heinkel 111 bomber


So the man working at this part of the museum allowed me the pleasure to step past the display border and get up close to both the BF109 and Heinkel 111 Bomber. Two major parts of the largest German WWII aircraft collection in the world! I’m very humbled to have been able to see these incredible aircraft so close… There are very few intact Messerschmitt 109s left, this was a very big day for me. Thank you RAF London, I won’t soon forget this!

A Heinkel He 111 bomber squadron III. / KG.26. This bears the insignia of squaring “Vestigium Leonis” the latin “The footprint of Leon”. The members of the crew for Egypt bought “Hans” (lion cub photo) at a local market. At the back of each mission and among dozens of aircraft “Hans” always found the plane of their owners.