over winter break I was playing around with ideas of how viv and savannah met and I wanted to draw a mini comic, but this is as far as I got in that time :’(

basically savannah saw viv and INSTANTLY was like “bro I’m tryna tap that 😈” but viv was like… not having it… at all lmfao. Esp since savannah had a reputation around campus as being a bit of a player. But after they spent time together viv eventually realized that savannah was being sincere and the rest is history lol

Height AUs
  • “I told you  even though I’m short, I’ll still beat your ass if you dare touch my friend again. Now, look at where we are. I hope you know how to pack a punch, fucker.” 
  • Person A being as tall as a giraffe, at least as Person B says, moving all of B’s favorite foods up to the very top shelf until the shorter apologizes for being “mean.” Bonus: If Person B attempts to get back their stuff by climbing on a chair, but fall. Luckily the not, that mad nor mean, Person A catches them. 
  • I’m the cute pastel kid in our rather cliché relationship as the jock and the flower kid, but you’re a pansy and I’ll knock that asshole’s teeth out for you sweetheart. “Let me know if they keep bothering you after this one, eh?”
  • You’re so tall they wouldn’t let you do the school play because they already built the set and you don’t fit through any of the doorways… I’ll get you a bouquet anyways if you’d like sweetie?
  • We came to the shower to have a fun time, but you hit your head on the the shower head and I’m laughing uselessly as you curse at the piece of bathworks jutting from the wall, I love you.
  • We’re vampires that were both changed together, and consequently buried together. You’re right next to me in your coffin, but because you’re so much taller I know you’ve already dug up to the surface. Will you please help me, I can hear you giggling up there you know.
  • “I swear to fucking god, will you please just put your head down a little bit you asshole, I’m trying to take vital notes and I’m failing this class, and woah… what’s your number because you’re hot and even though I’m a shithead, I want to take you out.” 
  • I’m not short, I’m average height, for your information… fanfic writers.
Otayurio at the Grocery Store
  • Yurio: *reaches for cocoa puffs*
  • Otabek: ...
  • Yurio: *stands on his toes and tries to make their arms longer*
  • Otabek: *watches him struggle*

Imagine your size difference OTP: when smol person A gets angry, just before they leap at their target tol person B picks them up and just holds them while A is just a wriggling angry smol shouting “LEMME AT ‘EM, LEMME AT ‘EM!”

Bonus: B kisses their smol to try and calm them down

If Marinette is 14-15, then that means she’s basically done growing. She’s at the end of her puberty. Sure, she can grow out and develop more as she gets older, but she’s not going to get any taller. She is already one of the tiniest people in her class.

If Adrien is 14-15, then that means his puberty has just started. There is already a height difference between Marinette and Adrien. He has to bend over as Chat Noir so that Ladybug, who is standing on her toes, can whisper in his ear. We know how tall Gabriel is.

When Adrien is done going through puberty, there’s going to be an extreme height difference between Marinette and Adrien.