Favourite bits in Thor: Ragnarok



- Hulk acting like a 5 year old. “Don’t leave!” Cue him throwing something. 
- When Thor gets thrown around by Hulk in the arena and Loki is like YES THAT’S HOW IT FEELS
- Thor’s expanded lightening abilities are amazing
- The snake story had me in stitches. Thor’s face looked so disgusted at the memory of it and Loki is just sat there smirking
- Valkyrie’s backstory
- When Bruce throws himself out of the ship, but doesn’t hulk out in time so he hits the bifrost. That literally got the biggest laugh in the cinema!
- The grandmaster and his melt stick
- Korg (aka rock guy). He had the best one liners oh my god
- “Asgard is not a place. It’s a people”
- Thor not falling for any of Loki’s tricks/ betrayals anymore
- Thor and Loki teaming up <3
- “If you were really here I might give you a hug.” “I’m here.” *cue me crying*
- Bruce and his very tight Tony trousers
- Dead Doug
- Korg and his rock paper scissors joke
- Valkyrie beating the shit out of everyone
- I see you Loki side eyeing the tesserect
- Heimdell looking fine while he saves everyone
- The score!!!
- Thor continuously repeating the sun is getting real low to try and calm Bruce down
- Get help
- “It is I, your saviour”

This film is a gift. 

A Way Out

Prompt request: when you get the time, could you write a loki x reader where she’s from asgard as well and when she discovers he was being held in the avengers tower she makes thor take her to him and it’s a fluffy reunion with cuddles and kisses??

Characters: Loki, Thor, Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Thank you so much for the request, anon! I hope this is what you were looking for. Feel free to send me more requests. As always, thanks for reading!

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You stormed up the stairs that led to Odin’s palace, easily sidestepping the sentries that tried to prevent you from entering. You found your target quickly enough…his red cape was almost impossible to miss.

“Thor!” you shouted. The leader of Asgard begrudgingly turned to face you. “Where is he?” you demanded as you stalked right up to him.

“That is none of your concern,” he replied, trying to push past you.

“It absolutely is,” you said, following him out of the palace. The glow from the Bifrost Bridge cast a rainbow light in the evening sky.

“Leave it be, Lady Y/N,” Thor begged.

You still refused to take no for an answer. “But I can help,” you insisted. “He listens to me.” You hurried in front of him and placed both hands on his chest armor. “Please.” Your eyes were wide and pleading.

Thor sighed. “He might not want to see you,” he warned.

You stepped back and nodded firmly. “Then at least I’ll have my answer.”

Without another word, Thor continued his journey to the Bifrost Bridge with you by his side. Heimdell stood patiently, waiting to send you off to Midgard.

You had only traveled via the Bifrost Bridge once, and it was an experience you were not too keen to repeat. By the time you and Thor landed, your stomach was churning and your head was spinning.

“How do you ever get used to that?” you grumbled as Thor effortlessly recovered.

He smirked at your disorientation. “Practice.” He looked up and pointed to a large tower with an A emblazoned on the side. “This is where Loki is being kept.”

You swallowed and felt your heart leap into your chest. You were finally going to see Loki after everything he had done. You had to jog to keep up with Thor who had already walked up to the tower’s entrance. The guards simply waved him through, clearly familiar with his arrival techniques.

After walking through several hallways and taking an elevator down many floors, you arrived at a dark, cemented hallway. The light ding was a sharp contrast to your dank surroundings. Your breath shuddered as you passed empty cells guarded by bulletproof windows. They contained nothing more than a bed and toilet, and your jaw clenched at the barrenness before you. Thor finally stopped in front of the cell at the end of the hall.

You had seen Loki’s cell while he had still been captive on Asgard, and this one was fairly similar. Whoever was in charge let him have an ornate bed and stacks of books. You even saw what you recognized as a “television”, as Thor once called it.

