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tekstiviestimies  asked:

oossä kertonu näille jo fingerporista?

This guy was asking me if I’ve told you guys about Fingerpori, and how I wish again that you all would understand Finnish, because these comics are freaking hilarious. But all the jokes are basically based on untranslatable puns/verbal play so these can’t really be translated into English. 

For example on the comic above, the guy (Heimo Vesa) says pitää näitä kuitenkin sovittaa, “I should try these on anyway”. However, at the fitting room he encounters Jesus who stops him by saying minä olen sovittanut nämäkin puolestasi, “I have atoned these for you as well”. The joke is that sovittaa means both “to try on” and “to atone” in Finnish. and I have ruined the joke by explaining it but yeah take a look this glorious comic called Fingerpori and try to imagine how funny it would be if you could understand it.