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Things in the new Ragnarok Trailer that give me life
  • The colours!!?! Honestly!? I could look at it all day
  • Valkyrie in her armour
  • And then when she’s riding into battle good lord 
  • Bruce Banner
  • The pure smiles on Thor’s face despite the situation (honestly I have never seen a hero who smiles as much as him)
  • The fist bump 
  • That brief moment where we see Heimdall
  • Hela and her whole look  
  • “Did I win?” 
  • He’s v confused 
  • Loki as part of Team Thor and not as a 2D villain 
  • The God of Thunder!
  • “Smouldering fire” (and Thor’s little begrudging smile)
  • Hulk  talking!! 
Frost (Chapter Twenty Three)

This is it guys! Our last chapter! I can’t thank you all enough for going along on this ride with me, encouraging me every day to keep writing when I felt discouraged. This wasn’t an easy story to write, with all the dynamics and the rare OT3 paring, but I am so happy with it and I am so glad you all have loved this as much as I did.
Can’t wait to hear your final thoughts on it :)


Enjoy :)

“I am worried about Loki.” Thor admitted one day as he and Tony sat in the garden spending some much needed quiet time together. Loki was sequestered away in the library, searching for a particular book and had waved them away, saying he would join them later.

“Ever since we learned of this threat, of Thanos, he has not been himself. Even this, opting to stay in the library instead of with us is… unusual. Especially since we have only been home for a day. It is unlike him to even let you out of his sight so soon after returning.

“I know.” Tony nodded. “Does he have nightmares when you are traveling as well? Or are they just when he is home?”

“You have heard him.” Thor sounded upset. “I had hoped you would sleep through them.”

“If anyone knows what a nightmare sounds like, it’s me.” Tony said ruefully, idly plucking the petals from a daisy. “He isnt very loud, but it still wakes me.”

“He dreams of his time when he was captured.” Thor sighed. “When we are away, they are worse, and he hardly sleeps at all. When he does sleep, it is pressed against me as if I can save him from whatever is in his dreams. Yet he refuses to speak of them.”

“Yeah, I know how that goes.” Tony tossed away the mangled daisy. “I think I know how to fix them. His nightmares I mean.”

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To Asgard

Warnings: Mentions of death, dying, and gore.

So this is how I am to go? He ponders. 

His sardonic laughter is raspy as his lungs fill with blood. He has taken down more than he can count in the last short burst. Bloodied, mutilated corpses lay in uneven piles around him and there’s just the vaguest sound of cheering.

The battle is won. He has taken the country and he can tell simply by his army’s cheers. There is not a sound in this muddy realm that is more identifiable than his people screaming in victory. 

If only he could join them. 

Damn the Gods. This is plain irony now. Ivar has come so far, has became so strong for a moment such as this. And now he is surrounded by vacant entities, and an almost soundproof barrier between him and his people. 

But soon there is wailing in his honor as they take notice. For once, people love him as much as they fear him… For once, the blood that covers him is his own. Ivar the Boneless. Succumbing to his wounds. The lifelong pain of his legs is nothing now compared to what has torn through his abdomen. What leaks out of his throat. Wounds easy to ignore at first in all his adrenaline. But then he had become so tired. He had never felt so tired in his life. Even in his childhood, crawling about as people poked and prodded his sides. 

King Ivar. 

He was King Ivar to them now. Not ‘cripple’. Not ‘boneless’. He conquered and ruled, and raided even more. No one had power stronger than his - no one commanded an army as big or as loyal. Only the Gods knew if there would be one greater than he. His tale was certain to be told for centuries to come.

But did it matter so much, now, as he lay dying in a field?

For he knew he was dying. He had his share of injuries. Share of blood spilt. There would be no coming back from this and he felt it just as purely as he did his tiredness. 

He watched the ravens circle, already making a meal of the fresh sacrifices made that day. A feast to Odin - so be it. He merely hoped to die before they picked hungrily at him next. 

Tears filled his eyes as the clouds above him parted; bright rays of sun shone brighter on him now than they had his entire life. It was his Valkyrie. Coming to collect him. It was a comforting sight.

Soon he would be with Father. With Mother. Drinking in the halls of their Gods. Would he have the use of his legs in Valhalla? Surely, he would be granted that solace. A weak smile pulled at his lips as he allowed himself to imagine it as vividly as he had dreamed it through all his days. Yes. He would walk. His legs would be as thick and sturdy as the strongest men he had laid such envious eyes on, once upon a time.

Lightning struck and his Valkyrie descended. A dull thrum reverberated at his side. He would have turned his head to look if he had the strength to move.

