You stand on a bed of stone. Next to you stands your brother upon his own.  But that is not the object of interest.

The countdown continues.

Before you rests a machine that emerged from the Tumor which you deployed.  You knew that it would come to this.  A counter on the machine counts down to an oblivion you knew would come. Somehow, you had foreseen it, despite all your attempts to play it safe.

You look down upon the slab on which you stand.  It should protect you, you were promised.  You have seen the results for yourself on another.  Death is not the end, not while you reside upon this structure.

The countdown continues.

Yet you worry.  You’ve always attempted to hide your fear, and you have the perfect opportunity to do so.  The beds will keep you both safe. You know this.  Yet that does not mean death has lost its power over you, you who have been fascinated by it ever since you were small.  You were almost lost once already, and you’ve still lost someone you needed.

The countdown continues.

You look towards your brother, hoping to find something to prop yourself up with, to give yourself hope. You see in his eyes, hidden by his glasses, full of the same fear as yours.  He, too, is frightened of the unknown, of the fate that awaits him when the end comes.  He has already seen death affect him, and he knows it cannot be escaped.

The countdown continues.

There is a comfort in your shared fear, however.  The end may be near, and it may be inevitable.  Even should you make it through this unscathed, there’s no promise that tomorrow will prove any safer.  But at least you know you did it together.  That neither of you could leave the other behind.  That you stuck together until the worthless bitter end.

The countdown concludes.

The end is brighter than you ever thought anything could be.

@roseweek Day 2: Favorite Canon Moment

that part of cascade always freaking kills me

hey remember when rose and dave were literally ready to die for each other except they couldn’t so they died together when will you ever find a pair of siblings as iconic

anonymous asked:

May we get more of the Dave fic now that Tom and Marco are at St. Ogal’s? Please. (Your writing style is awesome BTW.)

Oh my god of course you can!!! Thank you so much this was so sweet to hear! I’m glad you like it! Enjoy! 

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/165901661877/wait-wait-what-happens-in-the-next-dave-fic-the

Marco let himself get thrown into the room. The big metal door slammed and he hissed. “Tom watch over our new inmate.” Heinous commanded. Tom’s eyes stayed lit up and he gave the woman a little bow. Heinous threw marco an evil glare and she walked off, escorted by her other two guards.

“Tom? Tom, do you remember me?” Marco asked, running to the door of the room. But Tom just ignored him, staring forward with his eyes lit up. “Tom look at me!” Marco begged.

“I only follow orders given by my liege.” He bit. Marco fell back, trying to think of something else to say, but his trail of thought was interrupted. Dave came jumped into the hallway and Tom took  fighting stance.

“Marco? Are you in there?’ Dave asked. Marco nodded.

“How’d you get away from the guards?” Marco asked. Dave was about to respond but Tom lunged at him, trying to fight him off.

“Unauthorized being detected. Course of action; eradicate.” Tom seemed like he was talking to himself. Dave took a step back and collect fire around his hands, before a shout stopped him.

“Dave! Don’t you dare hurt him!” Marco yelled.

“He’s about to attack me!” Dave responded.

“We had a deal!” Marco yelled. “Don’t you dare hurt him! He doesn’t know what he’s doing!” MArco tried to struggle against the door. Tom attacked Dave, who countered by mostly dodging and trying to hold the littler demon back.

“Tom! Cut it out!” Dave hissed. “You know you can’t beat me!” He jumped over Tom’s attacks and backed away.

“Then I’ll fight you till my death.” Tom’s voice was low and he pounced at his cousin again, while Marco continued to try and find a way out of his barred and sealed room. Dave made it over and punched the lock with a fiery fist, causing it to explode. At hearing all the commotion, more guards and Heinous began to ran to the group’s location.

“Marco, we have to get out of here!” Dave told him, tugging his shirt.

“I’m not leaving without Tom!” Marco insisted. Dave groaned in annoyance as Marco ran to the demon, who was growling like an animal. He looked like he would kill whatever was crazy enough to go near it. Dave started to back out as he heard the footsteps of the other guards get closer. And while Tom lept at Marco, Marco ran in too. But instead of fighting, Marco grabbed the demon by the hands and kissed him suddenly, causing Tom to freeze. His eyes remained the same, glowing an angry red. But he held still, not moving or making any distinguishable face.

“What the hell?” Dave asked.

“I don’t know…” Marco tilted his head. “In the movies it normally shocks them back to normal.” He explained.

“I don’t think you got him back to normal… but I think you just shocked him.” Dave guessed. Maro turned when guards burst through the big doors. “We’ll figure it out later.” Dave decided, using Heckapoo’s special scissors to open a portal and the three made it safely home.

“Tom? Are you alright?” Marco asked, sitting the demon down on the couch. He was still standing frozen. “It’s like he’s in shock.”

“Well, think,” Dave began “he’s been brainwashed to be nothing but a warrior. He’s been reconditioned so love isn’t something he knows. He doesn’t know anything except following orders. And you just kissed him. I think he truly doesn’t know what to do.” Dave guessed. Marco sat down next to the demon and waved his hand in his face, but there was no response.

“Tommy? Can you hear me?” Marco asked. Tom seemed to move his head slightly and Marco leaned forward. “Tom?”