Loki was casually lounging on the bed in a loose, white shirt and black pants. His mother would have had a fit if she had seen him in such simple clothes. His eyes barely peered over his novel to acknowledge Thor’s presence.

“Hello, brother,” he greeted, his tone one of boredom. “Come to yell at me some more?”

Thor cleared his throat and rolled his eyes, clearly not in the mood for his brother’s games. “I am here to negotiate your return to Asgard,” he announced.

“Return to Asgard?” Loki gasped dramatically. He slammed his book shut and pounced off the bed. “Why if only I was to be so lucky-” His voice stopped dead when his eyes finally landed on you. In fact, his heart practically stopped. He looked back to Thor. “What is she…” His voice trailed off and his cocky demeanor vanished.

“Hello, my love,” you said softly.

“Consider her visit a reward for good behavior,” Thor said. “I shall be back after the negotiations are complete. You have until then to speak.” He glanced briefly between the two of you before walking away, a smirk playing on his lips.

“Thor?” you called after him. “I want to go inside his cell.”

Thor muttered something under his breath about you “being difficult” before turning his head to the ceiling. “Tony?” A sharp buzzing filled the air as this “Tony” released a small panel on the bullet-proof glass. You had to wiggle a bit to fit, but soon, you and Loki shared the same space.

Loki still had a look of absolute disbelief at your presence. He walked around you, his eyes boring over every inch of your body. You blushed under his intense gaze, and shivered as his fingers traced lightly over your arm to make sure you were actually standing there. He finally stood so close before you that you could feel his soft breath on your skin.

“Are you real?” he whispered, his lips barely brushing yours. You answered him by cupping your hands around his face and bringing your lips together. His kiss was soft and sweet, and he pulled you closer to him. He broke the kiss and nuzzled against your neck. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders and hugged him.

“Was that real enough for you?” you asked.

Loki merely chuckled, but his breath became ragged as you played with the hem of his shirt and moved your hands over the hard planes of his stomach.

“Careful,” he said, grabbing your wrists in his cool grip. “There is always someone watching.” His eyes wandered over to the top left corner of his cell and you saw a blinking camera staring back at you.

“Let them watch,” you scoffed.

“Absolutely not,” Loki shot back. “Your body is mine and mine alone to worship. No one else’s.”

You giggled and kissed his nose. “And your brother was worried you wouldn’t want to see me.”

“And deny myself the most exquisite beauty in all of the realms?” Loki shook his head. “Never.”

You bit your lip and sauntered over to his bed. You slide up to the top and propped yourself up with one of his pillows. “Care to join me?” you asked, patting the empty space next to you. His eyes went warily to the camera. “Just to talk,” you clarified.

Well, how could he say no to that?

In a flash, Loki was on the bed, pulling you to rest against his chest. You hummed contentedly as his slender fingers found his way to your hair. Your own hand pushed up his shirt sleeve and traced absent-minded patterns against his bare arm. His heartbeat thumped rhythmically under your head, and Loki closed his eyes. If he imagined hard enough, it was almost as if he was back in his palace in Asgard with you instead of a cell ten yards under the ground.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, breaking the silence.

“Shhh,” you replied, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “We can discuss apologies later. For now, let’s enjoy this moment.”

Loki’s hand moved from your hair down to the bare spot between your neck and shirt. “I wish I were free from these chains,” he admitted.

“Perhaps there is a way,” you suggested, causing him to raise his eyebrows.

Before he could question you, Thor returned with a man dressed in a red, white, and blue uniform. Captain America, no doubt.

“It seems our time is up,” you sighed, reaching around to hug Loki’s neck. He shivered as something cool and smooth slid down his back. You stood up and gave him one last searing kiss, causing the Captain to turn a brilliant shade of red.

“Goodbye, Y/N,” Loki said fondly from his spot on the bed as you crawled back out the tiny panel. You waved and before he knew it, you were ripped from him once again.

