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Hello! I really like your blog and was wondering how RFA+Saeran+V would react when they meet MC for the 1st time and realizing that MC is much shorter and younger looking than expected. I was wondering since I'm a 19 yr old girl, 4'11", and get told often that I look 12 and am still given kiddie menus at restaurants lol. You don't have to respond, I just thought this would be a funny scenario since some characters are really tall, thank you!

Haha, some of them would have a huge difference! Hope you like these~


  • This man is really tall
  • When he first met, he kind of looked over your head trying to find you in a crowd
  • He wasn’t taken very aback by your height
  • He think you’re cute being so tiny
  • But you do look very young which could cause trouble if he’s not careful
  • He’s very protective of you with the press, since he doesn’t want you caught up in drama
  • If you try to look a little taller, he’ll give you his opinion on different heels
  • Listens to your rants when others mistake your age
  • Sometimes he’ll take selfies to tease you, since you always end up cut off at first
  • You always have to stand on a table or something
  • Eventually, he just memorizes one specific angles so you can take it together
  • He won’t tease you if you can’t reach things though
  • He’ll get whatever you need, and even shifts things around in his house so you don’t feel bad


  • He’s used to being the shortest in his group of friends
  • He’s still growing though
  • If you feel really insecure about your height, he’ll try to cheer you up
  • “Maybe you’re still growing, like me!”
  • He secretly loves it when you wear oversized sweaters
  • The sweater paws make you look like a cute puppy
  • He likes to give you piggy back rides if you’re tired or want to see over a crowd
  • Your baby face doesn’t faze him that much
  • But if someone else says something to you, he’ll defend you
  • You both have a perfect height difference
  • He can easily rest his arm around you and you fit perfectly against his side
  • Loves to hug you from behind a lot


  • She’s an average height, but still pretty small
  • You guys aren’t that far off which means she has a shopping buddy
  • You and her start going shopping for heels every other week
  • You both fit each other’s clothes decently
  • Hers is a little big on you, but no big deal
  • You actually like wearing her clothes, because you look a lot more mature
  • Her style rubs off on you
  • You look like a child next to her a lot with your baby face
  • She also helps with that since she gives you tips on make up
  • Either way, she doesn’t care how you look
  • Your age is reflected in how you act, and she thinks you’re very wise and caring


  • Talk about height difference
  • He thought you were cute in the chats in the way you talked and acted
  • But seeing you in person, you were so tiny and adorable to him
  • Like with Zen, he was worried you might get caught up in some scandal because you two looked years apart
  • But with his cautious nature and  the fact that the body guards basically hid you, there were no issues
  • He can tell when you’re feeling insecure about your height
  • On those bad days, you’ll end up finding a new pair of heels in your closet
  • Likes to find creative ways to kiss you smoothly
  • He’ll lean down asking you to fix his tie and then just steal a kiss
  • You like it when you’re sitting on one of those tall chairs
  • For once, you can easily kiss or hug him without straining on your toes
  • He makes sure there’s small step stools in every room, just in case you need things from the top shelves
  • You can’t tell whether you find it sweet or not…


  • He figured you were pretty tiny from your background info
  • But for some reason, in person you just seemed so much smaller
  • He actually loves teasing you about it
  • When you reacted negatively to the short jokes, he kinda stopped
  • Still got you in more subtle ways
  • Rests his arm on your head you might have almost killed him
  • Purposely holds things out of reach
  • But he’s still pretty considerate when you can’t reach things in the kitchen or dining room
  • Cuddling is really nice though
  • He’ll come up behind you when you’re sitting on floor and just envelop you in his arms and a blanket
  • One time, you were given a kids menu at a restaurant
  • He was suppressing his laughter when you were trying to explain to the embarrassed waiter
  • But you both colored with the crayons anyway


  • You once told him off for not taking care of himself
  • And he just casually commented
  • “What do know? Aren’t you like 12?”
  • You released some wrath on him until you found out he legit thought you were 12
  • He treated you like a normal adult after that
  • He makes references to your height, but not in a joking way
  • At least, that’s what he says…you never see the smirk he gives after you struggle
  • He’ll unconsciously pat your head as he walks by
  • The worst is when you two are walking
  • It’s so hard to keep up with his long strides
  • Whenever you’re on your tippy toes trying to reach something, he just gets it for you after watching you for a few minutes
  • Mutters “cute” but you never hear it


