Heimaey, Iceland


The Face of an Elephant Emerges from a Cliff in Iceland

Located on the coast of Iceland on the island Heimaey, the face of an elephant mysteriously appears. Created from natural rock formations, the mountainous shape is composed mainly of basalt rock, which oddly resemble the texture of an elephant’s skin. View more photographs of the stunning natural phenomenon on Flickr.

“Heimaey - Vestmannaeyjar Islands”

The Westman Islands in the South of Iceland. In 1973 there was a sudden eruption of the Eldfell volcano (Eldfell = Mountain of fire) which is the left one of the reddish cones in the picture. The lava flow would have blocked the harbour if the residents hadn’t stopped it in time by pumping tons of sea water on it which cooled the lava down before it could reach the harbour. The volcano to the right is the Helgafell volcano which recently erupted about 6.000 years ago. 

Heimaey: Blick am Abend über die Westmännerinsel Heimaey, der größten von etwa 15 bis 18 Inseln der Westmännerinsel-Gruppe.

Evening view over Heimaey Island, the biggest of about 15 to 18 islands of the Westman Islands group.


Camping on windy Heimaey Island with Deniss, Mike & Jakub. We could not resist pitching our tents at the highest point of the island where I had a chance to see some puffins for the first time. Man… what a spectacular spot.