Der Mann Der Den Mord Beging 1931 - Director: Kurt Bernhardt.
Illustrierter Film-Kurier: Nr.1518
Conrad Veidt, Heinrich George, Trude von Molo, Friedrich Kayssler, Friedl Haerlin
Released in English-speaking countries as The Man Who Murdered, this German melodrama was based on a play by Pierre Frondale (itself inspired by a novel by Claude Farere).

Der Mann Der Den Mord Beging 1931  […more Images]

Otto Dix: Portrait of Heinrich George in the role of Terje Wiggen, 1933.

Terje Vigen is a 1862 poem by Henrik Ibsen. In 1932/33, it was made into the movie Das Meer ruft by Hans Hinrich. Heinrich George played the main character. The spelling of the name was probably changed so that German speakers would pronounce it correctly.

Note the ætatis suæ 39 in the style of 16th century portraits.


Georg Friedrich Händel - Giulio Cesare In Egitto HWV 17 : Piangerò La Sorte Mia

Heinrich George as Franz Biberkopf and Margarete Schlegel (Mieze) in ’Berlin Alexanderplatz - Die Geschichte Franz Biberkopfs’ (Phil Jutzi, 1931)

Hier im Beginn verläßt Franz Biberkopf das Gefängnis Tegel, in das ihn ein früheres sinnloses Leben geführt hat. Er faßt in Berlin schwer wieder Fuß, aber schließlich gelingt es ihm doch, worüber er sich freut, und er tut nun den Schwur, anständig zu sein.
[Here in the beginning, Franz Biberkopf leaves Tegel Prison into which a former foolish life had led him. It is difficult to gain a foothold in Berlin again, but he finally does. This makes him happy, and now he vows to lead a decent life.]
Alfred Döblin, ’Berlin Alexander Platz’ (1929)

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Berlin-Alexanderplatz 1931 - Director: Phil Jutzi
Heinrich George, Maria Bard, Margarete Schlegel, Bernhard Minetti 
This is the story of Franz Biberkopf who is just out from jail after a four year stint for killing his girlfriend in a rage. Vowing to get his life together and go straight we watch as Franz almost instantly falls in with some bad guys and makes the acquaintance of Cilly, who will become his girlfriend. At first Cilly is supposed to get Franz to come around and become one of the gang; she grows protective of him, and remains so even after they part ways. Events turn dark and Beiberkopf tries to make the best of it.



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