  • He can’t see very well when you first meet
  • When he moves to place a hand on your shoulder, he accidentally places it on your head
  • He apologizes for it profusely
  • Loves it when you hug him
  • He likes the feeling of your tiny arms around his torso
  • Also likes picking you up and spinning you around if you haven’t seen each other in awhile
  • He usually interrupts people if they start to make a joke about your height or something
  • He actually never realized you had a baby face
  • He was so accustomed to hearing your voice
  • Normally, you two talked about deep things, so he could tell your maturity level
  • Makes up cute nicknames referring to your height

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Being Short and Dating Derek Hale Would Include...

So… this is my first request (Made by @phasiion​) and I’m kind of excited. I hope you like it

(i don’t own the gif)

Originally posted by hobrien

  • He ALWAYS bothers you for your height
  • Being in top (if you know what i meant 😉)
  • Getting on tiptoes to kiss him
  • Wearing his jacket (wich is huge for you)
  • He having to bend to hug you
  • Or kiss you
  • Or do anything with you
  • Warm hugs
  • Bear hugs
  • Although he loves to annoy you for your height, if someone else does it (Peter) he can break his nose
  • He leaning his arm on your head to annoy you
  • Being a mother for his pack
  • Him teaching you how to fight
  • Being the little spoon
  • Helping him when his werewolves abilites were gone
  • Arguing with Peter
  • Nobody wanting to say the diferences of your height
  • He bugs you lifting your things to a height you can not reach
  • He teases you not only with your height, with EVERYTHING
  • He secretly finds sexy that you are shorter than him
  • And in secret you enjoy being shorter, because you loves hug him
BTS reaction to meeting your younger brother who is taller than him

Request: Can I have a bts reaction? When they meet your younger brother for the first time and he is really tall ? Like 1m85 something like that. Thanks ^-^

Rap Monster: He’d be a nervous wreck. Seeing that your brother was 6'5 and he was barley 6'0 he was a little intimidated. He wanted nothing more than to get on your bothers good side too. “For him being the younger brother, he’s kinda… big.”

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Suga: I feel like Suga would be surprised. He knew he was going to be tall but not so tall he had to look up at him. He’d get nervous, thinking your bother would make fun of him. He’d try to play it off but you knew he was nervous.

Originally posted by yoonggi

 Jin: Jin wouldn’t really be too intimidated. He’d make jokes like “how’s the weather up there?” and “is it weird seeing the top of everyone’s heads?” You’re little brother took quiet a liking to him based on their first interaction because Jin doesn’t know how to handle a situation seriously.

Originally posted by crimsonspeedsterr

J-Hope: J-Hope wouldn’t really think much of it. He would gladly introduce himself as your handsome boyfriend. He was a bit shocked it was your younger brother because he did look a lot older than you. Now, when he saw your dad walk in, he’d lean over and say “Height runs in the family, huh?” 

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: Tae would try to square up but in an innocent way. He would stand on his tip toes and joke about how he’s actually taller than him. Your brother would just laugh and admire the fact you’re boyfriend was a cool guy. “No look, y/n who is taller?” 

Originally posted by dammithoshi

Jimin: Jimin would try to act cool at first. He would introduce himself, compliment his height, then once he felt like he was more comfortable around him, he would not leave his side. It felt like an older brother almost. He admired the height because, well, he isn’t. 

Originally posted by harunyany

Jungkook: Jungkook would be very intimidated. One reason being that he is your brother, the second reason being that he was much taller than him. You were about half a foot shorter than Jungkook so he was expecting someone your heighth and when your brother walked out, you could literally hear Jungkook gulp. “Why didn’t you tell me he was a giant, y/n?” 