But what stepped into his vision was not a Valkyrie. 

It was a man who appeared even stronger than the strongest men he had envied once before. Taller. Blonde hair so platinum that the rays of sunlight left a glowing aura surrounding his skull.

“It has been a long time I have wanted to meet you, Ivar the Boneless,” a deep voice sounded. An accent almost as thick as his own. This man could have the resonance to suggest a life thousands of years old, and yet he appeared not much older than Ivar. And the armor he wore… so glinting and clean. A cape colored in red as vibrant as the blood that pooled beneath Ivar’s own body. 

Ivar tried to laugh again. Blood littered his lips where it should have echoed. 

“It is Thor who greets you, not your Valkyrie.” 

There is a rattling in Ivar’s chest as he struggles to laugh once more. He licks his bloodied lips and dares to raise his eyebrows.

“You are a mirage,” he rasps. “Thor mocks me now, sending me a vision of you instead of a beautiful woman with breasts as plump as fresh bread.”

The blonde giant chuckles and takes a knee beside Ivar. He raises his hand; there is another strike of lightning as the enormous hammer comes soaring obediently into his fist. 

“I am no mirage, Ivar.” He gestures with the hammer, smiling as he spots the recognition and disbelief in Ivar’s eyes. “Perhaps you have heard the tales of this?” 

Ivar shudders as a wave of pain courses through his failing body. His eyes are wide in anger; if he is to die, he would like to do so in peace. Not as a joke to the Gods he has pledged his life to. He spits a wad of blood at the man.

“That is King Ivar to you…. Whoever you are - you will remember it.

“I will.” He agrees. “And so will we all in my realm. We have kept a watchful eye on you.” 

“Impressed by the cripple?” Ivar hisses. 

“There is not a soul such as your own,” he settles for. “Even Heimdall watches over you when I cannot.” 

Ivar’s anger dissipates as quickly as his sadness overcomes him. “Do not play with me so… I have died honorably. For once - take care of my heart. It is all I ask of my last moment.” 

To his surprise, the would-be-Thor smiles fiercely. “That is why I am here.” 

“To tease a dying man?”

“To offer you another choice,” the blonde argues. “To give Ivar, son of Ragnar Lothbrok, a chance at more than this.”

Ivar scoffs, choking again on the liquid life-source that only intends to drown him now. “There is no more for someone like me.” 

“I would disagree,” he counters. A thud sounds against the soggy dirt next to Ivar’s shoulder, and he manages to turn his head just far enough to see the hammer glinting at his side. Something in his putrid heart tells him it is Mjölnir . But it cannot be… Surely, it cannot be?

“Ivar Ragnarsson, I wish to give you another chance. A chance to be more than a war monger,” he gestures at the soon to be corpse. “To perhaps have a greater gift than the ability to sack and raid.”

“I have fended for my people.” Ivar grits out through red teeth. “I have fended for myself!”

Thor reaches out to him, strokes the muddied, bloodied hair from Ivar’s forehead. The tears fall from Ivar’s eyes now… Could this be real? Is this his God? Would they choose to remain so cruel to him, to make him think they care for him as such?

“I can see your thoughts, young Ivar. It is not my intention to be cruel.”

Ivar sobs and manages to clutch Thor’s hand in his. “Then what is it you want of me? Have I not suffered enough? It may just be my time to die.” 

“I would ask you live a life of love and happiness. If you will it.”

His eyes roll back as his organs begin to fail. Limbs feel cold and he reeks of something rotten. “Perhaps you are Loki.”

Thor grins. “I am not. But you could meet him, too, one day. If you let me have you.” 

Ivar has no room to argue anymore. His days of argument and bickering are over. There is nothing left in him now. 

“If it would please you, Thor,” Ivar says dryly. “Take me away. To the Gods. To Asgard, if you must.” He frowns, giving one last fleeting look at the murky brown, red, and green that surrounds him. “This world is done with me.”

Thor takes Ivar’s hand and makes him grip around Mjölnir; to his surprise, the hulking tool is easily lifted from the dirt. As easily as it is for Thor to scoop Ivar in his arms and stand to his daunting height. 

Ivar is losing consciousness. Mjölnir is back in Thor’s hand before Ivar can drop it, and Thor is raising it toward the sky. Signalling to Heimdall to open the gates. It is time to return with someone just as equally worthy of the Gods above.

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Dangerous: Chapter Three

Request: Hi! Could you do a oneshot or multi chapter where reader is Tony’s daughter & Avenger who falls in love w/ Loki. They have a Joker/Harley type relationship (minus the abuse) & even tho she loves her dad & team, she becomes a villain for loki. Thanks!  

