The Department of Awesome Natural Wonders is currently on a plane en route to Iceland and its island of Heimaey. That’s where you’ll find this astonishing natural rock formation that looks like a gigantic elephant dipping its trunk into the Atlantic for a drink.

Head over to a href=“https://www.flickr.com/search/?q=heimaey%20elephant”>Flickr for more photos of this phenomenal stone pachyderm.

[via Colossal]

Heimaey: Blick am Abend über die Westmännerinsel Heimaey, der größten von etwa 15 bis 18 Inseln der Westmännerinsel-Gruppe.

Evening view over Heimaey Island, the biggest of about 15 to 18 islands of the Westman Islands group.


Camping on windy Heimaey Island with Deniss, Mike & Jakub. We could not resist pitching our tents at the highest point of the island where I had a chance to see some puffins for the first time. Man… what a spectacular spot.

Westmännerinseln: Blick von der Insel Heimæy auf die Inseln Bjarnarey (vorne) und die größere, drittgrößte Insel Elliðaey dahinter. Beide Inseln sind unbewohnt.