Fans ship you with Matsumoto. What is your reaction?

*cough* I can stop whenever I want.

[Because previously there was:

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Hisagi: YES PLEA- <<collapses from intense nosebleed>>

Kira: I always end up in my underwear when I’m around Matsumoto. She scares me a little.

Hitsugaya: Look, I’d be happy if she just did her work. She doesn’t need MORE distractions!

Orihime: Well…she is the only one who likes my cooking!

Renji: Is she into tattoos? Because I have WAY more tattoos than Hisagi.

I don’t care how hot she is! A good man does not give into temptation!

I-I don’t think Aizen would approve.

H-her boobs are the size of my head!

Byakuya: …I notice that wasn’t a no, Rukia.

I would never sleep with that old woman!

Chad: We did fight a whale together. I think there’s a bond.

Aizen: No.

Yumichika: She IS beautiful. Not as beautiful as me, of course. But still beautiful.

Ikkaku: Depends on whether “killing hollows” counts as a date or not.

Yoruichi: Her sword is a kitty, I’m a kitty. I can see it.

Gin: I DO like blondes. <<quietly>> And I love her.