Summary: Stark is the name I was born into. Being Tony Stark’s kid meant a lot of things, namely everyone looking to you and protecting you. I’m not some princess needing to be protected. That’s what I’ve told myself anyway. When Loki appears, I feel ready to worship a king.

Starts during the Avengers movie then I kinda write my own thing.

Triggers Throughout The Series: Angst. Drama. Violence. Smut. Romance.

Triggers This Chapter: Minor depression. Drama! Minor action. SCARED THOR!

Masterlist coming soon

Enjoy ;D

How long had it been since I’d seen Loki? A day? A week? Doesn’t matter. I missed him, and I hated it. There had to be some way I could maybe get a hold of Thor to see him, right? I mean, I knew he was being imprisoned in Asgard, but I needed to know.

My hand was drumming a light rhythm as I looked out the window. “Y/N…Y/N?”

That’s not my name. My name is Sigyn. Not Y/N Stark. I just kept staring out the window, watching the city of New York. Below, there was still clean-up in the city, conducted by SHIELD operatives of course.

I didn’t realize that Bruce had sighed, leaning back in his seat as he watched me. He was worrying, I know, but I couldn’t help it. I was in my own world…More or less, I was mentally with Loki who had apparently done some spell to heal any marks he’d left on me. Good thing too. Dad might’ve killed him for it.

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I know I Shouldn’t (Part 11)

Loki x OC

Warnings: Language, violence, angst

A/N: This series if starting to get close to ending, I hope everyone has enjoyed it! If anyone would like to be tagged in any future Loki updates, let me know and I’ll add you to the list. I do not always post them regularly, there can be weeks inbetween, and I don’t want anyone to miss out. Oh, and also, I would love it if anyone would like to check out my novel! Haunted, by Kelly Madison can be found on Amazon for three dollars, and there’s an excerpt you can read to see if it’s your thing or not.

I sat in the chair in Eir’s healing quarters, watching as she moved around the room. She was hustling, trying to gather all the healing tonics she had in reserve, making more as quickly as she could.

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Gates of Glory, Part 6

Loki x Reader

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Y/N watched Heimdall to make sure no one used the Bifrost whilst Loki was absent. Whilst standing there above Asgard, Y/N thought about Vanaheim, the place she had banned from her memories and thoughts for so long now. Outrunning it was pointless as vengeance clouded her mind, and something told her that the future was too intense for her being occupied with something else. She knew that it would be hard. Not going to Vanaheim, that was actually rather simple. Getting the job done was something she had wanted to do her entire life. No, it was hard because it meant that in the wake of the attack of Jotunheim - once she knew that Frigga was save - she would have to disappear. And, to keep Loki out of Vanaheim, it was likely that she’d died. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to reach that conclusion. Heimdall won’t be able to see or hear Y/N and no one but Frigga would know where she was. To Asgard, Y/N would be considered dead. Silently, Y/N clenched her teeth. How in the world did people attach themselves to others? All it brought was hesitation, fear, guilt and pain. And yet, apparently, it was not a choice one could make.

“How did he take it?”, Y/N asked once Loki returned.

“He accepted it. With tears”, Loki replied, “What did you expect?”

“I did not say I am surprised. I assume the Bifrost is closed?”, Y/N asked and turned to the gatekeeper’s sphere.

“The Bifrost is closed and Laufey”, Loki huffed darkly in amusement, “Well, he accepted.”

“It comes as no surprise. An offer to kill the All-father does not come often”, Y/N replied and pressed her lips together, “When will they come?”

“Soon. But not just yet. Heimdall is loyal, but he is sharp. He knew I was in Jotunheim and that he could not see me”, Loki replied flatly. His gaze wandered around in the room, fixating on the Bifrost in front of them.

“Never trust loyalty”, Y/N spoke coldly without looking at the prince, “Once you do, they wield great power.”

“You can be a warrior in isolation, but you cannot be a king”, Loki replied and watched Y/N from the side.

“Sitting on a golden throne, in a palace shielded from all harm, in the realm above all the others… what is your definition of isolation, Loki?”, Y/N asked and turned towards him.

“Is there anyone you trust?”, he asked.

Y/N huffed: “I trust myself. And, if it is any comfort to you, I trust you.”

“Me from all people”, he lifted an eyebrow in scepticism, “Might be a poor choice.”

“The key to my trust is not friendliness, nor unwavering companionship. But until now, I feel that you and I think similarly. Outside the box. And”, Y/N bit the inner rim of her lower lip, “Somewhat driven by the desire of redemption.”