Originally posted by baekon-stripss

Short gf (Jason Todd headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: If you still do request…… Jason Todd with his short girlfriend doing some cute stuff and Jay act like a soft just around her

  • He adores you height
  • He loves bending down pretending to about to kiss you, but then just kiss your nose or forehead instead
  • sitting on his shoulders
  • watching the sunset
  • Best thing ever
  • your small size is great for cuddling 
  • He loves curling around you
  • pretty much engulfing you in his arms
  • if he thinks there’s any danger to you
  • He’ll push you behind him slightly, so you’re barely visible 


With love,

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Hi! Could you please do everyone's reaction to finding out MC is unexpectedly tall? WHAT IF- surprise!- MC were actually something like 2-4 inches taller than each of them?

Note: Sorry I’ve been so inactive T_T I have a load of exams coming up soon so this’ll probably be the only post I do for a while </3 I hope I can write as soon as possible after this but I won’t make any promises since I may not be able to keep up with them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little imagines post ^^


  • honestly she isn’t that surprised
  • she is only 165 cm after all
  • but, nevertheless she had hoped she would finally be taller than someone
  • though, she does enjoy being able to snuggle up to you and all that jazz
  • she definitely loves to be the little spoon when cuddling though
  • as well as that, she likes the fact she can get someone to get stuff off of high shelves for her so that’s a positive


  • he thought he would finally be taller than someone other than Jaehee
  • but n o
  • he was so annoyed and flustered at first
  • but, nonetheless he still wanted to be with you
  • he eventually grows to love your height over time to be honest
  • though he still acts like it bothers him when he pouts about not being able to kiss you without you having to bend down a little
  • though, like Jaehee, it is convenient for getting stuff off of high shelves since he’s pretty short


  • okay
  • h o w
  • he is a literal giant
  • but, on the actual subject, he finds it super attractive how tall you are
  • sure if you were short he could tease you and stuff like that
  • but, you being slightly taller than him literally is so attractive to him
  • he constantly calls you a model for your height
  • he loves cuddling with you and being able to look you in the eyes without having to look down
  • you guys are literally perfect for each other height wise


  • again
  • jumin is a giant
  • but, when he meets you to find out you’re slightly taller than him
  • he’s just ???
  • he loves how your height compliments everything about you though
  • literally your body is a temple to him and he worships you endlessly
  • hand holding, kisses, cuddles, they’re all so easy since you’re literally just slightly taller than him
  • you’re a power couple and Jumin is so appreciative of your height ngl


  • this boy is all about puns
  • so expect a lot of “how’s the weather up there?”
  • of course he saw how tall you were on cameras
  • but it was an underestimate for him when he saw you in real life
  • when he teases you too much, you put his HBC’s on the highest shelf just to get revenge
  • and I tell you what, he literally never learns


  • tbh this baby can’t see you well
  • but when you comment on how he’s shorter than you
  • he’s actually quite surprised honestly
  • he loves it, though, like how he loves you
  • tells you all the time how your height is perfect just like you
  • how is he so good at this when the babe can’t even see you ??
  • we don’t question it
  • it is super sweet how you guys work so good as a team though


  • meets height with being flustered
  • does not know what to do
  • saeran.exe has shut down
  • he gets super embarrassed every time someone says how short he is next to you
  • but when someone comments on how you’re too tall for him and how it looks awkward, they’re dead
  • like pretty much literally
  • sure your height is a bit much for him at times, but he would not have it any other way
Compliments and Complements

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Requests: (by anons)  Could you do a Sebastian imagine where he starts liking the shy, awkward, geeky reader (even though she’s a girl) and it really confuses him and one day he just kisses her and maybe she’ll tell him she likes him too?I love your blog! and Could you write a Sebastian imagine where he falls in love with the awkward, clumsy,shy, geeky reader and it really confuses him cause she’s a girl? And maybe he ends up confessing and they kiss or something? You’re writing is amazing!

Notes: So I realized these two requests were really similar, so I just combined them in one. Also, the entire story is told from Sebastian’s POV, a) because it’s fun, and b) I thought it’d be easier to write him falling in love that way. And the title is just a pun because he always compliments her, and a complement is like half of a whole, or things that go well together.

Y/H- your height

H/L- hair length

H/T- hair texture

H/C- hair color

E/C- eye color

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Dating Tyler Down With Short!Reader

Request: Hiya! Could I have headcannons for dating Tyler as a short person? I know he’s already so tall, but the thing is, I’m already so short. I’m 15 yrs old and 4.11" and I’m constantly on my toes for just about everything. 😂 Thanks!            

