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so many adults men in my life crying about how wah wah “we need to do away with political correctness!/back in MY DAY” which is so funny/bad like. nice to know the biggest threat to your way of life is being asked to somewhat filter your content and give others the basic level of respect they deserve as human beings. I know it’s hard, dude. Nobody laughs at your jokes which is clearly the height of bigotry, not just like. u being awkward and unfunny and rude or anything

Exposing Heightism on Twitter

Hello. Just want to say that I appreciate your blog and everything you’re voicing out for the “shorter” males like me (I’m a 5'6 Asian). So I’ve decided to spend about a ½ hour of my life (and that’s time I’ll never get back) reading up the tweets that Exposing Heightism retweeted. Why? I really want to see how some people in the world actually view shorter males, and sadly enough, the cold hard truth came to me within that ½ hour…

I was extremely shocked and appalled; my jaws literally dropped to the ground reading all those tweets. I read them all earlier in the day, it’s the evening now, and I don’t think my brain really processed everything. This is honestly one of the biggest surprises I’ve ever experienced. Like really??? There’s an absolute HATRED towards shorter males? Wow, it actually makes me feel like I’m a Jewish person in the Nazi revolution. The tweets are along the lines of  "short men f*cking PISS ME OFF, and should DIE!“, "short men, you have no reason to be confident, just sit the f*ck down”, “short men, you’ll never ever amount to anything, you should just quit at life”, “I laugh when I see short men happy, because in reality, they don’t have sh*t to smile about”, “short men is proof God doesn’t exist”, “short men are a curse to this world”, “SHUT THE F*CK UP YOU F*CKING MANLETS, YOUR OPINION DOESN’T MATTER!” Andddd the list goes on. Every tweet is more or less along those lines in minor variations. One of the worst ones that I’ve seen that hit me hard is someone who said “They should reuse the concentration camps again, except this time, round up all the short men of the world and kill them off.” From that point on, I just had to close the window.

You know what’s funny? I’ve looked at some of these people’s Twitter profiles, and some of them are about social activism, and promoting gay and animal rights, or trying to spread the word of God; you name it. Acting like goddam saints when they’re nothing but hypocritical bastards. 

So let me get this straight…people can’t talk about weight, or race, or sexual orientation for that matter, but it’s ok to do so with height? What if I said “oh they should kill off every fat person in this world, they’ll never amount to anything”? Or “Why do girls with small boobs exist? They should be exterminated!”?  It boggles my mind that we’re considered a nuisance. Like the sight of us can actually “piss someone off.” What did we do wrong? It’s not like fat people or people of another race make me mad. They’re just people in my eyes living life like the rest of the world, nothing more. What is it about us short people that caused so much hatred? I know many people my height who are genuine people and don’t have the “Napoleon Complex”. So why can something as small as height make people’s veins boil?

Help me explain

TSC: Thanks for your comment.  I’m actually working on a post about the exposing heightism twitter feed, and so I’ll post my full thoughts there.  But, it’s a mixed bag.  I too was completely shocked when I first saw these tweets.  But, I think that it speaks more to the social acceptability of height bigotry than its severity.  Actually, I suspect that a lot of these people “know not what they do”.  I don’t think they take their own tweets seriously and our society says that it is O.K. to denigrate short people, and so they post these horrible things to be “funny” or “shocking” in a socially safe way. 

It’s still very sad, but I’m not sure that we can say that these tweets are proof that heightism is a serious social ill (though it is - I’m just saying that tweets aren’t good proof of this).  But, it does tell us that heightism is a broadly accepted form of social currency. 

And in some cases, these tweets are meant to increase the social status of those who post them by preemptively denouncing an entire class of people that most of society already regards as inferior.  Soooo brave. 

kaninchenzero  asked:

the hunter, samus aran

Samus tried to transition early much to the chagrin of her family and the colonists on the world she grew up on. She refused to dress the way they wanted. Since Samus was a fairly unisex name she decided not to change it. 

When the space pirates destroyed her colony she was rescued by the Chozo who had very different comprehensions of gender than the resident cultures of K-2L and a good chunk of the Federation. As a result, they allowed her to describe her reality to them without resistance.

Their infusion of dna into her interfered with the hormones that she had scavanged from ruined federation outposts and colonies the Chozo were investigating for more survivors. So the Chozo did their best to make minor modifications to her biology to allow her body to remain in a way that she would prefer. She has not undergone any surgery and having been raised among the Chozo prevented a great deal of younger exposure to transmisogyny that could’ve unduly influenced her self esteem.

When she re-entered the Federation, there was still some level of bigotry around her but her obvious skills in combat and ability to rapidly heal kept the bigots quiet. The truly trustworthy folks respected her introspective nature (I’m totally disregarding a lot of characterization of her in Other M because lmao fuck that game) and Anthony Higgs calling her Princess was very much a way to make her feel more welcome, since he was one of her comrades who knew she was trans.

There had always been a certain level of separation between her and other humans, both because of being a trans woman (and being exposed to transmisogyny later on really put her off after the total acceptance of her Chozo family) and her Chozo physiology often make other humans afraid of her, as xenophobia was still quite blatant in the Federation and not subtle like the other bigotries.

Samus’ height is partially due to being trans and partially due to being part Chozo. Her weight can be attributed more to the Chozo side as her muscles are accentuated far beyond normal human capacity for her frame size. This made her feel awkward among many humans during her younger years but later it was something that made her feel safe and secure around the dangerous and wily members of her species.

It should be worth noting that the Varia suit’s systems actually mark Samus, a transgender woman (with breasts and a penis) as the default type human and therefore marks any other human beings scanned (who aren’t trans women) as Anomalous Form: Human.

She hasn’t corrected the internal computer because it amuses the shit out of her. :D