“What… should I do now?” Tom finally spoke, looking at Marco. He still didn’t have his marks back, and his eyes were still a solid glazed over color. “Marco? What do I do?” He asked.

“You remember me?” Marco asked, with a big smile. Tom only nodded.

“What am I supposed to do?” Tom asked for the third time.

“Nothing, Tom. You can do whatever you want.” Marco assured. Tom then got a confused face with anxiety. He looked forward and started shaking his head.

“No… no, you’re Marco. I’m just a demon… are you a princess? I do what you tell me to do.” Tom started. “I-I remember Marco, Marco and I love each other, right?” He asked. Marco nodded and held Tom’s hand.

“Yes! Yes, we love each other.” Marco assured. Tom closed his eyes tight and rubbed his head. And when he opened his eyes they seemed a little more normal, without that glazed over look and the light was much dimmer. “I think he’s coming to.” Marco noticed. “I think he just needs some time to get adjusted and have it explained to him.” He realized. “He’ll be fine, I think it’ll just take a little time for him to get back to normal.” Marco sighed in relief, knowing that his demon would be okay.

Marco looked up and saw Dave was hardly even paying attention. “Don’t you even care about your cousin’s well being? He just went through a lot, we all did, and you seem like you can’t wait to leave.” Marco crossed his arms. Tom looked up.

“Where are we going?” He asked. Marco sighed and shook his head.

“No, Tom, not you. You just relax.” He told him. Dave scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“We worked together, saved my idiot cousin, the pact is over.” Dave said, making a move to leave. Marco growled at him and put his arm around Tom. Before Dave left he looked over his shoulder. “You know, starting tomorrow I’m going to go back to trying to ruin that kid. Like this whole thing never happened.” Dave warned.

“You’re an asshole.” Marco muttered. “You can’t even give him a few days to recover?” The question was supposed to be rhetorical. And Dave took it that way, until he looked at his cousin and saw the state he was in. He was all washed out and clearly not in his right mind. Dave felt a pang of guilt and what he refused to believe was sympathy.

“Keep him here for a few days, whatever.” Dave mumbled, marching out. “Just… take good care of him.” He sighed, before looking up angrily. “I’m not gonna bother destroying him if he’s already dead on his feet. That takes all the fun out of it.”

Along those lines but not really we have an AU of the heinousstuck AU, staring heinous Dave because the design is super cool. TW for gore, experimentation, and torture, I guess. 

The lab is a really weird place. It’s government funded and it seems like everyone that works there is a little bit off, y'know? Well, whatever, who isn’t. Dirk starts working there as an intern. He’s studying science-y stuff and this look great on his resume in the future. He has to sign about a million vaguely threatening contracts and pleads saying he won’t give away secrets, he’ll tell no one about what goes on at the lab, slipping something to someone might result in death, blah blah blah. 

But it’s the government, all the contracts are like that, am I right? 

What he finds shocks him. 

Dave is the lab pet. He wasn’t always the lab pet, he was probably just a normal boy at one point that was either related to a scientists or he was just pulled off the streets, but he’s not a human boy anymore. He’s all stitched up, bloodied, he has a fucking sword through his stomach. It’s pretty clear he can’t fly with his wings but he uses them to flutter around, he never fully stands up, just kind of lopes and flutters around on all fours. He’s a marvel of science one guy claims, petting the thing’s soft black hair as it makes this weird, guttural, purring sound. 

At first he was just an experiment and it was painful and horrible for him, but he doesn’t remember that now. Nothing hurts anymore. The scientist can take the sword in his chest out and the wound heals right back up. If they stab it back in, no matter where they stab, nothing seems to happen. He doesn’t feel pain. It’s weird because he’s always covered in blood even though all of his injuries are healed. The scientists have tried cleaning it off but it somehow pops back on. They thought he was attacking people at first but no, it just appears there. None of them mind anymore. If Dave rubs against them and gets blood everywhere they just laugh. 

He’s an attention whore, like a weird cat that wants to be in everyone’s business, always headbutting people’s legs in an attempt to get pet. He does tricks. He sits and lays down on command. They don’t really know how intelligent he is, though. His tongue and voice box work fine but the never speaks. They just don’t question it. 

Dirk is so freaked out and this thing just follows him around. It’s movements are jerky and bird like and it’s so weird, always demanding to be pet and Dirk is afraid to touch him. 

He has to stay at the lab and he’s woken up quite a few times with Dave in his room, crouched over him and god damn for a guy that can keep his cool he just fucking screams and screams and screams until Dave goes scampering out of the room.

Dirk falls in love with another scientist there, Jake English, who’s studying animal life and behavior. 

Things don’t work about. Dirk’s heartbroken. 

His only comfort comes in the form of a very curious Dave who starts poking around, notices Dirk is upset, and starts doing tricks in an attempt to cheer him up. It always makes the other scientists happy! But it doesn’t make Dirk happy so in the end he just sits there, head on Dirk’s knee, and evenly Dirk figures if he just pets the damn thing it’ll leave him alone. He tires and Dave sits there making these weird cooing sounds and it’s kind of really relaxing. 

Dave speaks. Broken sentences, light mumbles of comfort, and it’s so weird and surreal and after that Dave just follows Dirk around and Dirk no longer minds it, he pets Dave like everyone else, lets Dave stick around to watch him work. When he wakes up and Dave is curled at the foot of his bed, he’s okay with it.

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