A/N: Sorry for the wait on this. Quick question: Does anyone know how tall Devin actually is?

Warnings: None.

Dating Tyler Down With Short!Reader…

  • You meet by running into him in the hallway
  • He was rushing around like usual and just knocked you over by accident on his way to yearbook
  • This creates a little tension between you at first, but the way he tries to make it up to you for weeks after despite your rudeness wins you over

  • A few months later he shyly asks you out, and you both giggle at how far he has to bend down to kiss your cheek at the end of the night
  • After that you’re just the light of his life
  • He’s always teasing you gently about your height
  • He loves when he looks down to you and you’re already smiling up at him

  • Forehead kisses
  • He loves to hold your hand
  • And cuddle you up under his arm
  • Running his hand up and down your back while you’re hugging

  • When you hug each other you dig your head into his chest
  • And he’ll stroke your hair
  • He’ll pick you up and sit you on a table to pull you closer to his eye level
  • He loves to cuddle in bed with you

  • He helps you reach all the books on the top shelf in the library
  • You love to reach up and mess up his hair
  • Tyler will happily give you all his sweaters to wear
  • Slow dancing

  • Jumping up and down to get his attention
  • He also loves to take really artsy photos of you
  • You take him with you shoe shopping to try and buy shoes that give you extra height
  • He always rests his arm on your head because it’s the perfect height and he knows it annoys you

  • He makes you reach as far as you possibly can for kisses
  • He’s always telling you just how adorable you are


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Can you please do a headcanon where the RFA meets MC for the first time and realizes she's shorter than they thought? (I'm 4'11 in/150 cm and 19 yrs old, so I get insecure about looking younger than I am >///<) Thank you!

Sure! Also, I apologise for not having responded to any asks lately, I’ve been super busy. My ask box is flooded, so hopefully there’ll be a handful of new posts soon!


  • Yoosung is 171cm (5′7´´)
  • He really didn’t mind your height at ALL
  • He thought it was super cute and was a flustered mess when he saw you for the first time
  • You were so adorable and sweet and adnsajfasjfnasf
  • He loves holding your hand A LOT
  • And cuddles!!!! Definitely
  • He’ll sulk on the couch by himself when you’re working until you give in and join him
  • ‘’MC! Hey, MC! Come cuddle me.’’
  • ‘’I’m busy, Yoosung.’’
  • ‘’Pleeeeaaaase?’’
  • if you dont think he uses his puppy eyes, you are wrong
  • ‘’In a minute! Let me finish this email…’’
  • ‘’…’’
  • ‘’Fine!’’
  • he gets it his way every time because you can't say no to that face
  • He loves falling asleep with you in his arms - and falling asleep in your arms too (he actually really likes being the little spoon)
  • He adores your heigh so much and is really happy that he still gets to be the tallest, despite him not being very tall out of the other guys he knows
  • He’s just so happy that you chose him and that you fit in his arms, like you two are a puzzle, two pieces that fit perfectly together
  • Like you were made to fit
  • Like you were meant to be


  • Jaehee is 165cm (5′4´´) and is pretty used to being one of the shortest
  • So when she saw you at the party, she was so surprised (and also a bit flushed because damn you were looking good)
  • She started watching you, admiring your features and just you
  • Everything about you, you as a person
  • The way your eyes lit up as you talked about something that you were clearly passionate about
  • How your pretty hands illustrated what you were saying
  • How you laughed and the general sound of your voice
  • ‘’Wait… Jaehee? Hi!’’
  • You were waving enthusiastically with a big smile on your lips, trying to get her attention
  • She had been so busy staring at you and admiring every part of you
  • hat she didn’t introduce herself or even say hi
  • !!!!!!
  • And now you were talking to her???? of all people???
  • She grew to love your height so so much as you interacted more
  • But honestly though?? you are so cute???
  • The perfect cuddle size for the perfect cuddle woman
  • She loves hugging you and just being around you, touching you
  • Holding your hand, her hand resting on your waist and…
  • She just loves you a lot in general
  • And she would totally be the one to kiss your forehead fight me