There was a long and intense silence between the two. Y/N let out a breath and grabbed her sword: “I shall return to Odin’s chamber now. I will guard Frigga with my life, you have my word.” Y/N walked towards the door without uttering another word.


Y/N stopped without turning around: “Any additional orders?”

“Don’t be careless.”

Y/N smiled faintly: “Yes. You too.” She felt a sting when adding: “Good bye.”


In a matter of moments, Y/N wiped these emotions and thoughts away. She had orders which she had to follow, and a goal she had to reach. There was no time to hesitate and no time to think about heartbreaks.

Frigga sat beside Odin, quietly, holding his hand. Y/N tried to grasp the idea of this quiet moment turning into a possibly lethal situation in the next hours.

“You look worried”, Frigga spoke silently.

“I do not only look worried, I am”, Y/N answered, “It has been… a rough week.”

“It has been hard for all of us”, Frigga agreed, “I feel like I have lost two sons in a matter of hours.”

“I am sorry”, Y/N replied without taking her eyes off her sword as she realised that she herself had lost no son, but herself. It had been so easy to fight, to live without anyone to care about. Life turned out to be much harder when one worried about not just oneself, but someone else.

“Frigga”, Y/N said calmly, “Do you believe in fate?”

“Everything happens for a purpose. How one wishes to call it, is up to them”, Frigga replied, “Why?”

Y/N shook her head: “Just… sheer curiosity.”


“What was that?”

“Stay down”, Y/N commanded and pulled her sword, “you have to go.”

“I will not leave Odin!”, Frigga refused to stand up, “I will fight whatever it is that’s coming in here.”

“It’s the frost giants!”, they heard guards yell.

“We do not know how many there are, please, we must go!”, Y/N yelled and took Frigga’s arm. It was useless. So Y/N let go of her and hid behind a statue where she could kill anything that might harm Frigga.

Laufey entered the room and Frigga pulled out a sword from Odin’s bed. She was thrown to the ground within a matter of seconds. Y/N watched attentively until she was sure that they had no interest in Frigga.

Laufey bent over Odin and forced his closed eye open: “It’s sad… You can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it’s true so you that may know… your death came at the hand of Laufey.”

There was a bright light in the room and Laufey was thrown on the ground.

“And your death came by the son of Odin.” And just like that, Y/N said good bye again. She nodded at Frigga for a brief moment before she used an illusion to disappear. It just took long enough for her to see the blond man flying towards the room. Loki’s reign was over, Y/N knew that in the last second she spent in Asgard.


The lands were green, wild. So different to Asgard. Y/N’s eyebrows twitched when she saw the vast lands in front of her eyes.

“Who are you?”, a boy asked, his eyes were widened in shock and surprise.

“A traveller from far away”, Y/N replied, “Farther than you may think.”

“Your sword”, he pointed on the weapon in Y/N’s hand, “I’ve seen these symbols before! Are you Asgardian?”

“I am not”, Y/N answered, “I am from here. Vanaheim.”

“What’s your name and where’s your home?”, he boy asked, slowly less in shock.

Y/N smiled dryly: “I do not have it. Neither a name, nor a home, I am here to save someone just like you.”

“So you’re good?”

“Am I good? I do not know. That would imply that I do what others dictate me to. Listen to my words, little one: Others can be wrong, and they do not know the exact circumstances you base your decisions by. So use your heart and mind to come up with your own definition. No matter what they tell you the consequences of disobeying are, nothing is worse but to betray yourself”, Y/N smiled and walked on. She didn’t plan to remain in Vanaheim for longer than needed, then every second she spent here longer, the deader she was to Asgard.

Y/N used an illusion to disguise herself as an elderly woman to avoid situations like the one with the boy. Whilst walking passed little villages, she realised that Vanaheim could be beautiful. Just not the Vanaheim she knew or had known. 

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“The Years Apart” – LokixReader

Prompt :: Partially inspired by “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet.  You had known the Asgardian princes for hundreds of years before leaving for Midgard, and while Loki maintains affection for you after the three of you reunite via the Avengers, he is hesitant to attempt to court you until an altercation at one of Tony’s parties.

Features :: Asgardian reader, slight AU, the team lives at the Avengers Tower and no one is dead

Warnings :: Cursing, brief unwanted advances

Word Count :: 4382

Additional Notes :: I wasn’t entirely sure where this story was going while writing it, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit jerky plotwise.  

