For fun I have estimated the heights of the Vongola guardians when they’re older.

Tsuna: 6’2-6’3 or 187.96cm-190.5cm (This thought process was due to the fact Tsuna’s dad is around 6’2)

Gokudera: 6’1-6’2 or 185.42cm-187.96cm

Yamamoto: 6’3-6’4 or 190.5cm-193.04cm

Chrome: 5’3-5’4 or 160cm-162.56cm

Mukuro: 6’3- 6’4 or 190.5cm-193.04cm

Hibari: 6’2-6’3 or 187.96cm-190.5cm

Ryohei: 6’0-6’1 or 182.88cm-185.42cm

It’s already stated that Tyl!Lambo is 5’10 or 179cm and that 20yl!Lambo is 6’0 or 184cm so I’ve decided not to do his, haha.


So I have this thing for heights right, how tall are you?

I’ve been trying to figure out how tall the Undertale characters are and I think i got it!

The average Door is about 7ft right so using that I came up with this chart. These are averages mind you not exact.

From Tallest to shortest

Asgore: 9′ 8

Toriel: 8′ 3

Undyne: 7′ 5 or 8′ 7 with hair XD

Mettaton: 8′ 3 wowie those heels!

Papyrus: 6′ 8

Napstablook: 5′ 2

Alphys: 4′ 9

Sans: 4′ 8

Frisk:4′ 7

Temmie: 4

Monster Kid: 3′ 9

Honestly they sound about right, Asgore is HUGE and Frisk is about the right size for a 7-10 year old depending on weather they are on the short or tall side (compared to my 7yr old)

SO in conclusion if I were to hug Sans we could be breast friends XD (6ft here)