  • Zen is 182cm (5′11)
  • He honestly didn’t have any expectations about your height
  • He just pictured you as a lovely, charming and kind human being (which is true! you are amazing but anyway okay on with the post)
  • He had trouble spotting you at the part LMAO
  • He was looking everywhere for you until he finally saw you a few meters away, talking with some of the guests, a champagne glass in your hand
  • And oh god
  • You were everything he had imagined
  • And your height was perfect, he did have a thing for people shorter than him
  • But up close you were shorter than he had expected??
  • Not in a bad way, but wow
  • ‘’MC?’’
  • ‘’Oh, hi Zen!’’
  • All was going well until he accidentally blurted out:
  • ‘’You’re so short!’’
  • He shouldn’t have said that
  • He realised that he shouldn’t have said that when you looked away and started fidgeting with the hem of your outfit
  • Operation Save My Ass Before I Ruin Everything™ had been put into action
  • ‘’You’re so cute! I could pick you up and carry you around all day!’’
  • He knew it had been successful because you blushed and laughed a little
  • dat save


  • Seven is 175cm (5′9´´)
  • There is a height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • He teases you a lot about it and loves to surprise you from behind and tickle you until you curl up on the floor, a giggling mess
  • Sometimes he charges at you in full speed and swoops you up from the ground and carries you around bridal style
  • He adores you
  • When you two first met he was honestly so blessed by even looking at you
  • You were so smol and cute and it was almost too much
  • you nearly put him in cardiac arrest
  • He likes to mess around with introductions a lot
  • ‘’…And this is my tiny adorable girlfriend, MC!’’
  • ‘’I’m not that short!’’
  • You fought back every single time
  • And he loved it
  • He loved you

(made this extra long for me dad @gigi-the-faunus !!! ;)) enjoy)

  • His height is 183cm (6′)
  • Which equals an obvious height difference, but he doesn’t mind at all
  • Frankly, it seems he doesn’t really care
  • He didn’t have any expectations about yours, and hadn’t even thought about it
  • He had thought about you, but not necessarily your height
  • He didn’t even mention your height difference when you first saw each other
  • He didn’t even talk about it
  • You had been a bit worried that he didn’t speak about it because it bothered or embarrassed him, so you didn’t bring it up either
  • The thought of him not liking such a big part of you was nagging you constantly
  • You could have a good time together of course
  • But then he’d do something to remind you of your height difference, like bending down to kiss you
  • That made you uneasy, worried and a bit sad
  • But you didn’t want to bring it up in case he hated it?? what if he did??
  • ….What if he left you?
  • But then, one day - you’d had enough of silence
  • Yet you didn’t want to be too straight-forward, so you played it subtly
  • ..after he had gotten some wine because that makes him more calm lmao
  • ‘’Hey, Jumin? Can I ask you something?’’
  • ‘’Of course. What is it?’’
  • ‘’What… What do you think of my height?’’
  • There was a moment of silence and you held your breath as he kept quiet
  • You were worried that you had opened the dam and now the water of troubles would flood out, unstoppable
  • You regretted having started the conversation and was about to turn around and walk away
  • …when he responded
  • ‘’Your height?’’
  • ‘’Y-yes, my height. What do you think of it?’’
  • ‘’It’s alright? I’m not quite sure why you’re asking me this.’’
  • ‘’Wait… So, you are fine with me being this short?’’
  • ‘’Of course I am. Your height is a part of you, and I would never change you. You are perfect.’’

Ok but

Carnelian just lifts the smol Amethyst pup

She too is a smol pup

Pup runs with pup in hand

With the victory screech, “I’m not the shortest anymore!”

We shall sing to the gods of this glorious day

When the two smol pups met and had a celebration of height


Sonnet CXVI

by William Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments; love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no, it is an ever-fixèd mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wand'ring bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his heighth be taken.
Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved. 

fantasyhoeh-deactivated20170514  asked:

Well hello there, I absolutely love your reaction writings! (also I almost choked on my water when I realized that we're mutuals) Anyway, what if MC was a bit taller than average? Say, about 5.8, around a bit under 180cm? RFA + Saeran and V, if I may ask. Even if you don't feel like writing this, I still hope you have an absolutely lovely day~

(*^ω^)人(^ω^*) Indeed we are! If you follow me I like to try and follow back. I like to see what other people are posting as well.  love height dynamics so much. 

