind. They can send it down any path they choose.

At lower levels the Heir would shape thoughts and the Mind, their words and actions seriously affecting how people view the world. They would be great at grabbing attention and steering views.

As they progress further they would be able to speak inside someone’s Mind. They’d easily get into anyone’s head and skillfully screw with people, repeating commands and suggestions until their target gets worn down.

At medium levels they could learn how to hypnotize people. They could make a responsive short range shield that hypnotizes or even brainwashes people who think about harming the Heir.

At higher levels they could stitch themselves into memories, falsifying their existence in them and changing the memories entirely. By forging and changing memories they could drastically alter a person. They could create repressed memories or make take any dark memory and push it to the forefront of the mind.

Idea transmission 

The Heir of Mind inherits thoughts and ideas, being naturally protected by it.

At lower levels it would feel like the Heir always makes the right choices. They would always have good ideas.

As they progress further their voice could get stuck in your head, you just mentally repeat their words over and over. The Heir could also become a voice in someone’s head.

At medium levels they could literally turn into thought. They could disappear into imagination, hiding away in the vast depths of a mind until they feel like leaving. Their presence would feel like a distant dream you can’t quite remember. If the Heir is unexpectedly found they could be in serious danger.

At higher levels the Heir of Mind could learn to transfer minds through communication. They could spread the idea of them by hijacking the mind and forcing someone to bring up the Heir. The very idea of the Heir would allow them to teleport to anyone thinking about them.


Mental resonance- you can feel when people are thinking about you

Consider- people always consider your thoughts when making decisions

Quick learner- you process information like a super computer

More Shinichi Things

Shinichi likes to study a whole lot of things, while it’s kind of common knowledge he reads a lot it’s really not just detective books, but he’s an all around kind of guy. He has shown knowledge of how organizations work, intricate sciences and maths on the top of his head. He reminds me a lot of like Malcolm, from Malcolm in The Middle, he’s really really smart, but he loves affection and if someone doesn’t like him he’s legitimately offended. He just spends all this time hunched over something about bitcoin or abnormal psychology so he can impress people.

Getting into Homestuck, Shinichi strikes me as an heir of mind. An inheritor of logic and methodicalness kinda. He’s constantly putting on these fake personalities, but to be fair his real one is kind of manipulative? Heck Shinichi is a nice guy but I feel like he really shows hpw he is when he’s behind that camera, when he’s in control, he hates not knowing the answer and he loves puzzles but he likes to figure them out not enjoy the mystery. He’s a decent guy with good morals but at times he’s apathetic and shows this terrifying side of him that I just love to be honest??

Shinichi and Hakuba are a lot more alike then people think. “Oh, Hakuba’s serious and stuck-up.” Hakuba just has some problem with Spider that we’re not really let into, but instead we’re given Shinichi’s story with the black org. Shinichi and Hakuba obviously both love Holmes and want to impress others at their core. Shinichi and Hakuba are very step-by-step thinkers, maybe Hakuba more so than Shinichi but it’s still a heavy resemblance that I love. And I wish they had more stuff together.

Shinichi always reads the morning paper over black coffee and toast. Something very Western of us. And yes, Shinichi is kinda into Western culture, and his parents bring over a lot of it, he obviously speaks fluid English and just picks up little Western habits from his parents.

Shinichi is kinda a jerk sometimes, he plays off others insecurities and fears with jokes instead of actually approaching the problem because guess w h a t, he’s not that great with people? I think he tries to act more confident than he actually is a lot of the time, he’s kind of a nervous wreck, especially once he gets older he will be. It’s shown in Conan that he’s actually matured over time, he sees cases as less of a fun thing to do and actually gains some humility, but I like to think there’s still some times in there it’s bad.

He’s paranoid. He’s definitely, definitely, paranoid. He literally brings weapons everywhere he goes because he’s so scared, he’s just so, paranoid. he knows something is going to happen because guess what so much does happen. It can make trips to the grocery store, the bank, hard when you’re ready to see a corpse, you’re half expecting a gun in your face. To the point where it gets worse and worse and he stops looking for danger, after all, it just finds him anyway.