He shifted on the bed causing whatever you had put down his shirt to fall on the mattress. He picked up his book and repositioned himself so the object was within his view but not the camera’s. He glanced at the stone while simultaneously turning to the next page in his book to avoid suspicion. But he couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips as he realized exactly what you had given him.

You had given him a way out.

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You are mine, mine to me; Loki x child reader pt.1

Here’s a nice little crossover fic for you guys. Inspired by the clips that came out just before the 2016 The Jungle Book came to theaters the scene where Raksha talks to mowgli as he leaves the pack had me in tears when I first saw it and I thought “God this would be Loki if he had to give up his child to their rightful parents” and so this was born. I do NOT own Loki, Thor, Legolas or Thranduil they each belong to either Marvel or Tolkien. 

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During a peace treaty visit through Vanaheim, Thor, Loki, Lady Sif and the Warriors 3 were speaking with the high council who just happened to be Hogun’s father.  They spent over 2 hours discussing their treaty between their realms as well as discussing about the invaders that had threatened to strike any day now.  Completely bored with all this political stuff, Loki illusioned himself out without anyone noticing and now appeared in the forests of Vanaheim.

As he walked around the clear his head, the silence of the woods was broken by a strange sound. He had heard crying and it sounded close by.  Loki went to investigate and soon came across a small baby.  She was wrapped up in a blanket but to his horror it was stained in blood.  He didn’t know why he did what he did next but his heart was telling him to take care of the child and heal her from this pain.

Once he picked her up, her crying seemed to diminish and she just looked up and whimpered at him with red teary eyes.  Loki removed the blanket hoping he wouldn’t find what he was thinking of what would be there, fortunately there was no wound but the child was practically freezing to the touch.

“How long were you out here little one? Poor child you’re half frozen”.  He then took his green cape and wrapped it around the child for extra warmth as she whimpered softly.  “Shhhh, shhh, it’s okay, it’s okay”.  Once she was wrapped up nice and snug, he gently rocked her close to his chest and said, “How did you get way out here?” As he looked down at the child who was now cooing happily up at him, he began to think if she had been abandoned by her parents? If not then were they dead and she was taken for ransom?

Either way he found the child so she was his responsibility now.  Plus looking down at her so happy filled Loki with something he thought he had lost long ago when his jealousy for Thor had overcame him.

Happiness and love.

He smiled down at the baby and he held her close and whispered softly to her.

“I promise you, whatever life you’ve had before, will be forgotten. I’ll take care of you as if you were my own, my sweet little dove”. Loki kissed her forehead and the baby yawned tiredly and snuggled into Loki’s chest gripping some of his armor with her tiny hands.  His heart seem to just melt at the sight of her and he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he held her closer to him and rocked her softly.

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I Know I Shouldn't (Part 3)

Loki x OC

Warnings: language, violence, mild romance 

A/N: I am including characters from actual Norse mythology, as well as from the movie franchize. There might be some spoilers, I’m not writing this with any specific time line in mind.

I hurt.

I hurt, but not like before.

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The Infiltration (Loki x Reader)

Rating: T

Summary: It’s up to you, the Reader, to break into a former Hydra facility and retrieve an old kill code book, vital in stopping a future detonation.

You hadn’t initially thought of going off book for this mission, but since the rest of your team was either locked up or under the thumb of the corrupted government, it was the only move left to make. It was up to you now to retrieve Hydra’s old kill code book from the forties, as they were planning on detonating a weapon they’ve had locked up for seventy years. After converting the codes to a flash drive years ago, it was said they never destroyed the book itself. You needed to find the code book, then get it into the hands of someone who isn’t a mole to stop this attack.

You climb over the chain link fence surrounding an abandoned warehouse and book it to the alleyway beside it. Before your team had been disassembled, you all had kept tabs on this place for months before planning an infiltration, only to come to the conclusion that this Hydra facility was no longer operational and suspected this is where they were stashing the codes. So what better time to strike than the present? You believed you were fully capable of running this kind of solo mission. It would be a piece of cake.