Anyways, height dynamics are my blackberry jam and I love it.


  • this guy has always pictured you to be shorter
  • even in the pics you send him, he compares you to the objects around you
  • wow you look a little taller
  • when he meets you in person, both of you can look each other straight in the eyes
  • a small part of him is disappointed  (╥﹏╥)
    • he wants to bend his head down to kiss you or rest his head on yours
    • but no
    • you just HAVE to be the same height as him
  • he gets over it immediately because having someone the same height is cute as well
  • you can look directly into his eyes and he has a very accessible shoulder to rest your head on
  • perfect!
    • Yoosung gradually gets taller
    • and you don’t really notice it until you could only lean on his upper arm
    • like wtf
    • now he can rest his chin on your head!
    • T_T it’s not fair!


  • she expected you to be the same height as her
  • because she’s about average
  • she figured you would be too
  • standing side by side made her feel so small, even if it’s just by a few inches
  • she has to pull you down to kiss you!
    • come on, you both love it
  • sometimes she’ll put on heels to give her some inches
  • will not let you wear any heeled shoes or anything to make you taller than her
  • don’t test the gelato she WILL put on those nine-inch heels
  • you let your girlfriend be because she loves to be taller than you
  • and honestly you’re not complaining


  • still thinks you’re cute as a button even if you’re taller than average
  • because you’re still shorter than him
  • no matter what, he’s going to be looking down at you
  • plus it’s not the height that matters to him,
  • it’s you that matters!!!
  • if you have any heeled footwear to give you a few inches, he can look at you directly into your eyes and you give so many smooches
  • he can give you hugs without hurting his back (ノ*゜▽゜*)


  • he loves how taller you are than average
    • makes you more unique!
  • it’s great because he’s still taller than you
  • he has easy access to forehead kisses
  • and both of you equally strain your necks looking at one another
  • it’s perfect!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
  • he especially loves it when you wear any heeled shoes
    • because you’re trying to be able to reach his height
    • he thinks it’s so cute
  • honestly, the taller you are the better


  • even though he’s only SLIGHTLY taller than you
  • he likes to rub it in your face
  • calls you Shortie, sometimes stands on the tips of his toes
  • come on dude you two are practically at eye level here
  • no reason to split hairs
  • besides that, he loves you
  • height doesn’t matter to him as long as you love him


  • this sweetheart is so used to being with someone really short
  • but then there’s you who’s only shorter than him just by a tad
  • it doesn’t take long for him to get used to it
  • he feels like you two are on the same level this way
    • that’s because you two are you sweet precious sweetheart
  • that difference still matters to him because instead of having to bend his entire body over to smooch you,
  • he can just tilt his head and your lips will touch!


  • damn social norms are stuck in his head, he always imagined you to be this short little thing
  • but you’re actually taller than average
  • tall enough to meet eye to eye
  • unlike Seven, he won’t go to EXTREMES to rub it in your face
  • it’s just minor teasing
  • you might say you’re taller than him, and he’ll try to stand as straight as possible
  • when comparing the height, he’s actually taller than you just by an inch or few centimeters
  • “Better luck next time, Princess”

Her: Spray-tan, push-up bra, hair extensions, too much makeup, facebook, high heels, iphone, mini-skirt, crop top

Me: Hair not too long, black very tight tights, the old jelly mould on the crutch underneath in the shape of a spider, waisty jacket without lapels, very big built up shoulders, off-white cravat, flip horrorshow boots for kicking, dressed in the heighth of fashion

