Transformers Review-Offs 20: Beast Wars Silverbolt x Beast Wars Neo Heinrad

Magical transforming tanooki? Magical transforming reviewer!

kajimotomiya asked:

I'm not gonna lie, my main memory of TF is the 1980s movie, and Michael Bay movies, and Prime. And Beast Wars, but that's it. I was pleasently pleased that there were SOME Beast Wars on there. But I second guessed myself with Dialtone because THERE'S A FUCKING TANUKI ALARM CLOCK TRANSFORMER

That’s pretty much what the inspiration for the post was.  Not Heinrad in particular, but the fact that there’s just so incredibly much weird in Transformers.

Full size: 3584×768

Heinrad (Transformers: Beast Wars Neo)
Airachnid (Transformers: Prime)
Primus (Transformers: Cybertron)
Prowl (Transformers: Energon)
Yukikaze (Transformers: The Headmasters)

Nightscream (Transformers: Beast Machines)
missary (Transformers: Robots in Disguise)
Wheeljack (Transformers: Armada)

Yoketron (Transformers Animated)
Elita One (The Transformers)
Airazor (Transformers: Beast Wars)
Road Caesar (Transformers: Victory)