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Thor introduced Darcy to Loki. Four days later, everyone regretted it. Thor and the Warriors Three had MLP tattoos. Odin’s beard was rainbow colors. Sif had a new haircut and a nose piercing. A few other choice Asgardians had their bed short-sheeted. Frigga and Heimdell were amused.

SHIELD found the two in a Waffle House near Busch Gardens Williams. They were surrounded by an army of stuffed animals and planning the next step of their amusement park whirlwind tour. 

That’s how Darcy became Loki’s handler.

You are mine, mine to me pt. 2

Here is second part of you are mine, mine to me. Here is where we’re introduced to our LOTR/Hobbit characters and where the crossover truly begins.  Be prepared for angst feelings, minor hints of malnourished but I promise you they end in fluff all things work out in the end :)


When we landed I took notice that we were surrounded by nothing but green landscape and a huge forest was just ahead of us.  Soon I could hear the sound of horses’ whinnying coming close to us, then riding up to us was a male elf with long blonde almost whitish hair, blue eyes and wearing elvish riding clothes.  He had on a quiver full of arrows and a bow strapped to his back, his face stern as he rode up to me and Thor which made me feel even more scared especially since now I didn’t have daddy to comfort me. Along with him were what I assumed to be the guards uncle Thor spoke of back on Asgard.

“Is this the child you spoke of?” The male elf said.

“Yes Legolas Thranduilion, this is her”.  The elf known as Legolas whom grandma claimed to be the name of my big brother skillfully and was grace got off his white horse and came up to me softening his eyes as he began to observe me.

“May I see your right hand young one?” I turned to Uncle Thor for approval and he nodded and said.

“Go on”.  I slowly moved my sleeve up and shyly showed him my right hand.  He took it with the most gentlest of touches and he turned my hand over palm facing up revealing my star birthmark on the underside of my wrist.  Legolas’ eyes seemed to widen then he looked into my eyes and he muttered.

“You have her eyes, and the same mark”. He then revealed that he had the same birthmark I did on the same hand, same place.  He and I locked eyes with each other and I heard one of the guards say as I was taken by my supposed older brother.

“But it can’t be—”

“But it is Feren, this is my sister”. Soon the Elvish guard placed their right hand over their hearts and kneeled before me.  Even though I’ve been raised as a princess in Asgard, seeing these Elves bow before me felt a little weird almost not right because I had been raised in Asgard my whole life, and now I’m suddenly taken from the comforts of my own home and placed into a new place as a true princess from an isolated realm.  “Thank you Thor Odinson, we’ll take her home now”.  Thor nodded his head then he turned to me.

“It’ll be alright (y/n), never forget that I’ll always still see you as my little niece, whenever I can I’ll come to visit you soon”.  He gently rubbed my head and kissed the top of my head and soon he called Heimdell to open the Bifrost and soon the only family of Asgard I had left was gone.

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blaqwing  asked:

When you were writing the ending to the Ares vs Sentry fight in Siege 2 how did you describe the ending to Coipel?

the formatting falls apart on tumblr but here is the script…

Page 16- 17 

Double page spread 

1- Ext. Asgard

High looking down on Iron Patriot. He is flying up to the battle. Moonstone/ Ms. Marvel at his side. She is as shocked to be looking up to see the horror that is about to happen.

MOONSTONE @#$%, is he going to-?

2- Ext. Sky

Ares is struggling. Fighting with his last breath. The Sentry has him in a death grip.

ARES Ggkk!!

3- Big panel. Across both pages.

The Sentry pulls Ares apart. Just Like he pulled Carnage apart in the first New Avengers arc. A bloody, horrible explosion. The Sentry’s face a blank emotionless void.

Ares is dead.