  • Tbh the main reason they gave him the job is cause cause he’s fUCKING T A L L
  • Which he’s fine with
  • Money is money
  • His coworkers REALLY enjoy his presence
  • You’ve been a classmate of his since the end of elementary
  • So you definitely know of Kim Mingyu
  • Who
  • Btw
  • Is really fucking popular
  • You don’t understand it tho
  • Why does everyone like him so much??
  • He’s just a flirt
  • And a jerk
  • He gets asked out on the daily
  • But he?? Always turns them down
  • No one knows why but it only adds fuel to his fangirls fire
  • You find it kinda weird that he decided to work at a library tho
  • Like you’d think that someone with his looks and social skills he’d be
  • Like
  • Idk
  • A waiter
  • Or somethin
  • But nope!
  • Kim Mingyu is a shelver at your favorite library
  • Which kinda pisses you off but it’s your favorite library and you’re not gonna ditch your favorite place just cause of some playboy butt face
  • Yeah
  • That’s right
  • Playboy
  • Butt face
  • That’s Kim Mingyu
  • “Why do you hate him so much? He’s such a nice person!”
  • Tell that to your stuff that somehow always ends up on the very top shelf of the book shelves in the fiction section which just so happens to be Mingyu’s favorite spot to hang out and he for some very odd reason is always around when you arrive to get you stuff yet again
  • Yeah
  • You’re a little pissed
  • “Wow! What a surprise to see you here! Did you come to find me~?”
  • Shove it up your ass Kim
  • “You know why I’m here.”
  • With an (over exaggerated) huff, you, once again, grab a step stool
  • You make sure to send a very hard core glare in his direction after you have retrieved your things
  • To which he responds with the stupid adorable smile of his
  • Fuck his stupid adorable smile
  • He’s the worst
  • You hate how cute he is
  • Like yeah you hate him but you know handsome when you see it
  • And wow
  • Kim Mingyu is out of this world
  • And you hate it so much
  • You like to imagine just rubbing dirt all over that pretty face of his
  • So anyways
  • One day you were in the library working on your homework
  • And like
  • There was no Mingyu in sight
  • But y’know whatever you hate him anyways???? Why are you worrying about some jerk??
  • But then it like
  • Goes on for over a week
  • And you start to get worried???
  • Woah feelings are weird things man
  • Finally you just give up and walk over to another shelver
  • “Hey… uh… where’s Mingyu?”
  • She begins to look a little worried
  • “He’s been out sick… Poor kid! If I could I would make him some nice, warm soup and heal him back to health!”
  • Okay thanks
  • You leave because you were done with that conversation
  • And as much as you wanted to just forget it
  • You were totally worried
  • Seriously though feelings are freaking weird
  • So you gather up all of your things and head to the nearest store to buy the kid some microwavable chicken noodle soup
  • You’re too poor and lazy to make him legit soup
  • He’s just gonna have to deal
  • Luckily you remembered where his apartment is from that one party you attended
  • That was an awful party btw
  • You ring the doorbell
  • Mingyu opens the door
  • And kinda just
  • Freezes
  • “Huh? Uh? Wha-? Why-?”
  • “Close your mouth before you catch bugs.”
  • Without even asking you stride into his apartment
  • He goes along with it but it’s SUPER OBVIOUS that he’s nervous
  • Also he looks like shit and you have to hold back from making a comment
  • You grab the soup out from the bag and pop it in the microwave
  • And then you head to the door
  • Cause this is really awkward and you kinda just wanna leave
  • “I bought you some chicken noodle soup. Make sure you eat it because that was 2 dollars more than I ever want to spend on you.”
  • Before you open the door you turn back to see a very shocked and VERY red Mingyu
  • You assumed the redness was from his sickness
  • “Also…”
  • Hesitation…. Just say it god dammit
  • “Get well soon. The library is boring without you”
  • And then
  • Miraculously
  • Mingyu shows up to work the next day
  • And guess what ends up on the top shelf in the fiction section?
  • “You’re antics will never change, huh?”
  • You sigh as you grab for the step stool
  • But
  • After picking up your things
  • There’s a note underneath everything
  • “I like you”
  • You immediately whip around to see Kim Mingyu directly behind you
  • And because you’re standing on a step stool you’re finally his height
  • He smiles
  • But he’s kinda freaking out ngl
  • “Go out with me?”
  • You don’t say anything
  • Just
  • Lean in
  • Placing a kiss on his cheeks
  • “Only if you stop hiding my shit.”

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