And lo! Fireheart, SHE IS DONE. This was SO much fun to work on I can’t even. I wish I could put my love for this series into words, but I can’t. I’ll leave that to Sarah and carry on painting out my feelings.

Aelin from the Throne of Glass series <3 

By the time we got to Weathertop, Tolkien had me. ‘Gil-Galad was an elven king,’ Sam Gamgee recited, ‘of him the harpers sadly sing.’ A chill went through me, such as Conan and Kull had never evoked.

Almost forty years later, I find myself in the middle of my own high fantasy, A Song of Ice and Fire. The books are huge, and hugely complex, and take me years to write. Within days of each volume being published, I begin to get emails asking when the next is coming out. “You do not know how hard it is to wait,’ some of my readers cry plaintively. I do, I want to tell them, I know just how hard it is. I waited too. When I finished The Fellowship of the Ring, it was the only volume out in paperback. I had to wait for Ace to bring out The Two Towers, and again for The Return of the King. Not a long wait, admittedly, yet somehow it seemed like decades. The moment I got my hands on the next volume I put everything else aside so I could read it … but halfway through The Return of the King, I slowed down. Only a few hundred pages remained, and once they were done, I would never be able to read Lord of the Rings for the first time again. As much as I wanted to know how it all came out, I did not want the experience to be over.

That was how fiercely I loved those books, as a reader.
—  George R.R. Martin, discussing “the ancestors of Ice and Fire” in “The Heirs of Turtle Castle” from Dreamsongs
The Mind Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

 Keywords: Rational Decisions, Reason, Logical, Thoughts, Unbiased and Impersonal, Apathetic, Indifference, Blending In, Equal Weight on Every Possibility

Symbols: Disguises/Glasses, Brains, “Outer Self” Your False Pretenses

Mind is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Heart. When I think of Mind, I think of the Outer Mask that covers every person when they hide who they really are. Your Mind is the different Roles you play in different situations in order to Blend into the Crowd. It is the Reasonable Decision to be Logical about something, no matter what else happens. Mind is Rational, since it is driven by pure Thought. Mind is Impersonal, It’s Apathetic and it’s Indifferent in all things. It’s Hiding who you are, being totally Unbiased in order to Blend in. Mind may not always stand strongly behind all of its decisions, humming and hawwing and changing its Mind, but they are always able to justify their end decisions. Mind will always give equal weight to every possible choice or possibility, but will not give any special favor to any single outcome, whether ‘morally right or wrong’ or not.

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thatoneawkwardrogue  asked:

Heir of Mind?

What to Watch Out For

Heirs do not get to choose their starting strife specibi, whether being tricked into prototyping the wrong thing, or simply being unable to maintain the specibi they desire.

Heirs are also very prone to self sacrifice, almost to the point of rendering GodTier immortality moot.

Mind Players can very easily become obsessed with the dream bubbles and the idea of wanting to connect to themselves from other timelines, feeling that something is “missing” from themselves because they don’t remember the trials they’ve faced outside of the Alpha timeline.

An Heir of Mind


Heirs are protected by their aspect and often are nearly guaranteed to survive a valid session whether or not their own combat abilities warrant it, with a few exceptions. They also are able to use their abilities more instinctively than other classes.

Mind players have a strong connection to other timelines, the dream bubbles and “Karma”. They are often very logical players with deep insights into the inner-workings of Sburb.

An Heir of Mind will be protected, most likely by the karma aspect of mind. They will be able to take their selfless nature and the tendency of the black king’s court to do evil, to have skaia on their side in nearly all things.


Be cautious when making The Choice. Heirs are important, and The Choice is the ultimate in karmic consequences. This will make or break the amount of power you will bring to bear in the final fight.


Fight alongside a light player, most likely a rogue. Their luck combined with Skaia’s tendency to grant you favor, will, if nothing else, keep Murphy law thoroughly at bay. Which is more than anyone can reasonably ask in Sburb.


hI thought I would start analysing things without promt from followers because I am not popular enough yet, so I thought I would analyse my own aspect, which a few other classpectors and analysers share, Mind!