Olivier- the rest on this spread looks like a crossword puzzle of little square reaction shots of all the players. With a smattering of the squares blacked out completely. Representing the void.

If you want to bleed this motif under the larger panels. Go right ahead.

The pieces of the reaction montage include:


4- Hawkeye/ Bullseye has his arrow up, but he saw it. Ares is dead. Even the psycho Hawkeye takes pause at the shocking sight.

5- Maria hill at the window of a hotel with high powered binoculars. Mouth open.

6- High looking down at the stunned gathered townspeople.

7- The press on the ground. Their mouths wide open.

8- Venom is eating a horse but pauses to see the insanity.

9- The reporters on the roof. Not sure what they have seen.

10- The Ufoes. Look at each other. Is this where they want to be?

11- Balder, his sword covered in blood, is horrified.

12- Sif is getting her second wind but stops to see…

13- The Taskmaster is looking for his next fight. Panicked

14- Iron Patriot is stoic. Emboldened.

15- Heimdell is feeling every second of the mental and physical pain. He cries out in anguish.

16- Tight on the Sentry. Who is now almost completely the void. He turns and looks down. Right for us. Like the reader may be next.

Aerndis: Be careful you don’t fall in.
Heimdall: I want to know what you gave to Sif. I want to know if it is permanent, or if it is something she can fight against.
Aerndis: That’s an interesting question. And a more interesting turn of phrase.
Heimdall: An uncontrollable force fights on no side but it’s own. She is no good to herself or to Asgard. I had to do something.
Aerndis: Asgard has found much use for the Berzerkers before, I will remind you.
Heimdall: It is now what I want for her!
Aerndis: But what if it’s what she wants for herself? What have you done with her, Heimdall?

– From Journey Into Mystery #648 by Kathryn Immonen, art by Valerio Schiti

The fact that Sif’s choices are not those her much-older brother (and closest male family member) would prefer she make is something of a theme in these first few issues, and it’s refreshing to see someone come out and tell Heimdall that what *he* wants for her doesn’t matter for shit, it’s Sif’s life and Sif’s decision to make.

Avengers Part One


Sena had finally made it. She was so close to him that she could almost feel him. Her heart was racing as she pressed on the gas pedal, accelerating faster towards her destination. 20 minutes later and she was cruising through the streets of Puente Antiguo. It was filled with destruction and small fires here and there. As she saw a familiar silver form she stopped the car and got out, moving closer until she was standing beside the Destroyer. Something had transpired here and the Destroyer had been taken out for now. She looked around at the buildings but there didn’t seem to be anyone left in the town. 

The ground rumbled below her feet and she turned just in time to see a light streaming down from the clouds. It was lifting up several forms, transporting them back to Asgard. She felt relief swelling in her chest as she raced back to the car. Other agents were descending now to collect the remains of the Destroyer which should’ve concerned her but she didn’t care about that right now. She had a chance to go home. She got back into the car and made a sharp 180 degree turn, heading towards where she had seen the stream of light. She drove as fast as the car would allow on the sandy desert road. The car skidded to a halt after 20 more minutes of driving and she got out of the car racing towards the large symbol that had been scorched into the earth. She was finally going to go home. The happiness that consumed her was overwhelming. She ignored the other people that were there, finding them to be minor distractions and stood in the circle. “Heimdell!” She shouted and saw the clouds start to come together, lighting streaking across the sky. The Bi-frost was opening, she couldn’t believe it. “Yes! Bring me home!” She shouted again and the storm grew more wild, the electricity become more and more charged in the atmosphere around them. 

All of a sudden it shattered and the storm dissipated. It didn’t take her but more than a second to realize what had happened. “NO!” She screamed out in pain. The Bi-frost had been destroyed and so had her only chance of going home. She stared up at the sky, her body filled with pain over losing her only hope of being reunited with Thor and Asgard. Sena turned away from the scorch mark on the ground and walked back to the car, driving back to Puente Antiguo. She had a job to do.

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