height differences + tickling

with person A being shorter than B…

  • A wearing B’s clothing but B can easily slide their fingers up whatever shirt A has on cause it’s loose enough
  • A being at the perfect height to easily dig their hands into B’s underarms
  • B being strong enough to pin A down and A having to bear through every tickle attack
  • B resting their chin on A’s head, but having to stop cause A’s hair tickles too much
  • B picking A up from under their arms and A flailing around in midair cause holy shit it tickles but they can’t escape without falling
  • one of them complaining about their height and the other tickling them to shut them up
  • A surprising B by showing them that despite being small, they can totally crush them in tickle fights
  • big spoon B completely encasing A in their limbs, effectively trapping them while their fingers spider all along A’s sensitive spots
  • A effortlessly shoving their head under B’s shirt and giving them raspberries without having to bend over
  • B poking A in the tummy whenever A reaches up for something 
  • B holding something over A’s head and A grabbing B’s vulnerable midriff in annoyance
  • B being a huge teaser and cooing about how cute and fun sized A is while tickling them
  • A being too short to kiss B, therefore settling with pressing tickly kisses onto B’s neck


Why is it so important to heterosexual people that the guy be taller than the girl??? Like I really really do not get this weird aspect of masculinity? Why can’t a tall girl wear heels if it makes her taller than her date? Like let her flaunt them long ass legs, be her armrest for a night, it’s no big deal. Why do short guys get so defensive over being short? You’re at perfect boob height! Face in boob every hug! EVERY HUG! Why must we romanticize tall dudes because they can reach tall things for girls? You know what else can help with that? Step stool.