Mind is the aspect of Terezi Pyrope and Latula Pyrope, no humans in homestuck have this as their aspect, however we can use Dirk as a comparison, for princes, early on, mirror their opposing aspect, later however they are more attuned to their own. (eg. Eridan and Dirk) 

I have looked at a few different analyses of Mind, saying that it is representative of Justice, I believe that Justice manifests because of Mind’s primary functions as an aspect. 

If Heart means Internal, Mind means External, but what the fuck does that mean and how does it apply to canon? I ask. I think they both have a shitload to do with thoughts and feelings, especially because of S: REMEM8ER. Mind’s about understanding what people think and feel and what their actions will be in different scenarios BECAUSE of what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. This is REALLY useful in law, which is probably Redglare and Terezi were so drawn to it. 

Mind is also all about circumstances, but its not like knowing exactly how the coin will fall, its knowing what people will do if the coin falls either heads or tails. For aspects like void and space, one doesn’t really need people there for their powers to work, all they need is a Universe to do it, but with Heart and Mind and other personal aspects, it doesn’t matter about the universe around you it’s about the peeps in it, yo!  

However aspects arent all about the flashy powers though, as I mentioned in my previous post, your classpect isn’t a set-in-stone thing. Everyone experiences every aspect, but its about where you are, how far you’ve come, and what you need to achieve to be the best you you can be.

“Mario has to jump over ALL the holes” - Andrew Hussie

Heart players deal with Splintering of the self, and their goal is to understand that they’re not the same as their copies, but a unique person with unique experiences. I think Mind is about finding the common things about every you, what makes you strong, what traits you have, your personality, and what makes you YOU. S: REMEM8ER is a realllllly good example because Terezi struggles with her sense of wholeness and wants to be strong like (Terezi) (despite (terezi) heting herself and feeling just like Terezi lol!)

Not every Mind player struggles with their feelings of “wholeness” though. We have only seen two after all, and since we know that Dirk is not alike to Nepeta of Meulin very much despite them all being heart players, and Jake being nothing like Cronus or Eridan tells us that everyone expresses their classpects their own way. It’s really up to your class and what YOU think that means which determines your personality and how you express your aspect.

Mind overall, is the aspect of reason, rationality, understanding, thought, reactions, adaptation, creativity, justice, logic, masks, choice, and people, however, These are basic representations of Mind, but titles themselves are more about the journey a person takes, and how they achieve it. Pitfalls, upbringings, setbacks, boosts. That’s what Sburb does, it challenges its players so that the Genesis Frog has the best chance of creation. Mind players most certainly can be emotional, courageous, anxious, funny, naive, carefree, calm etc. however these are personal traits and literally everyone ever is multifaceted. 

I reckon Mind’s pretty cool, so if your read this and thought: “YEAH THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME BRING IT ON!!!” I will do the rest of the aspects soon and then classes unless anyone prompts me so… That’s my analysis for you! Enjoy it, Folks.


Ok so yeah south park stuck here we go, I tried to take session requirements into consideration, personality, and color scheme so yeah this is what I got out of it. 


“…Oh, it’s just a kitty.”

“That’s one deep purr, though……….. He’s mine.”

And that’s how Pantherlily became the Royal cat.


While Levy is one of the best and smartest fighters in the kingdom, Prince Gajeel couldn’t accept that a girl smaller than him was assigned to protect him. ~

Heir of Mind

– requested by Anonymous

Heir – one who manipulates his or her aspect for the defense of himself or herself and others. The heir is initially surrounded by his or her aspect, or is able to subconsciously use it for his or her defense. 

Mind – the aspect of thoughts and decision making. 