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Hail to the King

TITLE: Hail to the King

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Ch. 1- Children Will Be Children

AUTHOR: artemisnightingale216

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Thor and Loki have a younger sister, Astrid, who was not much younger than Loki. Growing up, she was always very close to both her brothers, acting as a catalyst that kept them together even through tough times, though she typically stayed close to Loki’s side. Though it went against Frigga’s wishes, she even trained alongside them and raised as a warrior as well as a lady…

RATING: M for Mature and Adult Themes

NOTES/WARNINGS: Super duper happy with the feedback in such a short amount of time once again! Thank you to all of you that read it! Much appreciated! If you did not have the chance to read the Prologue to Hail to the King, I will be putting that link down below. Now, once again, as it is based off a Marvel movie, there will be violence; I don’t intend to put in much in this chapter as I plan to gradually build us up from the children’s childhoods all the way up to the first Thor and then on because I find it a bit unfair that we see very little about their lives before then aside from a few short scenes. Plus, we do need a bit of background on my OC. So, let us begin!

EDIT: Sorry this took so long! I got started on it and then busy with everything else that could go wrong in my life. Anyway, please enjoy and let me know what you think!

Link to Prologue

Song for the Chapter- Under One Sky by The Tenors

“Buona. Ora preparatevi. Il rituale è pronto per iniziare.”

The three of them circled around Unna and raised their hands palms up so they were facing the sky. She did not know what they had planned, but she knew it would not end well for her or her child.

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Requested by anon

“They just…appeared?” Thor asked, arms crossed as he glanced down over at you. You weren’t Asgardian, he could tell. You were…gorgeous, almost like there was a glow dancing around you. 

“I do not know where they come from. I…cannot see,” Heimdall said, almost unsure. Thor took a glance over towards him, concern in his eyes.

“They don’t hail from Midgard?”

“They seem to come from a realm…that is unknown.” Thor sucked in a breath, shutting his eyes briefly before opening them and looking at you. 

“They will be kept under watch for now. Keep an eye out for anymore suspicious activity.” Heimdall nodded, watching as Thor scooped you up in his arms and started for the castle.

“What the…?” you muttered, rubbing at your eyes as you felt a shift in movement. When your eyes opened, you found a man staring down at you with curious eyes. You let out a squeak, squirming in his grip. “Let - Let go of me! Who are you? Where am I? What -,”

“I could ask you the same thing.” You sent him a sharp glare before managing to wriggle yourself out of his grip. You landed a little shakily on your feet before staring up at him with the stare of a murderer. You pressed a finger into his chest, cheeks puffing out.

“Listen here you - shit, what are you? You’re like - you are really tall and really built. Wait, no! I’m supposed to be mad! I demand answers and I better damn well receive some!” He raised a brow at you, highly amused by your actions. 

“If you come with me to the castle, I promise I will answer all of your questions, love.” Your cheeks flushed and you couldn’t find it in yourself to be angry anymore. Grumbling a simple “fine,” you turned on your heel and headed in the direction the looming, glittering castle. 

the Signs as Norse gods
  • Aries: the Trickster Loki, and spring goddess Ostara
  • Taurus: Idunna, keeper of the apples of youth
  • Gemini: Freya and Freyr, the twins of fertility
  • Cancer: Frigga, Goddess of marriage, and Manni, of the Moon
  • Leo: Thor, protector of mankind, and Sunnna, of the sun
  • Virgo: Sif, the golden haired wife of Thor
  • Libra: Tyr, known for law and glory, and Forseti, the god of Justice
  • Scorpio: Hel, Goddess of death
  • Sagittarius: Odin, the allfather
  • Capricorn: Skadi, Goddess of Winter and Ullr, God of the Hunt
  • Aquarius: Heimdall, watching over the rainbow bridge Bifrost
  • Pisces: Njord, God of the ocean

AN: Sorry I’ve been missing the past few days! I’ve been so sick with a stomach flu; I haven’t eaten in days, I’ve barely had enough energy to leave bed, and it was actually questioned whether I should go to the hospital due to the fact that I was dangerously close to being dehydrated. Fun, right? Anyways~ I’m getting better now, and I have found the motivation to write! Yay! Thank you to anyone actually reading this fic, it really means a lot! *I do not own the gifs, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Part One ( XXXX )

Part Two ( XXXX )

Part Three ( XXXX )

Part Four ( XXXX )

Warnings: Explosions


“Civil War of the Gods” (Part 5 / ??? )

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Safe Travels

May Heimdall keep, ever watchful, of the path I stride
Reveal to me all perils, from the unknown, in which they hide
May Odin walk, as company, at my side so I’m not lost
Reveal to me the best, of roads, he’s found through wanderlust

My gods - may you both hear me, and so keep my journey blessed.
With my days, full of fair-weather, and my nights, of blissful rest.

Hail, Odin! Hail, Heimdall!


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