The Heir of Mind would initially start out in his or her session “surrounded” by thoughts and decision making, unknowingly using his or her aspect to defend himself or herself. So when the game starts, the Heir would probably be protected from external influences on his or her mind, especially malevolent ones. Anyone who tried to exert mind control over others would find that their powers have no influence over the Heir of Mind. Also, anyone who tries to manipulate the Heir’s decisions would have no chance of success (I’m looking at you, Doc Scratch), such as the carapaces who communicate with the players like the Wayward Vagabond. 

When the Heir of Mind ascends to god tier and begins to unlock his or her full abilities, the Heir of Mind would be able to influence the decisions made by others and the minds of others to help defend himself, herself or his or her allies. If the team was arguing over a course of action, the Heir of Mind would be particularly talented at convincing others to follow his or her plans, especially if they will benefit everyone and/or help defend the team against what the Heir believes to be dangerous situations. However, the Heir’s abilities would not necessarily unify the team, as he or she is not a hero of Blood. Additionally, while the Heir may be able to convince people to see things his or her way, his or her teammates may resent the Heir for using “mind control”. The Heir must be careful not to make his or her teammates feel as if the Heir is using his or her powers to take advantage of them (this is not within the Heir’s abilities, however teammates may misinterpret the Heir’s motives).

– rogueoflight


An Heir of Mind would have almost no troubles facing death in order to reach god tier, even though they haven’t gained their full abilities, they would instinctively know that this would ultimately protect them from an unjust and unheroic death.

Just because the Heir believes something to be the most fortuitous course does not mean that it is, because he or she is not a hero of Light. An Heir of Mind would appear to be stubborn when it comes to opposing viewpoints, but when the Heir is informed of how something would protect them and their teammates, they would instinctively and almost instantaneously go agree with the plan if they felt the logic is sound.

– destroyerofnothing

(godtierclasspects, destroyerofnothing and rogueoflight did not make this photo nor do we own it)


Heir of Mind 

Heirs inherit and are protected by their aspect. The mind aspect deals with thoughts as well as decisions. In short, an Heir of Mind is protected by their choices.

Analysis: Because they inherit their aspects, an Heir of Mind is a natural thinker. Things like puzzles come naturally to them, and they have great memories. They’re the kinds of people who do really well in school without having to try very hard.

The mind aspect also deals heavily with choice. For the heir class, this would manifest as a very strong sense of intuition; they would not be able to predict the outcomes choices the way Terezi (a Seer of Mind) does, but they would get a really strong feeling about whether or not they are making the right choice or not. 

Other players might interpret a Heir of Mind’s abilities as extremely good luck, and the heir themselves might believe this for a while as well, in the same way that John is oblivious to the Windy Thing before he learns to control it. If they trust this intuition, the choices they make are likely to be very beneficial to themselves and others. If they ignore it, the consequences might be disastrous, and could potentially haunt them for a long time afterwords. 

Alignment: True neutral. Most mind players are typically going to be neutral on at least one side of the chart, because characters with a really strong alignment one way or another are going to make fairly obvious decisions  rendering the whole “making choices” motief almost meaningless. If a Heir of Mind falls into a very strong alignment, like Lawful Good, for example, they are going to be more tempted to make choices based on this firm moral standing rather than following their intuition.

But what does it all mean?: You know how in movies, when a character makes a split second decision, and it is immediately followed by a shot illustrating how making the other choice would have resulted in disaster (or death, even)? Stuff like that would happen to an Heir of Mind a lot. 

Many fan theories about the mind aspect involve telekinesis. For an heir, mindy-powers like this would be more oriented towards protecting. They would be able to create a shield or a larg force field to deflect enemy attacks. 

drmalchance  asked:

Bard of Void (I'm so sorry), Heir of Mind and Heir of Rage ?

Bard of Void: “Noise, noise, NOISE! I’m surrounded by babbling and chattering and scratching and EVERYONE JUST BE QUIET!

Heir of Mind: “I’m sorry I keep finishing your sentences, okay? It’s a habit!”

Heir of Rage: “I’ve always thought it adorable how you all assume I’m the soft-spoken one. Oh, they won’t mind, they never mind. Just walk all over me. I’m the doormat, everyone scraping off their mud on me, their bullshit. No. More. Bullshit.”